I dont know if any1 will reply 2 this but plz do.

I found out 2 weeks ago that i was pregnant i felt so much for this life that was growing inside me. I told my boyfriend i thought he would be happy but he wasnt. I cried and told him that i didnt agree with abortions and i wanted to keep this little person inside me they had done nothing wrong it was us and i knew it would be hard.

He told me that he didnt want this baby. s

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It is your choice, unfortunately no one else can make this decision for us....if you have this baby, you are the one that's with it for life. If you choose not to, you are the one that carry's that decision for life. We don't know whether the boyfriend will hang around or not, please take the time to be selfish and really think this through for you and for your baby so that you know once you make a decision you will never regret it. A person I loved very much had been through an abortion and she made it very clear that the decision has to be your own and what you believe will be best for you and the, after being through the abortion myself I understand that was the best advice I could have asked for. Talk to people if you need to, see a everything you need to help you be okay with your choice. No matter what you decide, there will always be someone here for you to talk to :-). I won't sugarcoat it, it was by far the most difficult and depressing choice I've had to face...and I still think about it all the time, I miss that baby but I am not angry with myself or anyone else because at that time I firmly believe it was the right thing to do by me and by that baby. <br />
Remember, you will never be alone and we area always here....

sorry love didn't read it the whole way through. i know how you feel my seconed time went down similarly and not a day goes by that i don't wish i stood up for myself. i don't know if it ever becomes right but it does get better

it's your body. have the baby and get a court order to force child support out of him. maybe he'll come around and man up.