Anyone else experience vommiting after the surgery/anesthesia? When I got mine 3 years ago I vomited profusely for 3 hours. Couldn't even hold down water. For those of you ladies who have gotten sick afterwards, has it ever happened again? I am getting my wisdom teeth removed and they don't offer laughing gas, only anesthesia. However my mom is taking care of me and the cost of the removal, and she doesn't know about my abortion, so I cannot say how anesthesia makes me throw up... Any ideas about how to get around that? I really don't want to tell her about my abortion.
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There are all different kinds of anesthesia. When you tell them you got sick, they will try to use something else you're more tolerant of. While it's not uncommon to get sick under anesthesia, it makes it more complicated for the caregiver. Tell them what happened so they don't try to use the same one. (PS, yes, I've been very sick with anesthesia)

Thats not nice, I have a slight phobia to vomiting