Abortion Is Not Something to Regret

I had an abortion.  It was a difficult decision, and I can't say that I am 100% positive that it was the best decision for me, but I did it.  I'm not ashamed or embarrassed by it.  I would even dare to say that I enjoyed the experience.  The doctors, nurses, and social workers were wonderful and had a great sense of humor.  My boyfriend was with me through the whole procedure, which was quick and painless. 

I wont deny that I was very sick from the medications they gave me.  I puked for about 24hrs.  But carrying a baby for nine months wouldn't have been easy either.  I don't regret my abortion, even though I thought I would.  I couldn't have provided a good life for that child, and I don't like to subject people (children) to hardships that I don't think I could ever handle in their situation.
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I so wish I had your strength. Not a day has gone by in the 2 years since my first and 3 months since my second that I don't wish I had handled things differently. Although I will always believe I did what was best for me and my family.<br />
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Thank you for standing up for all of us. We shouldn't be ashamed to take control of our lives and to plan for our futures.

Candie, I am not so stupid as to make abortion my birth control method, and I am rather insulted that you would assume that everyone who has an abortion without feeling bad about it is that irresponsible. <br />
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Why do unpleasant things have to be 100% unpleasant? I didn't enjoy needing to make the decision, but the process wasn't so bad. Thats similar to not wanting to go in for surgury but not experiencing any pain during the operation.<br />
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The stigma surrounding abortions really bothers me. Most women who have abortions feel it was the best decision for them, whether they admit it or not. Most are responsible human beings. It is sad how a small portion of women have to make up the stereotype.<br />
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And just so everyone knows, having an abortion does not affect the woman's ability to have children in the future unless she has many abortions (about 5)

What is so pleasant about an abortion and also to be share humor lets hope this is not your method of birth control because you seem not bothered at all. Hope when u r ready to get pregnant it will come that easily.

No, it didn't come out that way, but thank you.

Just to clarify, that last sentence, that is not what I think you would have done. Just in case it came out that way.

I understand your feelings. I admire your strength. I am 100% positive what I did was best for me, but I still am embarrassed. I have told very few people. I also thought my procedure went fine. It was painful and I did it all alone but the nurses were helpful and understanding. I also think it's wonderful that you knew having a baby wasn't best not only for you but the child that would have been. So many people pop out children and treat them horribly or neglect them.