It's been two years to the date since I had my abortion. It feels like just yesterday when I entered the clinic. I remenber feeling so torn for what I was about to do. No one really knows what I have done. Perhaps it was the right thing at the time. But now that I am hitting 30 I feel like I failed. My heart goes out to all who have gone through this.... Today is one of the darkest days of my life.
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I am amazed at the fact that Candie's comments not only come across as if she is illiterate due to all of the misspellings, but also her comments are absolutely as atrocious as her typing. You can take all the precautions necessary, be very educated and have a responsible partner and still end up in this situation. Making the decision to have an abortion does involve a sense of selfishness, I admit it. However, why is "selfishness" so bad? Many know they are not ready to be a parent; whatever the reason may be (financially, situations, etc.). To say adoption is in the best interest is also a load of crap. I work with many children who are shuffled from home to home. Can anyone guarantee this will not be the end result for your child if you do opt to have an abortion and opt for the adoption choice? No. <br />
<br />
I digress...stay strong. Keep your chin up. Be proud of the person you are today and of the things you won't take for granted later on because of this. The pain will always remain (I believe) deep down. Even with the correct decisions, there still can be emotional baggage that remains. As long as you take something from a situation and use it for the better, that is good. Stay strong.

i understand about being torn about your decision, i haven't had mine yet i'm booked in for friday, i'm torn about my decision too, i know it's the best thing to do under my circumstances but i'm scared about the pain, the guilt, the depression, what if my boyfriend leaves me anyway, what if I can't have anymore children or worse what if I lose alot of blood and die. I lost a lot of blood when I had my first baby 5 months ago.

I know it must be difficult for be, but there is nothing u can do now so get strong. And for freflower you are in denial. A loser that is why that is all u attract. When did you find out the men were abusive and unhealthy after they knock u up. In the future close up the legs and open up the brains

"hug's" to you, ivé had 2 within 3 year's, i still feel guilt, but my desion's were based on abuse from partner's i was with, and i didn't wan't the children to have that sort of life, just like my daughter has,<br />
(god forgive's us at the end of the day, please know that)<br />

Its also been two years for me and it still hurts really bad to think of it. I did it for someone else and I hurt me so bad doing it. I know the pain and if i could I would give a big hug.