I found out I was pregnant when my boyfriend and I were fighting. I told him and he didn't believe me so I took a test in front of him to which he quickly responded "your getting an abortion". I told him no that I wouldn't and when we made the trip to my doctors to confirm, he said we needed to take "a break" and assured me he just needed the weekend to think. He cheated on me within that weekend. I told him that we were done and I wanted no part in him including the baby that was inside of me and he begged me not to have an abortion. We got back together and he persistently fought me on an abortion he said it was the right thing to do, that it would screw up our lives, that he would drop out and that it would ruin his life and begged me "please don't do this to me, please". (I was 17 and he was 18). I didn't want to loose him so I agreed but told him that he couldn't get mad if I didn't go through with it to which he started accusing me of lying and said I was stressing him out and that I'm ridiculous. He made me feel like **** and I didn't want to ruin his life and loose him. I lost over 20 lbs within 2 weeks because of my morning sickness. When I went to the hospital they gave me an ultrasound and he was beside me, death staring me the entire time while I laid there amazed by my baby inside of me. The next day I was having my abortion. I thought that after seeing the pictures and our baby moving and having a healthy heartbeat would have him go back on his persistence to have this abortion. Instead when we got back to the house he started yelling at me saying I couldn't back out that it's too much for him and how could I do this to him. The next morning I went and I was prepared to say no I don't want to do this but before I had the chance I woke up from it sobbing. I swear I told them not to. My baby should have been born August 2, 2014. I have cried myself to sleep basically every night. I hate him for what he's done to me. I hate him for using me to get his way. We haven't had sex since then either. I can barely look at him or kiss him. All I want is my baby back and while I'm crying he gets annoyed because I'm constantly crying. He says he wishes he could take it back but I don't believe it, and if it's true it's only because our relationship has been torn to shreds.
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Going through this experience is hard enough. You need people around you that love you. And act like they love you. He is only thinking about himself. This is not the sort of person you want around you right now. You need support and love to help you get over the grief. You were a mum! And love comes with that . You need time to get over it! He's not thinking about you. I cried everyday for a month after mine. It's normal to be upset. You need to look after you right now and it doesn't sound like he's helping you through this! Don't put yourself through hell.. Get out and don't let him treat you like this! You deserve so much better! :) x

This guy sounds like a nightmare. Run for the hills. Get some help, sweetheart.