I am 18, and I began step two of the medical abortion process today. I did as the doctor directed and ate a small meal prior and followed it up a half an hour later with the pheneragan, anti-naseau medicine, she prescribed along with 800 mg of ibuprofen. A half an hour after ingesting the ibuprofen and pheneragan, I placed the four pills of misoprostol in my mouth, allowed them to dissolve, and swallowed the remaining contents half an hour later. I felt cramping after roughly ten minutes. I sat on my couch with a heating pad which really helped to reduce the pain. I do not typically get cramps during my period so I was relatively nervous about the pain level, but I barely felt anything. I was prescribed tylenol with codeine as a back up if the ibuprofen wasn't enough to subside the pain and I did not have to use it.

I read a lot of horror stories about the pill prior to taking it, and I wanted to share my experience with you guys so you'd know not everyone reacts the same way. I do have cramping right now, but the heating pad is helping (seriously, invest in a heating pad- it will be your best friend.) The only advice I can give is to make yourself comfortable and to be prepared for a lot of blood which is intimidating at first. It feels uncomfortable when larger clots come out (yes, you feel it), and I was informed some women experience clotting the size of lemons but mine have not been nearly as large.

Don't psych yourself out with these stories on the internet. Everyone woman is different and their bodies will behave in different ways. My experience has not been nearly as bad as some of the others I have been reading about. If anything I feel better right now than I did prior to the medication because it has subdued the nausea.
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I just found out today I am pregnant going by my last cycle I'm under 4 weeks. A year ago I had a surgical abortion and the pain was horrible I don't want to go through that again. I already have 3 beautiful children but do to my health it is no longer safe for me to go through another pregnancy. I've been going back and forth on doing the pill like you or the herbal way. I worry it may not work or that it won't be a complete abortion. How long is the whole process? And how painful is it? Thank you for posting your experience it helps to hear what others have went through because it is a hard choice to make.

How far along were you?? Why the hell you wait so long to get 1? I had one when I was 2 months I didn't have to go through a long process

I was only six weeks along. It wasn't a long process at all. I took the misoprostol at about 2 pm and it is only 7 pm now. As for the way I took the medications and whatnot that is how my doctor told me to take them.

Oh ok