My Abortion

I had an abortion about four years ago. I was in college and living a rather wild life with lots of partying and casual sex. I  was the kind of girl one might describe as ´slutty´. I even slept with two teachers. I´m  not proud of it, but that´s how it was. My parents didn´t know any of this. Despite all of this, I worked hard, so they never suspected anything. When I had been sick a couple of mornings, my roommate asked if I could be pregnant. I said that wouldn´t be possible, since I was on the pill. I took a test and turned out to be pregnant anyway. I was completely shocked and cried all night. I knew I was not ready for it at all  and decided to have an abortion. I´ve never told anyone, except for my roommate. I did feel very guilty afterwards, especially since I felt like I didn´t have ´a good reason.´Most people I heard about abortion said: ´Well, only if she was raped..´or something like that. I think, however, it was the right decision. After my abortion I didn´t live as wild anymore. I focused on college and went on to law school.

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Hey Ted, where are you pro-lifers when children are starving all over the damn world? Spending money on bombs so we can blow them up instead. Makes total sense...

What's done can't be undone and we all have all share of skeleton in the closets. The most impt is that you have learnt from your mistake, repented and worked towards being a better person.

Ted did you wake up this morning and say hmm why shouldn't I be a close minded ******* towards someone? <br />
You don't know her personally so you have no right to judge her.

Oh, so since you have no money, instead of giving the baby up for adoption, killing the baby and committing murder is the thing to do.

I know exactly what youre going through, i myself have been through one and believe its the right desicion bc i had no job money and the guy was married. No childdeserves to be brought in this world having to experience this. youre not alone...

My sister Jackie had an abortion in the early 1980's.We are Catholic and she believed my dad would have disowned her had he found it.He didnt he forgave her right there and then.She her boyfriend at the time(who turned out to be a total ***)coerced her into it.We all forgave her.She even named her Deseree.But I believe my sister never forgave herself and she slowly drank herself to death over it.She had a broken heart.She passed away in September of 1996 dying alone on a park bench in St.Paul,Minnesota of alcohol poisoning.We found her two days later.Her abortion did this too her and years of abuse by what I concider the scum of the male gender.We tried to get her to come home but she felt so ashamed.This is what abortion does to some people but those pamphlets never tell women that when they come in.As far as the government goes that is interfering with lives so no law can mandate it or ban it.But it is tragic.Jackie is buried next to Dad now at St.Patrick's Cemetary.He died of cancer in 1996.And no I do not hate anyone who gets one.I just know someday if I get to Heaven I have a niece to say hi too.And a sister who feels no more pain.And Im glad,very glad you went on to school.Good for you.