Positive Steps X

I have found the most wonderful counsellor who is on a telephone counselling service called Anne, she has today made me feel stronger, put things in perspective and gave me some positive steps to work towards....i am now going to plant a tree in emmotry of my little baby, helpit grow and nurture it as if it was my baby....this way i am still being a mother and have something to remember my little one by. I feel so much better for letting it all out that tonight i think i can sit and watch tv without bursting out into tears or changing channel when i see a child....my baby hasnt gone its just going to stay with the angels til mummy can have him/her back and be able to give it a better life.


I hope anyone who is grieving like i am can use this and help you make some positive steps. I am in the Uk and if you would like the number for this let me know  they deal with all kinds of things relationg to preganncy abortion and she has helped with my relationship issues immensely x

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1 Response Dec 9, 2009

Pain guilty n grief emotions we try n cover everyday but by buryin them only makes it worse ... it's good to let it all out and I think the tree is a beautiful idea.. Take care x