ever since having my abortion i'm scared i'll get pregnant again. we use protection (birth control and condoms) but i'm still terrified. does the scared feeling ever go away?
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2 Responses Aug 18, 2014

I think we tend to think of unwanted circumstances in life as something that is a possibility but not for us... Then it becomes a reality (in this case unwanted pregnancy) and you're forced to realize it was always a real possibility and will continue to be.

To answer your question I still worry about another unwanted pregnancy but all I can do us continue being extra careful, because I'm not going to give up physical intimacy with my husband just because I sometimes let my mind go to that worry place.

But I yes, I think having a birth control fail pregnancy was a bit of a shot to my confidence (and his) that we were better than that and we're trying to get that confidence back even two years after.

I think every woman is scared of being pregnant, abortion or not lol. I have my tubes tied and if I miss a period I'm like "Can they untie themselves?! OMG!!!" Lol. Try not to worry. You can't let what could happen ruin your life.