I had a termination more than 6 weeks ago. My body hasn't felt the same since so I decided to take another pregnancy test. Thinking it would be negative, imagine my surprise when it came up positive telling me I am 1-2 weeks pregnant. I'm guessing the pregnancy hormone is the reason why, is this possible?
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accept it as a gift from god, and love the baby, god will make a way for the child in this world

it is possible that your pregnancy test is positive because you are indeed 1-2 weeks pregnant. i took a pregnancy test on a gut instinct that i was pregnant again. it came up positive as most over the counter tests are more sensitive to picking up the hormone than they used to be. i confirmed this info with my doctor. it is also possible that your pregnancy test came up positive as your level of hormones are going down and are now at this low point. it is best to either see your doctor or planned parenthood so they can confirm whether or not you are pregnant. i was also told that after my abortion, i should have a follow up done to make sure the levels were dropping as they should.

Its not possible for a pregnancy test to show up positive Till about 3 or 4 weeks. Although if you haven't had your period yet you could be pregnant if you've had unprotected sex. Go to a planned parenthood and get a pregnancy test their for a check up and better test results.

It's possible that you have conceived if you had intercourse 1-2 weeks ago

You need to get your tubes tied so you don't keep murdering your children.

And you need to get your mouth glued shut so you don't keep speaking!

Unless you've walked in my shoes, I suggest you keep your hate speech to yourself and keep it moving. This is a support page, not a condemnation page. Better still, why are you here? Are you God? I'll answer that for you - no. In future I suggest you keep your disgraceful opinions to yourself and avoid spreading hate speech. You have no idea what myself, or any other woman has been through so don't ever come on this page like the keyboard warrior you are talking trash. It is highly unappreciated and immature to say the least.

According to your profile you're a man in your 60's, I'd love to hear how you think you have any authority over the subject. You will never know the depth of carrying a child or the weight of having to make the choice not to carry them. Your opinions have no place here.

its a womens own choice if they want to have a abortion and its not a easy choice to come to

Someone is murdering children?! Call the cops. That has nothing to do with this case. She terminated a fetus. They are very different. A child is a human being between the ages of 2-10, a fetus is a parasitic form between the gestational periods of 6 weeks and 20 weeks.

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You could have gotten pregnant again.