The Pill Method

I have had two abortions as well as having two children.  I admit that for a long time I was sexually irresponsible, which reflects more on my self-worth during this time than on my character. 
So far, motherhood has been very challenging, but I have also found it to be endlessly rewarding. I in no way, however, regret my choices to have abortions.  It was easy for me to make the decisions because I already had my two kids and understood what I was doing.  Both of these pregnancies were caught early and I was able to take a few pills in the privacy of my home.   The pain was only slightly stronger than during my period.   
If you're only a few weeks into your pregnancy and think you might want an abortion, but are scared of the standard method, I highly recommend this procedure.  You can have friends and/or family around you or you can chose to be alone, and most importantly it has a "natural" feel to it, so it's not so scary.

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There is no pill here where I live. We are forced to wait untill 7 - 7,5w pregnant so we can have surgical ab, which is allowed to be preformed only until 10w of pregnancy.
Basically, I sux here where I live.
I went through almost whole first trimester, was 9,5 w pregnant when I went to my ab.
Worst experience ever.

I'm glad you had the choice and that it went ok with you.
Even so, I do hope none of us has to go through something like this again.

Thank you is all i can say !

It's nice to know you did well with the pill version. It sounds a bit scary, the other methods sound easier and faster

Thanks for sharing. I am getting an abortion and don't know which to choose. I am 4-5 weeks along. I am very scared of the procedure, but worried about what could go wrong with the pill version.

Thanks for sharing, i had one termination by taking pills. You are correct, if early and mind made up pills for sure.<br />
I agree privacy of your home and the miscarriage wasnt bad and as yu say felt natural, luv, jenn

It's good that you are able to live with your decisions to have those abortions. It can be such a difficult, life changing thing for a lot of women. The procedure certainly is less invasive than the traditional method.