A Positive Experience?

I had a medical abortion a last week ago. The reason why I am writing this post is because before I went, I went onto the internet to read about people's experiences and to be honest it scared me to death!


It's a bit weird to explain an abortion as a positive experience because of what is happening but basically I just want to share my story for women who are about to or are thinking of going through an abortion and want to hear the other side from the 'horror stories'.


First and foremost I would say to everyone that an abortion is a huge decision as you all very well know and it is a decision that could potentially change your life as having a child could. Therefore it is so important that you feel very sure about your decision and that it is not something you are forced into or away from. If someone is forcing you against it then just think to yourself... who is going to go through all the changes that pregnancy brings? Who is the one who will have to deal with the emotions that come from having an abortion? You! So it must ultimately be your decision.


I have been on both sides of the dilemma, here is my story...


I am 22 years old and have two children under the age of two. When I got pregnant with my children I had a couple of people including my partner pressurising me into having an abortion. I was totally against the idea at this point and considered it but eventually realised at the time I was not capable of going through with it. My partner threatened to leave me and I would be left alone. I was scared! However, I decided to keep both children both times and thank God that I did so they are beautiful children. My partner never left me and we are as strong as ever. (I'm not saying it would work out for everyone, I was lucky but at the end of the day I am the one raising these children and I don't regret my decisions for a minute.)


However, about two weeks ago I was faced with the opposite dilemma. Now me and my partner are both students, don't live together and are not flushed with money by any means. I find it hard dividing my time equally between my two children and get little or no time for myself. I had come off the pill due to migraines and was waiting for my period to have the contraceptive implant. We had sex in the mean time but the condom split. Within 12 hours I took the morning after pill... it was not effective and my period never came. The pregnancy test was positive and I was terrified. This time my situation was different, I was not ready for another child. My partner and I made a mutual decision that abortion was the right step for us at this time.


So I got a refferal from the doctor and called Marie Stopes for an appointment. In the mean time I read accounts from people online who had had the medical abortion and was shocked and scared. I was 6 weeks pregnant. When I got there, there were protesters outside trying to convince me not to 'kill my child'. I still went ahead for the abortion.


I took the first pill and went home. Didn't feel any different. I didnt feel guilt and was still sure it was what i wanted to do. The next day I took the remaining 4 pills. Nothing happened for 3 days! I have now passed my pregnancy and there was no cramping... just heavy bleeding and blood clots. I feel totally fine within myself and am still happy with my choice.


I have now have the implant fitted and am protected for 3 years.


I posted this to give a more light view of abortion. If you are about to go through this then please don't be scared... every woman is different and I'm proof that it doesn't have to be a 'horrific' experience.


Hope this was of some help to some one. 

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I am 27 years old. Going through divorce from a long term abusive relationship/short marriage. During separation got pregnant, expectedly. Took plan b - found out pregnant on 4th of July of 2015. I had mixed feelings about keeping/aborting baby because I always wanted to be a mother, but didn't feel time was right since not technically officially divorced yet. The procedure was incredibly physically and mentally painful, and I was at loss while seeing the ultrasound of my 6 in half week old beautiful peanut. I was in tears, agony. I regret the procedure. I feel guilty for
Terminating my baby that looked so
Safe and healthy in my body. I am loss at words, so heartbroken. In so much pain.

Got pregnant unexpectedly since I took plan b*

I would also like to share my story with anyone whos scared or nervous or their abortion. I am a young girl with no means to support a child and me and my boyfriend were not ready. I just got my abortion done yesterday . All the way up to the abortion when i seen babys I would get terribly sad because I would never hold mine and part of me wanted to keep it. I had so many emotions about the abortion like hatred for myself how did this happen to me , selfishness because I know I couldnt have my child and hand it away to someone else (even tho they would care for it better than I could). Where I am from you have to insert two pills the night before and i broke down because that was the start of all of it and I couldnt even put them in because I was terrified. The room I waited in before the procedure had about 6 other women in the room from all walks of life and that comforted me, they gave me something to calm my nerves and i waited for about 2 hours. It was my turn and I went into the room was placed on the bed they put the first instrument in and everything after that i could not feel . it was so fast and painless and the ladies were nice and talked to me even tho I was drugged and not making sense. I was rolled back to the room for an hour and that was it. I would like to add that I am still not in pain after the procedure. It was not how I thought the experience would go and after it was done my doubts have gone this was right for me and even tho I will always remember this I will be able to move on and forgive myself. To all the woman out there stay strong do whats best for YOU and nobody else , if you are struggling with your choice before or after talk to someone !! Dont face this alone

Thank you for this, this is exactly what I needed to read. I've read so many horror stories about abortion and to see positive ones makes it a little easier! I'm booked in for next week, so fingers crossed all goes well.

I am 17 years old. I keep taking pregnancy test.. all neg. but I have a feeling im pregnant.. sensitive tipples, no period.. feel fat.. always tired.. I have no idea what to do.. my mother will KILL me.. I work with children everyday, my sister has two children, I love them to death but I don't think I am ready for one myself. im not in a relationship. I would be all on my own. my family has enough money issues already. I have huge plans for myself.. UGA on a softball scholarship,, im scared to death and cannot come to terms with it enough to tell anyone. I don't know what to do..

Thank you for your story! I'm going to have mine soon. I'm 20 with two children and single. I don't feel so alone reading after all of these stories. Thank you again.

Thank u for your response. I am in a similar situation, with 2 kids, young, a baby, the father is in jail, and a horrible person. I feel like this is what is right this time. Hard to understand because the last two times it was not the right choice. I hope that it is not as bad as I have been told it can be. It is a terrible time in my life and I am a totally single mom as it is. I need to get through school, and care properly for the kids I have. I never thought that I would have an abortion, but here I am. I am feeling regret at how relieved I will be to have this behind me. I am torn up, but feel this is best. I am happy to have a choice, because the guys involved sure have their choices, and have made them. I just know what it is like to have beautiful kids, so the idea of feeling like I CAN NOT DO THIS, makes me feel guilty.

I believe a woman has the right to decide about her own body. Regardless of what other people think, it is a personal choice and I am proud that you made your own decision. Despite influence, when it comes down to it, it should always remain a choice.

I found out I was pregnant 2 days ago.. I'm 5 weeks and I've been reading stories about it and they are all sad. But I'm still in high school and the guy that got me pregnant told me he wanted nothing to do with it and was really upset and angry that I told him. and my family told me they are not behind me on any of it, I can live there but that's it. I'm considering it not because of the guy or my family but for me. I just want to make sure this is the right decision..

I found out I was pregnant 2 days ago.. I'm 5 weeks and I've been reading stories about it and they are all sad. But I'm still in high school and the guy that got me pregnant told me he wanted nothing to do with it and was really upset and angry that I told him. and my family told me they are not behind me on any of it, I can live there but that's it. I'm considering it not because of the guy or my family but for me. I just want to make sure this is the right decision..

Yes thank you for your story...for those saying she killed or whatever..and for those whom are religious..no sin is greater than the other..we all have to answer to God and we all have our own lives to live..dont judge people by a decision..just help them to make better results..dont expect..just accept..period!

Thanks you so much for this story, it has made me feel complete okay with my decision. i havn't yet gotten it but its two days away and reading this has changed how i feel i was feel a little guilty before because its want i want but i dont anymore. i cant thank you enough for sharing :)

Preaching at women for making a medical decision that was none of your damned business isn't helping anyone, anti-choicers. It's sad you think having had sex negates a woman's autonomy, but even sadder you're so blissfully ignorant of the immense amount of suffering that is involved for women and children when women don't control their reproduction. Keep wringing your hands over fetuses, and sane people will keep laughing at your ignorance.

I can't thank u enuf fot yr post. Most abortion stories are negative. I was also against abortion but I too was ignorant. I guess u can never judge someone unless u have been in their shoes. I have a fifteen yr old son and im getting divorced, starting over, I just cant have a baby now. Thanks again and I wish u the best.

Ah, RubyPoppy that’s not true.<br />
Men who walk out on their children are despised. Even despise themselves if they are lucky. And aye, I for one would love to blast these men [or women] with a very big blaster on behalf of the abandoned children and mothers or fathers left to care for them alone. We all must justify our actions to ourselves, its just weather that justification is truth.

So much justification! Children are not that expensive. They don't take that much time out of our life. Lame excuses all. Just more justification. It’s not about us.<br />
“We will be ok!” he says. Of course you will be ok! You are still alive. That’s the whole point. At least if we admit that we hated doing it [only because we are not sure] and that it might just be murder. Just admit it. Get on with life. Quit the justifications. <br />
Just please don't kill me cuz you think I am not aware or I might inconvenience you. Or I might feel rejected if I live. Or any other justifications you come up with. <br />
My parents didn't and I will not. Just admit that you don't know weather you murdered or not. <br />
Oh, the only time the bible talks about abortion is this-<br />
The stomachs of pregnant women were ripped open and the children spilled out on the ground and trampled. So religion really has no voice here. <br />
Don’t say that you are not a murderer because you do not know.<br />
Don’t say that you are a murderer because you do not know. <br />
Upsetting isn’t it?<br />
If we knew for sure that it was murder would we still do it? <br />
I doubt it. <br />
Congratulations on everyone’s decisions.

I know your comment is old, but I feel the need to answer.

Children aren't that expensive? On what planet are you from? Also, she has two young children already so she knows whether they are expensive or not. She is also a student. So 2 young children, working, and a student. Do you think she has a lot of time to work and make ton of money? Do you have any idea how expensive childcare is?

I'm sorry to say this but an abortion was not the right choice, I understand that you are a busy mom already but one more baby in your life was not going to kill you, but yet you killed him.

An old post, but I feel like responding.

First, you clearly have no idea the possible complications of being pregnant. There's a reason why child birth used to kill a lot of women. Two, she is already struggling and trying to make ends meet. It mus be nice to judge her when you're not in her shoes trying to juggle school and family. She probably is working too.

be strong. be strong. it is hard to make this choice, i have two young children- i would have given anything to not have had to make a choice or decide to be pregenant- humans are meant to procreate and it does not always mean that it is time- im prochoice and i believe that woman are of a tribe- you have made these choices already and now must find the rebirth or you.<br />
im saying this crying- i have been depressed for 6 weeks<br />
i had a medical miscarriage pill- inducing miscarriage- that was simple like a heavy period- some cramping -<br />
it is holding my children and wondering if i made a mistake and ****** up something for them-<br />
BUT honestly we are on foodstamps, housing assistance and had our home and belongings destroyed in a fire. i love babies and want them, i always will. BUt babies turn into children that turn into adults- that need to have space, clohting, income and neccessaities-- my husband has a servere disabilitiy and can not afford to care for 5 people. Who knows where we will be in 5 years- hopefully wiht more income and doing better- but for the time being times are tough (for everyone) if that is inmoral or wrong or sin then i will assume the responsibilty- i have taken responsbility- My children now would be able to share a room and that is fine- but forever? is that what being a good mtoher is? is woops your pregenant mean your suppose to have a baby? im not sure of anything-- i have asked god buddha and the mother earth for forgiveness- i have been in depression and anger and pain- (this also has made me aware of other issues that i have not dealt with) ive been obessing over did i make the right choice? and honestly i will never feel clear- i did make a choice- for right reason for my family- i have $16 seriously to my name, bills unpaid, no gas in car, just got food beacuse of food stamps, my children get handme downs and we survive- AND I AM GRATEFUL AND THANKFUL- (we work hard and are not in debt, i want to have my children have opportunities that are most kids basic neccessasities) I DONT WANT TO BE STUCK IN WELFARE CYCLE_ i lost my home in fire and am temporary---But you add another potential to that and then we go from making it to being in a hard place for a long time- ive been dealing with one thing to the next- im regetful yes-- but alot of that is becuase my children are growing up so fast, i feel maybe a baby would change things- WRONG! babies grow fast and that is part of life each stage- My husband and i have been togter for 15 years- that is the other guilt- like wow it was meant to be- we had sex we got pregnant- he is so stressed out, i see it- we are not getting along, and he feels would make it so we could not be married- that is a bunch of crap- and then after talking with him- it is his choice too- he payes rent, bills and needs of our family- he doesnt want to be STUCK in a 2 bedroom house in california because it is our choice- he wants to enjoy the family he has and not have to work longer or give up more weeks away at work -(he has been traveling for work for 2-3 weeks at a time) and has already emposed a great deal of stress by simply not being here beacuse he has to make money- he states- we are not everybody else, we are our own family and we are going to be ok- <br />
at 5 weeks along and wiht an induced miscarriage from the pill-= he says we are simple choosing not to contiue to make one-- i had a very simple time with the actual miscarriage abortion. I have not had such a easy time after .....(and am getting counsling, which sucks.....)<br />
THIS IS NOT A BABY yet---- it is THE POTENTIAL to be one- and we as woman whom have made this totally painstaking choice- have felt that our families survival and depended on not increasing our family size. I have told my mother father sister sister in law husband 1 couple that are close friends and my doula. Everyone has looked at me and said you made the right choice--- is it right or wrong- neither-- it is a part of procreation and having sex and dealing with the outcomes the best we can- to make decisons to ensure our survival in the world for the family i have now. i told my fmaily and will not tell my friends i feel that a few of them would totally judge and not want to believe me my organic baby loving nature could do that. I have no problem raiseing a baby and caring and giving the baby love--- there is no lack of that ---- to me i wanted the baby for my materinal caring insticts, but i can not literally care for another child in the way which i want- i can be on welfare and get by, which im still not able to care for the child properly still run out of food and basic needs....<br />
THERE is a lack of resources and funds & food.... i dont think that being poor is fun- but i am thankful for my life and my children, would i take back my choice sure i would-- BUT only if the circumstances where different.... i have been dealing with greift pain and suffering and you have to realize that you must have strength and talk to people.... please check out terra wise midwife for the soul--- it has been of great help- and exhale hotline.<br />
love and guidance and forgivenss to you -- im in pain and dealing with this for sure-- i keep thinking i could make it work i could have been increased of food stamps and our housing payment is affordable-- and then i start to panic did i mess up? it is your mind also--- so please breath in white light and surround yourself with love and healing energy.... you are not bad <br />
<br />
and ALL people need to focus on there on lives and have unconditional love for the world- <br />
this does not just happen to the bad girl it happens to 1 out of 3 woman by the age of 45.<br />
<br />
we are all going to heal as time goes by- guilt is a useless emotion that will make each day you live in it be a waste and it is one day less of enjoying and realize we are not PERFECT-- and freaking A, LIFE IS NOT perfect- bad ****** things happen and there are choices in life you have to make---- There is also beauty and love in life and it finds everyone-- both aspects- <br />
being non judgemental is very hard and i have to not be on a daily basis... it is very hard to accept that i did make this choice- but i did and life goes on it does not stop , i have nothing to do but raise the children i have and be strong- i did not want to choose this- i hate this situation- but having children is a responsibility- I DONT have money to support us now.... i work very hard and so does hubby- we are not bad people-

http://www.cancer.org/Cancer/BreastCancer/MoreInformation/is-abortion-linked-to-breast-cancer<br />
<br />
this above site contains information that THE CANCER COUNCIL has published online about how abortion is NOT linked to breast cancer. please read it if you are scared by the information offered by the gentleman above.<br />
<br />
it makes no logical sense anyway that one's body 'would recognise a natural miscarriage' - what about a miscarriage caused by an accident? how would the body differentiate - is an induced abortion, done by doctor, different to a woman who has a spontaneous abortion caused by a car accident? how???? <br />
<br />
i am about to undergo an abortion. i live in australia and here, we are given anaesthetic so that we can go to sleep and not remember the procedure. i know that in the states, you guys sometimes have to do it whilst awake. i just want to say that i feel so much sympathy for the poor girls who need to undergo this procedure. it is a difficult, and terrible, decision to make and deserves sympathy.<br />
<br />
for the pro lifers - are you really fighting for life? are you fighting for the free, safe, supported lives for all children or are you taking a narrow moral stance against the deaths of the early aborted, the unborn?<br />
do you vigorously fight for the right to a decent life, and safety from death and exploitation, of those MILLIONS of children, born ALIVE into slavery - sexual or otherwise - in poverty stricken countries?<br />
what is a responsible decision to terminate an early life in order to complete study (like me), or give your kids a better future, or avoid poverty, compared to fighting the perpetrators of incredible, vicious crimes against innocent, living children across the world? find a cause that we can all agree in, and i will fight with you. to me, that is what 'right to life' SHOULD mean.

I am in a sort of similar situation.....I just found out I am pregnant 2 days ago...I am very scared because I just gave birth to my son 3 months ago...It is way to soon for another baby...and yes I was taking bc, but I dont think it was quite working yet...I feel horrible because I am considering an abortion, my bf agrees it is the right decision...I think its the right decision because of me having such a young child already. People do make mistakes and yes I was quite ignorant before as well because when I found out I was pregnant around the same time last year I was NOT having an abortion ..I was against it...but now I am faced with a decision to have an abortion. I do want to do this I think its the right thing, Im going to school soon and Im making a life for me and my family. I came on here because I was trying to read about other peoples experiences with abortion...im scared about the procedure and about how I will feel afterward..so Im really just looking for some insite and for some UNBIASED comments....

Im in a similar situation. I'm 20 years old and a student and my boyfriend and I are seperated by miles. He came down for my birthday and I was just off of the nuvaring due to irritation and my big birthday present was me getting pregnant. I'm doing the same thing, looking at peoples posts and reading online about the pill and I am scared sh*tless. This story did help though. I'm ulitmately scared of the pain that I will go through and bleeding, but right now I am not in a place to have a child. My partner and I are not financially stable and although he'll be moving down to where I go to school in December, it's not our time.

I had a surgical abortion today and it was the best thing I could of done. Straight afterwards I felt a massive sense of relief.<br />
<br />
There was a protestor outside but my answer to her and to anyone else is look does god really want children to be brought into the world unplanned and unloved??<br />
<br />
I had a baby at 18 and it was the hardest thing I ever did, I dont regret him but I regret the situation. I have the choice and I used it and will never be sorry for what I did. <br />
<br />
Had I brought another baby into the world I would of had to leave university and would be a young mother of 2 children under 5. All my career plans would of ended and my relationship with my sons father would once again be put under strain and would probably break.<br />
<br />
All that because of a few missed pills? Not a chance. I'd like to speak to some of these pro lifers if they ever do get in a situation where they are faced with an unplanned pregnancy that will wreck their life....

you made the wrong decision.

It's easy to judge when you're not in their shoes. Even if your situation sounds similar, it's not the exact situation. I guess not judging people only applies when people agree with their actions.

Are you freaking kidding me? How dare you say such a thing to someone. You have no idea what their reality is. By the way your own "good book" while suspiciously silent on abortion does say "judge not lest ye be judged" good luck with that glass house.

I could not personally have an abortion, but that is because I am not as strong as you. I wouldn't be able to live with the guilt. I am not saying you should feel guilt because ultimately it was your choice and you are the only one that knows what is right for you.<br />
<br />
I know it goes against religious beliefs, but just because someone thinks your choice is wrong doesn't mean they can ever change your mind. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for what you did. This world is overpopulated as it is. Yes, adoption is an option and there are couples out there that want children that cannot have them, but would you really have wanted to explain that to your kids? Probably not. <br />
<br />
Do I think abortion is right? Not necessarily. Not for me at least. Do I think it's my business to persecute a person for having an abortion? Absolutely not. It's done. I don't have the right to make you feel guilty for something you felt was the right decision.<br />
<br />
I'm not praising you for the abortion, I'm praising you for having the strength to come on here and sharing your experience with us all and knowing that someone would come on here and persecute you for it. Thank you for sharing with us.

Hi yellowxbubble,<br />
<br />
Thank you for your input. If I may now reply...<br />
<br />
Ok I can kind of see where your point is coming from in some ways. However, when I was in the midst of this situation things were not so cut and dry or black and white for me, there was a lot of grey area.<br />
<br />
Yes indeed my views towards abortion used to be very negative. I could never understand why people went to have abortions and mainly why they would be in that situation in the first place. However, as I explained I was also very ignorant at that time. I used to believe that people ended up with unwanted pregnancies because they had been irresponsible when it came down to contraception. The main reason for my ignorance at that time was never having been in that situation myself. <br />
<br />
I don't believe that I have contradicted myself by having negative abortion views and then actually having an abortion. If you break down my views then maybe you will better understand. What I am against is people that purposefully do not use contraception but then turn to abortion as a means of contraception. There are people out there that make a habit of this. For me it was a different story. I have always been quite careful when it comes to contraception, I don't take view of pregnancy lightly. However, for some reason some methods of contraception such as the pill and morning after pill do not seem to take effect in my body and at that time I was not aware of the array of contraception available to me as i am now.<br />
<br />
My decision for having an abortion was not just 'thinking about myself'. I have a family to consider. I believe that all children should have the same amount of time at least invested in them to help them become a success in their life and help to give them the best life possible. My two children are very young and quite close together in age... trust me I know that having another child would just turn their lives in to routine. There would be no quality time, fun days out, it would just be trying to get from morning to night as efficiently as I could. Thats no life for a child.<br />
<br />
Should I have gone through a whole pregnancy to just give my child up at the end for adoption? Who knows what that would have led to... a depressed mother is hardly something a child needs! Possible complications within my body from having 3 children in 3 consecutive years. My existing two children consciously losing a sibling. The new child feeling abandoned and outcast when they realise that their real mother didn't want them and gave them up. Also my children are mixed race and it is a fact that they are among the hardest group to get placed in to a new family. There was just too many negative outcomes this way.<br />
<br />
Ok if you look at abortion with the view that you are killing your own child then yes it seems barbaric and you couldn't understand why people would do such a thing, but sometimes in life you make decisions and sacrifices for the sake of your family. I know it sounds harsh and there's no real way of explaining it to someone that is anti-abortion especially if they have not been in the same situations.<br />
<br />
My point is that everyone is different, we all have different views, we all have our own different reasons. <br />
<br />
I didn't come on here to tell people to tolerate abortion. The whole point of the initial post was just to say to the people that are going to go through with it and are scared that it doesn't necessarily have to be so scary. I say the same about child birth... some people are terrified of giving birth because of stories that they have heard, however everyone's experience is unique and I for one did not have a bad experience at all and the pain wasn't all that bad as I thought it was going to be.<br />
<br />
So no, I am not asking you to tolerate my views or that of anyone elses. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, one thing I would say is that this thread was intended for people that are going for an abortion, I wasn't trying to put the right or wrong's there I was simply saying 'hey every post I read for eg says that abortion is painful, well mine wasn't so I'm just offering a different perspective'.<br />
<br />
You can take the post however you like but just like you say that people shouldn't expect others to tolerate your views, you shouldn't force your views on others either. For e.g telling me that I shouldn't have 'taken it out on the kid'... that statement was very offensive as it suggests that I acted in malice. I took a long time to make the decision I did, thinking from every angle. It's judgements like that that end up sending some people into great depressions.<br />
<br />
Anyway I'm waffling on now, just wanted to make the point that I'm not trying to say what's right and wrong, I'm just offering a different perspective and I suppose being in the situation myself opening people's mind to the fact that sometimes a person's situation and circumstances can dictate their actions no matter how strong their views.

I don't think anyone has an abortion for birth control. People like to claim some person who is distantly related to them works at a clinic and there's a sixteen-year-old who has had 8 abortions.

Abortions aren't easy to go through. They are also expensive. Not as expensive as giving birth, but more expensive than condoms and a pack of b/c.

I read everybody's comments here and I found it interesting. Although you say that you are against abortion, you had one and so you're contradicting yourself. Now I don't mean to be "holier than thou", but I studied abortion before and so I wanted to comment on some stuff.<br />
<br />
What you are saying is basically moral relativism. Wishfulgirl1 says, "she already had her abortion and it was her choice, if your prolife fine but what is it doing telling someone who already did it?" pretty much saying people should be tolerant of other people's beliefs which is incorrect. This blog was originally written to tell others of the experience of abortion and how it wasn't as bad as people say on the internet.<br />
<br />
According to a study done by the Elliot Institute, there is a significantly increased risk of breast cancer because the cells in the woman's breast changes to give more milk. Without a baby to drink the milk, the milk cells have nowhere to go and turn into malignant cells. This is why, when a cow loses its' child, farmers have to milk the cow more than usual, in order for the cow to stay healthy. Some people ask about miscarriages, but it's been scientifically proven that the body recognizes miscarriages and the cells turn back into regular cells. There are a billion more things that I have, but I thought that was the most important thing that you should hear about since it's most common.<br />
<br />
Usually I don't really speak up when I see abortion blogs but that fact that you said you're usually against abortion and you decided to have one because of some issues really made me want to speak out. Just because you have two kids and you didn't have enough time for yourself means that you did it because it was for personal reasons. Don't take it out on the kid. He has a right to live and you could have at least given him or her up for adoption. <br />
<br />
I'm sorry that you took abortion instead of raising another child. I am also sorry if this seemed offensive to you, but I believe that by killing a child to make a "better life" for the other two is wrong.

Thank you for your story, I'm going though the same thing right now. I have two children and opting for an abortion because me and my husband are trying to make a better life for the two children we have. We used BC, but it failed.

Hi there,<br />
<br />
I was the person that originally wrote this post.<br />
<br />
In response to the guy...<br />
<br />
Hey there,<br />
<br />
Believe it or not before faced with this decision I was totally against abortion. I used to think that people who had abortions were just irresponsible and wanted to take the cowards way out. However I was ignorant. There are situations that you can get into that were maybe not your fault. Ok, I had sex willingly but used two methods of contraception so didn't end up pregnant stupidly. Personally I am with you on the very progressed babies not being aborted. (I am not judging anyone here this is just my feelings). My nephew died at 4 months pregnant and I saw him. He was a perfect little baby... the only thing that didn't really seem developed was that his skin was a bit see through. He had a funeral and the coffin was so tiny. I think thats where I originally got my anti-abortion views from and also advanced surgical procedures.<br />
<br />
Although I don't believe in abortion past 9 weeks I have come to realise that there are situations that call for it. We all have our personal views but at the end of the day if a woman opts for an abortion then either way it will be her body being taken over. She is the only one that will have to go through the abortion and will carry the majority of the emotions... whereas if she is forced to keep a child believe me the body changes so much and that in itself can be enough! If a woman has a child she genuinely doesn't want or connects with then is that really fair on the child? Yeah if you start thinking deep about abortion then you will drive yourself crazy.<br />
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One thing I will say is that I think that I wasn't that emotional because I already have children. I know what it's like to be a mum and have 2 beautiful children.<br />
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Thanks everyone for their responses.

its funny how ppl are writing negative comments trying to make you feel bad when you obviously wrote this story to help ppl know that you dont feel bad, y are they trying to make you feel bad? whats the point of that??? she already had her abortion and it was her choice, if your prolife fine but what is it doing telling someone who already did it?

you will be! :)

I am a man so I can't understand a woman's thoughts on this. BUT - I just can not come to think that abortion is okay. My son who is now seventeen was born premature. He was one pound fourteen ounces. I think many times that lots of aborted babies weighed more than he did at birth. I'm sorry - I sympathize with you and as I said, there is no way I could be in your situtation, but . . . . I just can not agree with abortion.

Most abortions happen earlier than the viable cut off.

Oh my gosh I never thought that I would find someone in the exact same situation as me! I haven't yet gone for my abortion yet! I just found out I was pregnant on the 28 november 08 my 25th birthday! I have 2 children myself and both my partner and I think it is for the best, financially any way! I know that it is going to be hard because my heart is breaking thinking about it!! Thank you so much for your story! I have been looking on the net for something similar to my situation!