I am 17 years old and I found out I was pregnant which was a complete shock. I went to the consultation with my boyfriend where I though an abortion was the right idea and had no doubts- i wasn't ready. I went on holiday where I experienced sickness and my body felt so abnormal. The day I came back I was terrified as it was the procedure day (vacuum aspiration). Afterwards I felt find and I hardly bled and everyone was extremely friendly. But recently (4 days afterwards) I've been getting pains and feeling extremely emotional something which my boyfriend does not understand. A lot of things in my life have suddenly gone downhill and I have not got much support. I get sad thinking about the abortion, I know in the long hall this was the right decision but I get doubts it wasn't and this baby was my chance, and someone to love me unconditionally. I don't know if I'm alone in this feeling but it is the most excruciating thing to think about
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I studied abortion for a semester of dual english and I read that some women get very emotional after the abortion.

I dont know what you are going through. But Im sorry. This is what was best for you. It wasnt time for you or ur bf to become parents.

Maybe u can find a support group who have been through the same thing, or maybe u can take antidepressants.

One day you will have a beautiful baby. And you will be a great mother because you waited until the right time.

I can definitely relate to your experience. I just had a medical abortion and things went horrible afterwards. I feel the same way about that baby having being my opportunity for unconditional love. But you know what, thats selfish. We made our decision because we were not ready to be mothers. Being a mother is a lifetime responsibility. We still have a long road in front of us, and we will be mothers someday. We will do it the right way and we will give our best. Just think positive about your decision. There are many, many women who feel the same, I learned it after having shared my experience. If you can, I invite you to read it, it might give you comfort. Best of luck to you, I sincerely hope that everything gets better for you.