Todays the Day

Today is the day, just over 9 weeks gone, my appointment is around 3 but i have to set off in about an hour to ensure i get there. I had hardly a wink of sleep last night, & i just pray im making the right decision, one i wont live to regret. My heart goes out to all you girls who have been here before. Its a horrible feeling...
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3 Responses Jul 20, 2009

Did you have a surgical procedure or the pill?

all went well, thank-you x

I really dont know what to say, im not in your shoes i cant understand or know what your going threw and why you have to do it. But their is one thing, my fauther tryed to force my mother to have one he forced her on a bike to have miss carrage but she told him off the next time, now im 22 years old and i dont get along with my fauther. <br />
I dont know what to say im not here to judge. But if you can financaly hold it tell birth atleast, if it is by any means possible, you can always put your child up for adoption after birth.