I was young scared and never ever told anybody about it
I didn't want to tell my parents they always have big expectations from me, didn't wanna disappoint them, I never even told the guy I was dating I didn't wanna burden him even then I knew we weren't going to get married I knew having a child at that time would ruin his life
But I keep wondering "what if" my mother is a midwife she always talk about how abortion is a sin, it's wrong and very sad to see a woman go thru it she always told me about the importance of safe sex
The abortion was one of the hardest in my life and it was very painful and I had to thru it all alone and I'm not sure if what I'm feeling is regret but I wanted to be ready I want to be a good mother I wanted to give my child a good life, I was a child I had things to learn I had to grow
Maybe abortion is wrong and a sin but I know that god understood me and was with me the whole time I just never felt it back then
leostrong leostrong
26-30, F
Aug 29, 2014