I want to share my experience with the abortion pill. So I had a previous abortion a couple years ago and did it the surgical way at planned parenthood. That experience was fine for what it was, I barley felt anything and healed very fast. This last time (both were with the same guy) I decided to try the pill, since I am on suboxone now, recovering heroin addict, I can't take any of the medicine besides Advil. Last time I had two doses of IV fetanyl, so I was definitely not in pain. This time being as I had no pain relief, I chose the pill because I thought it would hurt less and I could handle it. Man, was I so wrong. I was 7 1/2 weeks along when I let the pills dissolve in my mouth after getting them from the doctor. I waited and about 45 minutes later i felt some cramping and then i started feeling nauseous and I had light bleeding. 30 minutes after that I was sweating and throwing up. I had diarrhea as well. I literally never felt so sick in my life, and then came the cramps. I've never been in so much pain, I was screaming in agony on my bed in a little ball for what seemed like forever, maybe 30 minutes. My mom finally came home who's a medical assistant and got me a heating pad and sat with me. Throughout this I was lightly bleeding and then when the pain stopped I was bleeding more. I passed out for a couple hours because of how stressful the previous hour had been.. I got up and tried to eat something and took some Advil. Then about half hour later it happened all over again, I was throwing up and sweating then the pain and I was back in bed screaming for longer than last time, it felt like someone was stabbing my abdomen repeatedly and I had no way to make it go away because of my damn suboxone. So eventually the horrible pain in my abdomen stopped and the bleeding stayed pretty heavy for a couple days and I had some cramps now and then. My lower back and hips were killing me the whole next week. The bleeding stopped for a day then came back and was pretty heavy but not enough that they say to call a doctor. So all week I also had to work and stand all day and I was in pretty bad pain and bleeding bad and I was concerned but decided to wait for my one week check up at the doctor. When I went in and got the ultrasound I started to bleed really bad and the doctor said I had to have a SURGICAL abortion first thing the next morning. I started freaking out because I knew without any pain meds, I'd feel the shots and everything which I hadn't before. So I was terrified and it turns out that the pill didn't work all the way and there was still part of it left inside me and some clotting. And the pain was because there was an infection starting which could have been deadly if left untreated. I was so angry and upset but went the next morning for the procedure. I called my suboxone doctor and he said to take double my dose before because I couldn't have meds. The nurses didn't understand when I was in the room but gave me some ativan because of how scared I was. (benzos are ok when on subs). The procedure was awful, painful, and I was so glad when it was all over. Almost immediately my hip and back pain went away and the bleeding was light for two days then none. Overall, it was f****ng horrible and even if I were to have taken the Tylenol with codeine or vicodin they give you when you use the abortion pill, neither would have done sh*t for the pain I felt. That needed morphine or something. I would not recommend the pill to anyone. What could have been a quick process turned into weeks of pain and stress. I know everyone is different but I've heard a lot of bad about the pill and wanted to let people know that surgical is way easier and faster, also quick recovery. Choosing to have an abortion was really hard, the father wasn't too sure and my family shunned me when then knew and wouldn't support me at all, they thought I was disgusting. Even though my older brother and his gf had a son when he was 19 and they adore him. They fully supported and paid for everything for them for 5 years, house, car, money, and I get shunned, judged, and discriminated against. Props to all those single moms out there who make it work. I wish I had someone that would've been there for me, both were really dark times in my life, feeling alone, stressed, angry, hurt, and confused. I felt abandoned and just needed someone on my side. People do change, as a recovering heroin addict, my family has seen me through it all and they think I am just not capable of doing anything significant. I do work hard in life though and today I would be able to support myself and a child. (now I'm on BC but I can only go up in life from here!) Thanks for reading my story, I hope it helped someone! :)
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I've also had both the pill and the procedure and the pill was the absolute worst experience. I had never felt so much pain in my life. When I took the pill I was only 7 weeks, when I had the procedure I was 12 weeks. The pill was still the hardest experience for me. I couldn't walk, I couldn't move from my bed, I was screaming in pain. The bleeding was outrageous. I would have to sit in the tub for hours at a time because I was leaking through over night pads. It made the emotional experience 1,000 times harder. I thought the pill would be an easier experience including emotionally. It was hands down the worst experience I've ever had.

Idk where you went but I had the pill abortion and it wasn't that bad. Yes vomiting and cramps but birth was much worse.

Sorry you went through this. When I got pregnant, my cousin advised me not to take the pill. She had and she got violently ill.

I had a medical abortion just over a year ago and only had light cramping however I was bearly over four weeks when I had my abortion..... Later I got pregnant and decide to keep it because I couldn't emotionally handle another abortion ( it's just not for me) I had a miscarriage at ten weeks however the fetus was only developed to six weeks when I went to the emergency room breaches the pain was horrible they gave me morphine and it didn't even touch it... This was less than six months between my abortion and miscarriage if you wanna talk I'm here

That pill needs to be taken off the market. I've taken it. I was alone. It was dreadful! I felt terrible. The worst experience of my life hands down.