Yes, I Did.

I was a child myself. Had it a  week  before my 13th birthday.

 I  recently came across some comments about me here,  and the one that stabbed me the deepest was this one................


"At least I can't have children and didn't kill one"!


 How does one sink so low but remain on high ?   

 I  am once again triggered to the very moment when as a young girl, not even a teen ager yet.......... one who spent  her young life being molested then  actually F^cked  by her own father.........................hearing the echoing sounds of each drop in the bucket as the doctor ripped from inside me, my baby.  

 The only one I'd ever have the chance of loving.

 A tugging, cramps  then PLOP ..........again and again. 

 Forgive me my darling little angel.  My Anthony. 

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16 Responses Jun 30, 2009

pay them NO attention what so ever. One thing i have learned from going through the choice to abort is that unless someone has walked in your shoes, the will never understand. Even though we have this one thing in common, i will never truly understand how you feel. I can say that you must remain strong. People throw stones cause they are sad and unhappy with their own life. They have no right to say such hurtful things. to H E double hockey sticks with them!!!! just know that most of us in this group are here for our own support and here to give others support. All the loving people here have your back! i hope you reported that jack***. The mission of this website it share your experiences with others who understand. Knocking people down is totally not in that description. You are in my thoughts and i am sending you all the love i can!

So strong, i couldn't be able to stomach those comments. Believe me i've been where you were, four years ago. I had my childhood taken from me. I'm so sorry about everything. ):

You may find my personal view helpful;<br />
I believe that in a world where babies live before birth they choose where to go. Who's stomach and what they will go through long before it occurs. They know they will come back to another choice after death-hence why "re-birth" makes sence to me-so they do not mind going through bullsh*t. When they reach 1 yrs old they forget they know about their lives and learn to cope. If an abortion is done, the unborn already knew it had to happen and that their purpose in life was completed. <br />
I had an abortion and I have regretted it but I know that I learned alot from it occuring. It also made me stronger for my daughter now. I will always love my Chanice.

sorry for the late arrival but had to check my drivers license to see how old i was again... apparently some of us are still in grade school<br />
<br />
just be nice ppl... focus all that negative energy on something positive. I'm sure there are homeless in a line some place waiting for a meal.

okay . . . that was quite insightful of you she-who-has-to-hide-behind-a-poorly-spelled-alternate-name.

I *heart* Andrew Penney.

Waiting for what? The Rapture? I don't subscribe to religion, but if there WAS a rapture, I'm sure you'd be the first one sent down under. Good luck, as for the believers I've heard from, it's hot and uncomfortable down there. And please, spell your screen name right, it's really starting to bother me.

Ma, he knows and loves you....remember that. I do too...some people should just shut their black souls forever and I will defend you always. x

Measures both obvious and behind the scenes have just been taken to prevent abuse of this system. We take your concerns and suggestions very, very seriously. If abuse continues, please let us know, but what we've done should show great improvement.

Well I went and put happy smilies one each and every one of them.....It may not have done much....But it did knock out one of the saddies....and that is something....<br />
<br />
I was wondering what happened....I had never seen that one before<br />
<br />
Wait....Can anyone else hear it.....I think that my Johnny just hit a strong chord......Now that is the way to pluck those strings...hehehehe

I am so sorry to hear this story. I am disgusted. What were you supposed to do? How dare your father do that to you? My dad tried to kill my mom when I was 9 years old as I watched above, but she miraculously survived it, thank God. She is the strongest woman I have ever met and I still have trouble forgiving my dad, but I try. He was manic depressive and that is what drove him to do it after he cheated I think he was desperate. I love him and believe that he is sorry. I can't imagine, though, being raped by my own father and then having to abort but I feel that you had no other choice. I am having a tough time coming to grips with my abortion because no one forced me to do it and now I feel like I may have made a bad decision in killing my unborn child. I have two children already that we can't really afford and thought it to be too much since we already have so much on our plate and so little outside help. God bless you and what you have survived. You are truly a strong woman, maybe the strongest one alive!

Amazing how people can be so ignorant ! A young GIRL living a nightmare is condemned ! This makes me very angry !!!!!Honey put there bull**** out of your head , i wonder if they had lived your life ... If they would have the the loving heart that you protected through it all. Hugs

I also like the word assholy, lol. good one BroknAgain.

Hey....Anthony....You and Johnny get out of that tree.....You know that you both have harp lessons....<br />
<br />
hehehe Just a little giggle here...From someone that has been there also.....How are you doing my dear...Please feel free to see them as I do....I say that it is mind over matter.....They do not matter...So we will put them out of our mine....The mean ones that saoid those things that is.....Not Anthony...and my Johnny...Thaty will always be here with us

(((HUGS)))) I'm so sorry you have been through so much and then had to face such a horrible action from yet another person! UHG! Well I'll just say it cause it is true! You rock! You are so strong and are truly a great role model for anyone. Thank you for sharing your story and strength with others!

You are an amazing woman, I'm sorry that some cruel, heartless person said such horrible things. Just know that there are genuine people out there, that really care about you.