Medical Abortion

For the past week an a half ive been drivin myself crazy.. reading stories of others some good sum bad... i scheduled my appointment friday morning... when i got to the doctors i went thru examinations an all that... ultrasound said i was around 6 weeks but i kno its only about 4.. my situation was crazy an mainly the reason i considered abortion.. anyway i was givin the first pill.. i had no side effects to that except the ones in my head tellin me i just stopped my childs life... i had second thoughts at this point but i knew it was already to late.. i had already swollowed the pill... they sent me home with four pills that i have to insert vaginally.. this made me slightly nervous... i was also really scared thinkin about the pain i would feel.. to ease my mind i went to the store bought a heating pad... the overnight maxi pads the really long ones..and a couple of movies.. i was preparing myself for the next day miserary..... so saturday morning rolled around after hardly getin any sleep from dreamin about pain an pills an everything that can possibly go wrong.. the day was finally here... arouund 130 pm i ate sumthing light... 2 pm i took my pain medication which was tylenol 3.. went to the bathroom to empty my bladder.. put a pad on an went an laid in my bed... around 230 i inserted the 4 pills.. definitely a wierd feeling an i was super nervous.. an all these questions running thru my head what if i didnt put them in far enough ect.. especially after 30 min an still nuffn... then i started having these weird feeling in my stomach.. not pain but a rumbling feelin... i then dosed off.. around 430 i felt that i was bleedin an had mild cramps .. so i put in a movie an jus relaxed.. then i felt as tho i was bleeding a lil heavier so i went to the bathroom.. my pad was soaked but still no clottin an it was a light pink not really dark... i then went an laid down.. close to 530 the cramps picked up a lil more.. but not like i was expectin as told by these stories so i took another pain pill at 6.. the pain eased aroun 7 went to the bathroom.. released sum clots.. i didnt look so i dont kno how much .. at this time i ate a small meal an went an watched a movie.. around 830 i started to have slight pain in my back so i got the heating pad out... that relieved it alot an 930 or so went to the bathroom an it was more clots.. again i didnt look you can jus feel them comin out. @1030.. i took another pain pill an i slept through the night... today is sunday an its jus light bleedin an no clots im hopin its all done an over with... i was never in alot of pain.. but again everyones body is different.. i will keep yall updated as my days go on
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With the way they count with pregnancy, "6 weeks" is counted from the first day of your last menstrual period. So you might have conceived 4 weeks ago, but by a doctor's standards you are still technically "6 weeks along" as that is just how they measure it. I always thought that was weird but that's how they do it. I agree with the other poster, it's really important to go for the follow up, but it seems like you are having more luck with the medications than I did. Hope you get back to feeling normal soon.

Thank you i appreciate it an def goin back to my follow up at the end of the month...

the ultrasound tells you how far you are. If it says 6 weeks, you were six weeks.

Definitely don't skip the follow up appointment that's required with the pill because there's a chance that you might not have expelled the fetus. That's why I personally chose the surgical procedure. it was guaranteed

Couldnt of been six weeks i had intercourse 10 11.. b4 that the last time was in may trust me babe i kno