Open Letter to the Father of My Unborn Baby

Maybe it's because i'm pregnant with our baby,maybe it's a lot of things like sleeping beside your  warm body, and kissing you and stroking your back.Maybe it's because we are generally good to each other, an ideal relationship in all aspects.

I dont know. Whatever your'e doing, it's working and i'm falling for you again. I hope it stays.

I hope it stays even though you want me to lose this baby, and I somehow agree. We can't give the baby a future yet. We're both in a prestigious university, we love each other but we're prioritizing ourselves first. Then we can give ourselves and our future baby a great life.

I am scared that this would scar us for life, I feel attached to my lil belly now. I want to name him Jack if he's a boy and Lily River if it's a girl.

I am so sorry, we were very careful! it just happened out of the blue. Scheduled for the doc next monday, just an examination. You want me to talk about an abortion.

My luv, i don't want the doctor to touch me or our baby.  I want to wait 9 months and have the baby in our arms. You know we could make it, it would be hard but  we would make it if we wanted to.

I understand that you want a future for yourself, who else could understand the pain i will feel if i lost our baby? What if it felt pain? what i do now is I love our baby because it's ours, no one elses. And we are lucky to be blessed, children are never a curse. I am a catholic, which makes this harder I suppose. Am i being irrational, for loving someone i've never even met? It's our baby, and maybe you don't see me cry but you will. I do not think you'll change your mind, I do not think i'll change my heart. Somehow i wish, the baby would choose to go away on it's own. So i don't have to blame myself. This hurts right now ,but im so glad that our baby is still in me.

I am terrified to change that

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please have baby my ex girlfriend over 15 years ago aborted my baby I still feel the pain everyday I begged her not to if he can't find the love in his heart to love his baby I will in a heartbeat you will make it love will get you thur it

I had an abortion but it was because it was MY choice and what I wanted to do. If someone is pressuring you either directly or indirectly into doing it when you don't want to then I think it is just a recipe for disaster. I've read so many stories on here where girls were pressured into it by their boyfriends, parents, etc. & they regret doing it. Talk to your boyfriend & tell him how you feel.. give him this letter.. just be honest about how you're feeling. This is a choice the two of you need to make together. You need to make it clear how you feel & take things from there. Ultimately you need to do what you think is best for you.

Hey girl, I've written you a private message, please read it when ya get a chance. Both of these comments are awesome, really good advise ladies!

I am a firm believer in women making their own choices, but your story clearly emotes your attachment to both your boyfriend and your baby. Don't do it. Please. I have no right to tell you what to do, you have no obligation to pay any mind to the opinion of a total stranger, but please, don't do this to yourself. Your little Jack or Lily River may or may not have the strength to come into this world and be your child, but you sound ready to take that chance. I'm sorry your boyfriend is not happy to have a child with you just now, but you can do it if you want to. It will be hard, but it could be wonderful. There are many, many women who have been in your shoes, some chose not to continue their pregnancy, some chose to accept the challenge and lead a wonderful, enriched life. Your decision is just that - YOURS. regardless of whether you and your boyfriend are together for many, many years, you will always have to live with the what ifs. You have already fallen in love with the little tiny person growing inside you, I am scared for you that you would have a hard time with the what ifs, if you do end you pregnancy; although I completely understand your desire to wait for parenthood until you can give your future babies the very best of yourself.<br />
Courage and honesty will get you through this. Thinking of you, I hope you make a decision that feels right for you.