I dont know if any1 will reply to this but i feel so alone and upset.


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We are all going through the same it's hard and tough what life throws at us they are now angels looking over you I had the pain is unbearable the tears the nightmares god bless you all and take care of each other we are all good people no matter what anyone says remember in your heart maybe plant a tree or flower with a memory card a private place for you both goodnight

you are not alone. i am currently experiencing an abortion and am having a hard time holding in my tears. Although i may not know your whole story, i understand the feeling of being alone. There are many woman who go through this and they are the ones who have lifted my thoughts and hopes. Even though you are going through a very difficualt time emotionally, it will all be for the best. You made this decision because you were not ready to provide everything this baby needs, and that is understandable and is the most important decision you will make as a woman. i truly hope you feel better about your decsion and do not hesitate to look here for support and comfort.

It's not right of you to tell someone you don't know they made the best decision. How do you know if she was forced or not? I was told I made the best decision and it wasn't. I'm sick of the presumptuousness this loaded statement makes. :( Not everyone is ever going to feel better about their decision it's wrong to rationalize their grief with your viewpoints.

Try to see the positive side the you have try to put on the side the worries you have u r not alone take care

I will reply. I understand the pain, I understand how alone you feel. Believe me when I tell you that you arent. There are so many of us out many begging for help and wishing they could have that moment back. Im sorry....and Im here.

You're not alone...

You aren't alone, justbreathe. There are always people here to "listen," even if it's over the computer ;) I hope you continue to find healing in the stories of others.

It seems like most of you regret your decision and feel in need of healing. The good news is that healing is available. Two good places for healing that I know of are the following:<br />
Rachel's Vineyard -<br />
Project Rachel -<br />
<br />
I hope that you find this helpful.

Jesus is not changing the diapers, but He will give you and the other girls the strength to take care of your child or to give it up for adoption. True freedom is the ability to do what is right, not what we want to do.

I was given up for adoption and its the worse thing I was abided emotionally abused and its not the best thing everyday I wondered why I was 3 taken away because of abuse by my mum I met her I hated her she evil than everyday the pain be harder as you'd be wondering where is the child is it ok is it happy is it being cared for it makes you not trust anyone people lie these women do not make these decions lithly its the worse thing and pain and the grief

Its hard to hide this dark and deep secret.. scared of being judge...i know the feeling...u not alone..just talk to someone rather someone u know or someone on help deal with pain n loss

8url1234, I had one in 1988 at age of 18 with my high school sweetheart also. He wanted to marry, I didn't at 18. My sister had a child a year prior, she was not married and I was helping my mom raise this child. My sister was out and about more than home.... I made the decision on my own, with my boyfriends support, but he did not want to do this. I didnt want to bring a second child into our home, but in the end it was my own decision to make. I will always love my high school sweetheart, I ended up breaking up with him about a year after out of extreme guilt over the situation. I love my husband, but a big part of my heart is reserved for my first love. He contacted me for the first time about a year ago. Our paths did not cross prior to this. We talked about what we did and the guilt we felt. I consider him a friend. My husband is aware of this friendship and is understanding. I'm long winded here... but I guess sometimes it is normal to always love this person you shared this experience (trauma?) with. We didnt deal with it at the time like we should have. Talking with him again has helped me. We even picked out a name together and said goodbye. I read that somewhere that helps with closure and it did for us. He is married with two daughters and I am married with two adopted sons. Life goes on...

I'm so sorry you have to feel like that.<br />
I had an abortion just over two months ago and it was the probably the worst thing i've ever had to go through (emotionally)

I have had an abortion 6 years ago and its still getting to me. It was with my high school love. But now I am married and scared to death to have kids. I am scared that I won't be attached to them because I will be wondering about the one I could have had. on top of that I feel that I will always be attached to my love from high school and i don't know how to get over the abortion or him even though I am married.

Maybe if you have a new baby there's no time to think but about him or her their smile &amp; laughter can sow your broken heart I just had mine yesterday n I regretted it right away n I know this experience because I am also a mom.

It's easy to champion the unborn. They don't need feeding, clothing, housing, or educating. It's certainly true of the recent appalling abuse cases in Ireland, that the unborn are considered sacrosanct but actual live children have been historically treated with cruelty and contempt. How do they square that? <br />
<br />
As a doctor I think it's shameful to perpetuate the false idea that women terminate pregnancies for 'convenience' or 'lifestyle' reasons. It's an unpleasant invasive procedure but at least for now it's safe and legal. If it were not, rich women would continue to bribe doctors (which is what happens in Nicaragua) and poor women are butchered.<br />
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If you are feeling guilt and pain, then please get some counselling and talk through how you feel with a sympathetic, ob<x>jective person. You are not a bad person - you are a person who made an extremely difficult decision. And as MashedPotato says 'Jesus ain't going to be changing diapers at 3am.'

Actually championing the rights of the unborn is not easy at all. People who do so are often met with considerable vitriol. And many pro-life groups not only help women to keep their babies before birth but help them once the child is born, they also provide them with formula, diapers and other necessities and even help them find a job.

You should remember that oftentimes the same people and churches championing the unborn are also staffing the soup kitchens and running numerous charities and hospitals throughout this country and the entire world.

But he will get karma back to you

This is not fair of you OP the lilyofthecity to say that our grief is useless and we need an objective therapist. I had a pro-choice therapist and he agreed that I have PTSD because yes, I technically killed my child. You can't dissolve our grief just because you don't have any.

LRC32 - Jesus ain't the one gonna be changing diapers at 3am. Let's stick with the reality here, enough of this religious bullshit.

But he will get karma back to you

Hey girls. I am a pro-life, Christian and I don't support abortion, and it breaks my heart to think that defenseless babies are being killed, but I want to help anyone and everyone, who is thinking about abortion, or had an abortion, and I'd like to be there for all of you and council you through. Answer your questions as long as I have a valid answer, but if I don't I will try my hardest to find you an answer. <br />
I see that alot of you on this post are depressed and feel alone. Go towards Jesus, He really is the best thing that could happen in anyones life, including mine. He is always there when no one else isn't, and you can talk to Him about anything, He may not talk back, but I promise you He listens. Abortion is a wretched sin, but it is not an unforgivable sin, if you feel guilty for the act you made, repent to Him. He loves you. And He never gives you or anyone anything that they can't handle. <br />
i am praying for all of you with the deepest sympathy, and if you ever need someone to talk to just message me and I will be here. <br />
Thank you for hearing me out.

we are dealing with something that is difficult enough on its own. and we are hard enough on ourselves. we don't need your judgement thrown in with the judgement we already face from ourselves every single day of our lives.

She is not judging us she is only giving a different viewpoint I wish I had this viewpoint when I had my abortion because now it's the biggest regret of my life.

I feel alone, empty. I feel like nobody can understand this hollow feeling that literally aches with pain.. ive officially reached a state of depression. but then i sit down and i think of my life and where im at and where i want to be, then i think about having a baby attached to my hip and if i would reach those goals, if i would be able to support it. That aching hollow empty pain is still there, but when i feel absolutely alone i read other peoples stories and it reminds me, people have felt this way and their okay now . It reminds me that i am definately not alone.

i feel the same way. I hope it gets easier. I hate this feeling and i am sick of crying.

I have lots of friends but even when I'm in a room full of them I feel completely alone since I had my abortion. I'm hoping it gets easier, but coming on here has shown me that you are not alone. None of us are.

remember, the men are not carrying the fetus, they can go if they please, you need a supportive man in your life, if you do not find that in the "father" then look for additional support. You have the right to chose, women before us fought long and hard for the right. Look into therapy for help understanding what you really need/want. It's not an easy choice, but in your heart you already know. Don't allow outside opinion to make your decision, analyze, figure out what is best for you and the potential child.

Guiltyfeeling,<br />
<br />
I feel the exact same way. Especially having good moments, but some really horrible ones. I think this whole experience is the worst thing I have ever gone through. I wish I was able to take everything back. :/

I feel exactly what you said. Every word of it. I feel a little better after joining experience project and finding that even if the pain wont ever go away there are at least a few people who know and understand.

Hi, i'm thinking about having an abortion, I know my boyfriend will not approve. will i feel empty also? How much pain is involved?

Hi,<br />
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I know exactly how you feel. I feel so alone and very empty. I have my good moments and then I have some really bad ones. I know that God forgives me I just don't know how to forgive myself. I had my abortion on Saturday the 19th. I feel so guilty I killed an innocent child.<br />
<br />
Friends tell me that in time things will get better. I wonder when that time will come. Hang in there!!!

Hi,<br />
<br />
I know exactly how you feel. I feel so alone and very empty. I have my good moments and then I have some really bad ones. I know that God forgives me I just don't know how to forgive myself. I had my abortion on Saturday the 19th. I feel so guilty I killed an innocent child.<br />
<br />
Friends tell me that in time things will get better. I wonder when that time will come. Hang in there!!!