Just Took The Abortion Pill

I barely know what to say or how to start, but I'm grateful there's a place I can write about this, because I can't on my Facebook or public blog.

Anyway, the pain from the cramping after those four pills dissolved in my mouth was excruciating, and I kept vomiting and vomiting. Basically, I thought I'd die, but thank god a roommate of mine had taken the pill too, and she said "once you start bleeding, the pain will decrease drastically."

She was right.  About ten minutes later...approximately an hour and a half or two hours after I dissolved the pills in my mouth, the bleeding started and the cramps just turned into BAD cramps that I would experience during a regular period.

HERE'S WHERE I SCREWED UP:  I didn't take the Tylenol Codeine that the clinic was SUPPOSED to give me.  I was hesitant because I'm an ex-alcoholic, sober now, who didn't want to play around with anything narcotic.  Well, I'm a fool.  If you are about to do this, just make sure you have heavy-duty pain meds, and if you're sober, just have someone else administer them to you.

Anyhoodle, once the tissue started passing, I felt much much better.

But I'm screwing around online looking for images of 6 1/2 week year-old fetuses...which is how far along I was, out of morbid and masochistic curiosity.

Truth is, I'm a total pro-choice feminist, but it still leaves me with sadness to reflect on the loss of a potential baby.  I can't help it.  But that's the thing...I don't think anyone is "Pro-Abortion" per se, we're just pro-doing what's best for the woman.  There's NO WAY I could take care of a child, OR even weather a pregnancy!

I'm single, 31, newly sober, and just trying to get my life together.  If I had all the money in the world, a plush life, didn't have to work, and had health insurance and yada yada, sure!  I'd have gone through with the pregnancy.

It was painful, a hard choice to make, but it was worth it in the end.  I just didn't want to bring a kid into this world I couldn't care for...and then pawn it off to other people.  That would wound it too.  Well, in my opinion anyway.

What a mess.  But thankfully, I had a choice.  And, though I'm not thrilled about the whole process, though I'm not "happy" about it, I don't regret it at all.

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This is my second abortion. The 1st one was surgical, but this time I decided to take the pills.. It was not the smartest decision. I spent about 6 hours on the toilet, every time I went to lay down the cramps got worse than they already were and I felt nauseated.. the cramps are unbelievably painful and the pain meds are doing nothing. I've thrown up twice, and I go from hot to cold every few minutes.. if I would have known that it did this I would have done the surgery with no hesitation.. i thought the pill would be easier, oh how wrong I was..

Thank you for writing and let me know how you feel I kind of feel a same way but I kind I had no choice under the circumstances of which I was tricked into believing that I was not going to get pregnant because of someone using protection that decided that it was OK not too it's a common me I had no choice I cheated on my husband and I had no choice Baby would've been black and we are both white so I had no choice I had a choice of maybe losing my life is been for 16 years and my two kids would've judge me I'm totally against abortion but I went through with it anyway and I'm screwed in the headhe really does not believe me that is his kid I'm seven weeks I just passed abortion for my second day and he is treating me like **** like I don't exist no compassion nothing I have no one so thanks for writing and tell me your story

very nice

Hi I thank everyone who has shared thier experiences. I just found out im pregnant about 3 weeks.. i am not mentally or financially able to take care of a baby and im just a poor freshman in college. I made an appointment today but that's a struggle already because I have no support and really scrambling to find a ride there and for the 2nd appointment. How did all of you manage to pay? Is the in clinic procedure cheaper? The pill is going to cost me $460 and they said im not qualified for financial aid.

thank you so much for posting this. I'm taking those 4 pills in just a few hours and I'm so scared. but this helped a ton

Thanks for sharing you experience with us. There is no doubt when you take abortion pill there is vomiting and abdominal pain occur but it happen up to bleeding not started. Once bleeding start then your pain and vomiting stop. After the abortion process is get over then vomiting and pain stop completely.

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Okay ladies, I know every woman's body is different but, it is crucial you follow the doctor's instructions as best as possible. If you don't understand or are unsure, reread and reread what's on paper. Listen to the doctor. It is very important and it will help you get through it with, hopefully, not a lot of pain. Anyway, I had a medical abortion about 4 years ago. I am now 24. My reasons are my business. I won't judge you, don't judge me. **** happens. So, as i was saying, I did my research and did everything the doctor told me. As best as possible. My periods are always regular and I never cramp. When you take the 4 pills, make sure to take the pain killers they give you. Idk if that helped or not or if it was just my body, but I didn't feel much pain. I bled a lot, but no pain, just a lot of pressure. I was prescribed anti nausea medication but made the mistake of not taking then. It wasn't a big deal. I threw up once. Just a little, it could have been from the car drive. I can't know for sure. So anyway, it wasn't a bad experience for me. Not physically, that is. I bled for a few weeks but after that, my periods went back to normal. To any other woman out there, good luck and you are not alone.

i am getting the first day abortion pill tomorrow ( 4 pills saturday) i am having anxiety over it , reading the horror stories lol, but i went through labor and felt PAINFUL contractions right before my epidural , it cant be worse than that right? i just hate pain, but i am going to make sure to take the pain meds they give me . ah i am just so scared

You will get through it :) good luck

ok so it went very well , i took one vicodin a hour before the 4 pills ( cheek) , and i had no pain like the other women experienced, just some normal period cramps, i think bled kinda heavily but it slowed down after a while , i hope its normal, i dont think i went over the 2 soaked pads :/ i feel tired

Why didnt u use protectuon in the first place if u r responsible??

Birth control/protection does not always work. I got pregnant four times on birth control. Unless you have had an abortion, you don't
know how difficult a decision it is. You should not judge another woman and her decisions. This is supposed to be a safe and supportive place for women. Negative comments are not helpful!

Hi, I'm 17 years old and was about 7 weeks pregnant. I went to the clinic yesterday and took the first pill. Then last night took the antibiotic. I took Tylenol and a different pain medication before taking the 4 pills that dissolve in my mouth. Right after the pills dissolved I was in excruciating pain. I threw up and believed I was going to die. I was given a painkiller and after about half an hour of the worst pain I ever felt I took the painkiller and started bleeding. After large blood clots came out I started to feel a bit better. Now as of this moment I am in pain but I get breaks in between. This sucks !

do you reccomend it?

Hi ladies. I wanted to share my experience with anyone who's considering taking the pill, incase youre scared or nervous. I was super scared. For me, turns out there is nothing to be afraid of.

So Im 19. When I was pregnant I just knew. So I took 2 tests- of course both positive. Went to the Drs. found out I was 3/4 weeks pregnant. I made an appointment at planned parenthood the day after cause I knew there would be a long wait. there was, a week & a half. So I decided I could make up my mind by then. Which I did. I wasn't going to keep the baby as sad as it is for me it was the right thing to do.

What I wasn't sure was how I was going to do it, surgical or pill. With the surgical everything is kind of over with within 10 minutes they said, but I just didn't want any more odd things up there than I've had. (had two vaginal ultrasounds-one that day) I've already spent 2 hours at the doctor and just wanted to go home. And it seemed w bit scarier to me. So I decided the pill.

I took one pill at the Drs. went home and was fine, 24 hours later I was home and took the antibiotic & nausea pill with a meal an hour before I took the 4 pills to finish the abortions. I between that hour I took one painkiller that they gave me. (so a half hour after the antibiotics & nausea pill) Then I let the four pills soak in my checks for 30 mins. That was the gross part, I cold feel them dissolving in my mouth. I couldn't taste it until the 30 mins was up and I had to swallow them with water. I had a feeling I was going to puke, which I did about 5 mins later. I only had to go to the bathroom to puke once, but while I was in there for a couple mins I puked 4-5 times. It wasn't fun but I could handle it and it was over fast.

After that, it took maybe 30-60 mins for me to start bleeding. it was light on the pad then when Id go to the bathroom a good amount of blood would come out. about 2 hours after I swallowed the four pills I felt a bigger/biggest blood clot I had come out. I knew what that was.. it stayed in the shape when it hit the water. I saw it for a second and had to flush immediately cause I couldn't bear to look at it. The one and only "clot" I had like that. I have to say that was very traumatizing cause I could feel and see it. That made me pretty upset. So I got pretty tired out soon after that and went to bed. I did wake up in the middle of the night with blood that went past the pad just a bit so I cleaned myself up and went back to bed.

Ever since then (yesterday) it's pretty light blood, most comes out when I go to the bathroom.

As for physical pain- It was probably less than my average period cramps for me. Maybe because I was medicated the whole time? But it was not bad at all and I anticipated it to be a lot worse. So try not to be afraid.

The only thing that got to me through out the whole thing was the "thing" coming out.

Also I only took one pain pill they gave me, after that it's just been Advil.

Sorry if I missed anything, got to graphic or spelled something wrong. But I just want to reassure people that they can do this. It may not be easy or clean, but you can do this. And whatever choice YOU decide, is right because it's you're life!

Good luck anyone and everyone. If you have any questions I will try to answer them the best I can!

I really needed to read this. I have my appointment tomorrow for my first pill and than Saturday I'll start the second pill. I'm very scared and nervous but after reading your story I'm a bit comforted knowing and hoping my experience will go as smooth as humanly possible. I'm crying as I'm typing this because I'm afraid and thinking the worst. Thank you though for being brave enough to share your story with someone who needs it like me.

I took the first pill today, and will be taking the remaining 4 pills tomorrow. Prior to making the decision I was nervous. I can honestly say I am a lot calmer than I thought I would be. I've had miscarriages before, so I know the physical pain, as well as the emotional. But I assume the experience is different from life takings it's course, and one having to terminate a pregnancy. The anticipation of waiting 24 hours scares me because I don't know what to expect. I have heard so many horror stories, but to be honest, I don't know if I am much more afraid of the effects of the pill, or going through the loss of the embryo because like I said, I've experienced a miscarriage before, and it's not as horrible as woman picture it to be. Maybe I have high tolerance for pain? Do you think the pill causes women to go through more pain than a natural miscarriage?

this really helped. thank you for sharing!

I took the abortion pill a few weeks ago and I want to put you all at ease. I was 4 weeks pregnant (max) and I'm a college student and could not afford a child right now nor do I want one right now. So, I made my appointment. The first appointment, they took vitals and did a "counseling" to make sure this is what I wanted. The second appointment, I took the first pill and, 24 hours later, I took the second dose. The only bad experience I had was about 5 minutes after swallowing the pills, I projectile vomited everywhere. I started bleeding almost immediately. It was not bad. It was pretty much the same as a period. I had one blood clot the size of a quarter and that was really it. I bled sort of heavy for a few days, but almost completely stopped bleeding at about 1 week. I stopped spotting at about 1.5 weeks. It was not gory nor was it scary or painful. I slept through nearly all of it. I go back in a few days for my follow up and I'm assuming all will go well. If you have any questions feel free to message me!

Oh my, I'm so happy I found this blog; I have 2 daughters already and just found out I'm pregnant again. I had lots of complication with both pregnancy before, I actually died and was brought back to life; so I've decided to termanate this pregnancy and I've been terrified, this post help me so much and made me feel so much more at ease with my decision, thank you all so much, I'm literally tearing up right now due to the relife I feel and that I'm not alone, my husband feels like it's a no brainier decision due to what happened with my last pregnancy but doesn't understand my fear. Thank you all so much.

I'm 21 and already had an abortion last year it was the most painful experience I had ever had in my life I was sick and it took over my whole body I was in pain probably the whole day, now again I have just fount out I'm pregnant again, I'm in a happy relationship but I work and I go to university my boyfriend also wishes to go to uni next year, we don't have a house there is no way I can give a child the best start in life until i have a full time job, I am just terrified of going through the same procedure because it's haunted me since my last abortion help?

U make me sick, u r using abortion as a cintraseptives...take a pill and dont be so proud that u r an abortionist expert

You don't know anyone else's story or her life. I was pregnant four times and have two children. I was on birth control each time I got pregnant. I knew that I only
wanted two children. Why did I not get my tubes tied?
My ex-husband was very abusive both physically and verbally. He did not want me to that is why. He was the only man I was ever with physically. We divorced after
twenty years of marriage. You have no right to judge
another women! We should be supporting each other
here not condemning.

Thank you for your stories. I am 24 I have two kids and I am 6 weeks pregnant. I had an affair and I'm not sure who fathered the pregnancy. I don't know why I did it and it pains me to know that this might not be my husbands child. I am making the choice to have the pill abortion. It's one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make. My heart is broken but I am putting the needs of my children and my husband before my own conscience. I will be taking the pill on Monday and after reading your stories I feel much more confident that I made the right choice.

I took the abortion pill yesterday. I thought it was gonna be the worst experience after reading countless horror stories online beforehand. This particular post is one that I originally read that countered the fear that other posts gave me. I'd really like to thank the woman that wrote this, it helped me.
I didn't throw up. The cramps are bad, worse than a period, but not something I couldn't handle. I didn't bleed as much as I thought I would. I never threw up. I'm still bleeding whenever I pee. Overall, at least for me, this was not a horror story, just a bad experience that I wish I never had to go through. I posted my entire experience on this forum quite extensively. Good luck to anyone who goes through this. It will all be okay.

If you would like another (long) account of the abortion pill here's the link to my experience.

the pill is very effective but the cramps is very painful . True talk once you start bleeding the pain slows down, no joke prepare yourself for non-stop cramps , laying on my stomach helped and moving side to side, also helps. i took 4 ibuprofen; the pain is crazily painful for about 1hr or2hr depends on your body .i did throw up but it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be .

Hi am 19 I already have two girls by a different guy idk if I want to keep this baby I've read a lot of bad reviews on the pill abortion . But am afraid to do the surgical am against abortion but theirs no way for me to keep it. Am afraid to go to hell for doing it but I can't keep it what do I do? Help please

I Had an abortion on sunday and it is now one week after and I am still feeling nauseous I'm bleeding lighter but was worried about the nausea and my breast still hurt

I am 25 ... Just had my second baby on dec 23 but because she was breech i had to have a c-section....after a week were free to go home but the next day i ended back in the hospital i was bleeding out the dr. Who released me never checked me and didnt notice so i had to stay another two weeks with blood transfusions and antibiotics aftet an infection i caught... It was horrible and well i was told that due to my complications my wall was weak and any pregnancy that happend before 2-3yrs from my c-section could rupture my wound. I found out i am about 6wks now....im terrified because i cant think of killing my baby but i cant imagine leaving my 2girls without a mother .....i have an appt to get the abortion pill but i feel soooo guilty if my health were not an issue i wouldnt even think of not having this angel but i cant leave the two girls i already have behind....either choice seem so selfish to me and the guilt is eating away at me with every minute that passes by....my husband trys to understand but i dont feel he does and i have noone else to talk to i just feel like a horrible human being.....

I took the pill yesterday and the second pills today and have been so terribly sick! I have thrown up every time I have taken a pill. After taking the antibiotic pill last night I started vomiting and didn't stop for hours. Today has been rough but for now I think the vomiting as ceased. The cramps are bad but I'll take that over throwing up. My throat is so sore from all of the stomach acid. Unfortunately this is my second abortion and for the first one I waited too late to make a decision and had to so a surgical abortion. I had such an easy experience with that I wish more than anything I had just done that again. But I thought the pill would be a more humane way to..end things. Though that might be true I advise everyone out there to choose a surgical abortion. Once it's over it's over. I had no pain after and felt completely like my old self again. I'm just scared now of how long this bleeding and cramping will continue.

I'm sorry that you felt like you had to do this.. I was 12 weeks pregnant and started having vaginal bleeding.. So I went to the doctor and they did an ultrasound and my baby no longer had a heartbeat. It was measuring at 8-9 weeks.. I had two options..?surgery or the pill... I chose the pill because I never had surgery. They prescribed me 20 7.5 Norcos. The pain was unbearable and I too thought I was dying.. The pain medicine did not help me one bit. Almost a week later and I am still having some cramps..they're no longer unbearable though.. I am Not trying to offend you but I don't understand why someone would intentionally put themselves through that. Some people use an abortion as birth control.. I'm probably a little more sensitive about it because I was forced to do it. I had no choice.

many of those photos r fake if its upseting you go read from real medical sources on fetal development 6weeks is practically nothing, stay strong<3

I'm 26 years old and already have my child. I found out that I'm pregnant and I never thought I would do this but I'm ending the pregnancy Thursday before work. And my mom will hopefully watch my daughter this weekend so she won't know. I can't let my family know and I'm scared. I know in my heart it's the right thing. I feel guilty. But I don't feel guilty about doing this I feel guilty for not feeling bad. That I'm the worst person in the world cause I don't feel bad about my decision if that makes sense. I am worried about how much pain I'll be in (I still have to work) if anyone has any words of advice I would be grateful. I'm not changing my mind though I know it's the best

Hi. I'm 17, just found out last week I'm pregnant. Went to the clinic and they gave me a test and it was positive. I knew I was pregnant the moment it happened, he didn't want to use a condom so I caved in and that one time really got me. I feel disgusting. I'm the girl most likely to not get pregnant. But here I am, so I have been going through hell since before the test and now after. I'm 5 weeks and five days as of today. Had my ultrasound (notfun) so I'm choosing to do the abortion pills. This pregnancy is already killing me. I'm so tired, back hurts, cramps & pain, nausea, and I am a *****! Can't take it. So I'm going in Monday to take the first pill. No one but me and the ex bf now knows. It's honestly the hardest and most stressful thing to do especially at my age. Hopefully I will be ok

Get the copper IUD even if they tell u that u can't cuz you haven't had any kids yet just keep on insisting, its tiny hormone free, plus it can b inside u for 10 to 12 years, and can simply b removed, worry free!!

I had the copper Iud for a month and became pregnant.

just remember it is not sentient dont listen to any anti choice lies, feel free to check out facebook.com/beautiesforchoice you can msg for support of just look & see you arent alone <3

hey.. actually i dont know that im pregnant..! but i had an intercouse with my guy last month.. n i havent got my periods yet.. its almost 23 days.! my guy is forcing me to take the abortion pill tablet..!! can i take it without knowing that im pregnant? is it safe?

Never do something that dangerous without consulting a professional you need to see a doctor first because its more then jus 1 pill you have to take 5 pills im doing it now as we speak im 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant and yesterday i took the first pill to stop growth this early am i took 2 pills which i had to place in my cheeks untill they disolve for an half hour your gonna need pain meds too tomoro i have to repeat again so its a process.

first if you do not want to abort then dont, self doubt leaves you open for anti choicers to bully you & could lead to regret, you need to decide for you, no one else. also they shouldnt even give you the tablet unless you have done a test first but you certainly need to do one even if for w.e. reason you some how got the pill without doing the test.

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Well im glad im not alone on this.. I just found out yesterday that im pregnant.. so im going through all this in the internet hoping I find something that will help me. My mind is set to having an abortion, I just felt so alone on it. And for the same reason as many of you out there im 26 married and a mother of four kids 11, 6, 4, and 1. Currently going to school, I just cant have another baby right now.. its to hard in everyway. Hopefully the pill is the right decision im scared but I know that right now this is the right decision for me..

What did you end up doing? Did it all work out as you planned? Do you feel better?

I have an appointment for pill in 5 days and I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do it. I am one of those people against abortion but being 28 years old with three kids already, and one is 6, one is 2 and one is only 1...I'm just not emotionally nor physically ready to bring one more baby....but when I start thinking about I start crying and don't know how will this end....So God Help Me.

i'm in the same point Dana1515, just found out i'm pregnant an have 4 kids 11, 9, 7, 5 two boys an two girls, was on the pill for the last 6 years an kept forgetting these past few months with being stressed an busy...so now i'm expecting an my husband an i have agree to take the pill, i have an appt jan 16 an i just tell my self yea i will be hurting but i have to think of the kids i have now...can't afford to start over at all...i never thought id be in this situation but no one does...so god bless u an i pray everything goes good for the both of us.

Hi seems I'm on the same boat as you only I have an 8 year old and my youngest just turned 5 months yesterday, and I have a six year old and a two year old, neither nor my bf work, I'm heartbroken though but just not financially nor phisically ready, I'm 8 wks prg, I'm so tired all the time and feel so lazy as well as gained ssoo much weight already, but I just can't keep this baby as much as we both would like to. I'm sched. For the 19th for the pill.

I just found out I'm pregnant. I'm 25, no kids, finishing my first year back at college, living at my grandparents house. I work part time and my grandparents help me out a ton financially because I am in school full time. The father is my on/off again boyfriend of 5 years and he is 26. I have an appt for the pill in 5 days as well. I am so torn. My heart is saying one thing and my head is saying another. I know it would be so hard to take care of a baby right now but it would be so worth it because or that love. I know the father and I would do everything we could to take care of it. We would hopefully move in together before it came but both of us aren't in the greatest place financially. He works full time but it's commission so income isn't consistent. I would work as much as I could before to save. I wouldn't be able to go back to school next semester tho. And that's hard because my grandparents want me to finish so bad. School is extremely important to me, I am a 4.0 student that busts my *** to maintain that. I know that if I have a baby it doesn't make it impossible to go to school. A ton of people do it. And besides school, there are millions of people who are in worse situations than I am, and make it work. So I know that we could. We both come from great families that would always be there for us. But I want to do it on my own as much as I could, especially financially. I know it's not the ideal situation but almost every kid in my family wasn't conceived and born in an ideal situation. I'm scared of how I will feel if I go through with the abortion. My heart is already broken now and it hasn't even happened yet. I know it will save me a lot of grief and hardships but grief is different than grieving and heartache. I'm just curious how you are feeling after doing it? How did you grieve? Are you doing okay?

Against abortion? Yet you're considering doing it. You all are such judgmental hypocrites. You disapprove and are against it, yet when it happens to you, its okay. Gtf outta here. Stop judging one another and mind your own business.

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I found out I was pregnant a few days ago and decided then tht I couldn't keep it. The father of the baby hates the fact tht I want to get rid of it, it just isn't the right thing for me right now. Maybe I'm being selfish but I feel like I'm doing what's best for me. My appointment is January 10, 3 days after my 24th birthday. I'm about to graduate from college and there is so much ahead of me. I was against it but I knew tht I'd I ever find myself in this predicament, I knew what I'd have to do.

I think you did the right thing :)

I just found out I'm 6 weeks pregnant. I called the local planned parenthood and set up an appointment for the abortion pill. I go in New Year's Eve. I've never thought I'd have to do something I was so against, but the truth is you never know until it happens to you. I'm 24 with two daughters under the age of 6 and the father of my daughters and I are barley making it day by day. I wish I can keep this baby but it in the long run it would be unfair to it because I know I can't give my all to it like it deserves.

Where did you get the pills?

Today is the day I go to the clinic to get the pills. I've never thought I would be in this situation. I have three kids and adding another would not make the situation any better. At first I was against abortions but I learned you Can not judge people if you haven't walked in there shoes. I hope I'm making the right decision. I am not with my childrens father because he had an affair, so it is not a right time to bring a baby to this very messed up situation.

How's it going?! what are you feeling? I had the pills to, if you need anything message me.

I'm doing ok. I went to the clinic and they told me I was to early yo see. I have to go this sat. I just want this to be over. I keep going through mixed emotions...but I know this is the best desision at this time. Thanks for caring! Xoxi

I am a 21 yr old single girl,live in india, i had intercourse with my intimate partner for less than 45 sec, he ********** outside my vagina but i m afraid if there are any chances of pregnancy. Can you please suggest me any medicine if in case i am pregnant.

well.. i dont think you could be pregnant this time, when are you suppossed to have your period?

I'm going to keep this short (in the hopes of truly helping another person who may just need to know they're not going crazy).
I was 7 weeks pregnant. Went to the clinic (Saturday) and took the first (of 5 pills) at noon. I was instructed to begin my antibiotics that night, and take the 4 (main) pills at noon on Sunday. After about 45 minutes, I drank some water to dissolve the rest of the pills (as instructed) and waited. About 90 minutes I began to cramp and was tired (normal for me while on my period). Exactly 5 hours after the pills dissolved I felt a "gush" and ran to the bathroom. I completely soaked through a pad, and replaced it. 15 minutes after that I soaked through another pad. This kinda freaked me out (because on the instruction it said to call if you soak 2 pads in 2 hours). So I called... they told me it was natural and try to relax. I sat back on the couch, and about 20 minutes later felt anouther "gush".. and ran to the rest room. At this point I decided to just sit on the toilet and wait it out. My heart was dropping at the sounds of the blood clots coming out. I started to cry because I think the amount and sounds were just surreal. The bleeding pretty much continued for 3-4 hours in total, then subsided to a normal period. I bled for the entire week after, pretty much without break. My 1 week check up was fine.

My suggestion is to stay close by, or stay on the toilet after about the 5 hour mark. I wasn't prepared (not even with a large, "super" maxi-pad). This could have been extremely embarassing and a horrifying experience, coupled with the emotional trauma.

I am 40 yrs old with a 5yr old boy......I too took the pills to end a pregnancy.....it was painful but I believe it was more emotional then physical. It is nothing to be ashamed of and believe me I cried and cried over the situation but I believe in my heart it was for the best! Stay strong girls!!! Xoxox

I am 15 and might be pregnant. My parents would kill me if they knew. I Will get kicked out of my house and so. I feel the same way I'm mot happy of what I have to do. but it's what I need to do. I can't raise a child when I am a child myself. I need help with so many things. The father of my might be baby wants me to keep this and go threw with this we assures me he will be with me but understands my decision as well. I'm searching on google trying to what abortion pill I can take without having to go to a doctor. I have my way of getting the pill I just don't know which one to take. HELP?

Destiny1216, whether this boy is 15 also, or a little older, people say a lot of things about what they \"would\" do, but you have to remember at the end of the day \"YOU\" are the only that will have to be there no matter what. It is totally you decision. Yes, I\'m sure you\'d make a wonderful parent, but realistically you have so much of your life to live, why make it harder on yourself now. High school, college, first job/apartment/ etc... there\'s so much to look forward to. A lot of that will be placed on hold or sacraficed by having a child at a young age.

I was 16 years old when I had to tell my mom that I was pregnant. I remember it like it was yesterday. She was very disappointed, but she was there for me. You have to remember, your parents (no matter what) want to help, nurture, and keep you safe. Even if that means taking you to a clinic, driving you to prenatal visits, etc. I would not advise taking the pill and not having your family suppport (at such a young age). I freaked out, in my own bathroom, with my own medical and my own car. Mentally preparation is something you\'ll have to go through at the time; physically prep is a lot different. You\'ll want someone with you to be by your side when the medicine kicks in. If you need someone to talk to, please email me and I\'ll be more than happy to call/ talk/ hell if you\'re close I\'ll meet you at your appointment. Good luck young one!

I am going through the same thing. You that pass judgment are you gonna come tomy house while i work three jobs to stay off wellfare. Not to mention i have health insurance but can't aford to use it because of the copays. And get get state assistance because i work. The father won't return calls says its a mistake even though i used a condom it broke. I offered to get plan b but i t s ke care of my disabled mom and my money went to her meds this month and the guy said i am not spending my money on that i can't get you pregnant it took a year to concieve my son with my ex. Now i am in this position and people are so nasty try calling the baby dad and let him hear it.

Thankyou means everything right now

You hang in there . I just had my abortion 6-12-13, and like you I refuse to go on assistance. its hard but youll make it.

I see pullup is still smelling the place up with ****** diapers. One day she might grow up and will have to change her name to pantygirl.

Your worse than these little girls out here getting pregnant,nobody ever has enough money to take care of a baby!Your a grown woman whom im sure knows how to get pregnant and you didn't use protection of any kind to prevent it so you abort a child that didn't,ask to be here?And you'd rather kill a baby rather than put it up for adoption for some people who cant have children sad! Your WEAK and a sorry excuse for a woman,us woman were created to handle pregnancy,I feel sorry for you.

you are a blight on society with your old world ideas go down to the i million children in south America or Africa that are not taken care of and ask your self do we really need to keep breeding and breeding until the earth is barren your nothing but a virus on the earth you fake christian zealot your one of the ones that would have killed Jesus your that stupid hahahahash

Let me quote lyrics from a good song I love regarding this manner for this jerk Pullupgirl103 and also let me lend you some advice, go take a few college level English/grammar courses and learn how to properly form a sentence....!! People who troll these sites to judge are the worst kind of people. Those of us on here have gone through a difficult choice and are here to support one another. You don't agree with our choices, that is OK, but we did not solicit your judgement or opinion on the matter. I am not a religious person, but many people I know are and I believe the words they would use for someone like you would be something along the lines of ""Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.".........now kindly exit the forum whomever you are and leave those of us here to support one another alone...!!"<br />
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"Mary got pregnant from a kid named Tom who said he was in love<br />
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Oh pull-up girl, don't you have better things to do like renewing your membership to the Westboro Baptist Church?

At times I'm very glad not to be caught up in religion, but sometimes I almost wish God and hell was real just to see the look on your face when you're the one refused from heaven for your personal hatred and using religion selfishly to fuel it instead of the people you're trying to condemn.

Quit acting like your **** don't stink as bad as anyone else's.

First of all all of yours saying that you can not bring a child up...did you not think about that before you opend ya legs?I can't belive what am reading on here haha!your all such selfish people there is a few I can see have really been upset but there are some like I don't regret it at all?? I mean not even regreting getting ur self in this mess in the first place! I think what u lot are doing is wrong!!infact evil did you all know t is very painful for the baby (medically proven)...
Again there are some hand on heart I feel sorry for and I can see your point but a lot of u are selfish little bitchs who only care about them selfs you are stoping a persons heart from beating in my eyes that is murder that child has a right to be born and a chance to live,there are so many including myself who have lost there babys or who can not have a child of there own and what would love and care for your baby all you have to do is the 9months and give the child up pregancy can b hard but you all sud of been more careful,for thou who say u can not bring your child up alone I was 16 when I had my first I have made something of my live and wake up to wonderful childern everyday.. One day weeks months years down the line u will regret this but I promoise you if you have your babys there will never be regret if I can do it of all people am sure you all can, everything happens for a reason... Do what's best for your child not your selfs there is always help ... (Before I get comments back I will not be useing this site so it is pointles trying to have a go deep down u no am right)

Please don't make negative comments here. If you can't be
supportive or understanding, you should not be making these
comments. You are not the judge or jury for other women!

Hi all! I am here to alleviate, even if just a tiny bit, your fears about the abortion pill.

I realized I was pregnant three weeks ago when my period did not arrive on time. I am very regular, almost the minute so I knew immediately that I was pregnant. I didn't even bother to take a pregnancy test. Because I am only casually dating the man with whom I had sex, I knew I was going to have an abortion. Quite frankly, he's a crappy father to the children he has and there is absolutely no way I could raise a child on my own. Though I may sound a bit trite about this, please know that it was a very difficult decision for me. I am 37 years-old, never been married and will likely never have the opportunity to have children otherwise. Most of my sadness is directed at the fact that my life hasn't turned out anything like I expected it to be.

I called my local Planned Parenthood and scheduled an appointment to receive a medical abortion, i.e. what is commonly known as the abortion pill. Then I made the mistake of going online and reading horror stories about how awful it was. I changed my appointment to a surgical abortion. Most unfortunately, when PP performed the ultrasound, it was discovered that I was not far enough along for a surgical abortion. I would have to return next week or take the option of the medical abortion. I did *not* want to wait another week as I am exhausted, stressed, anxious and sad. Abortion pill it was.

I took one pill in the office and was sent home with explicit instructions about what to do the next day. I took 800 mg of Ibuprofen and some Phenagran (prescribed by PP) thirty minutes before I was to insert the abortion pills into my cheek. I then inserted the four pills (two on each side) between my cheek and gum as instructed by PP. After thirty minutes, I swished with water to swallow the remnants of the pills. I also sucked on a piece of hard candy when the pills were in my mouth. It helped diffuse the gross taste.

I tried to sit up but immediately was tired. Nothing happened until about 90 minutes later when I began to bleed. I had a few cramps, nothing out of the ordinary. I soaked one pad and began to use the heating pad to avoid unnecessary pain. 3.5 hours after I first inserted the pills in my cheek, I passed a huge clot in the toilet. I know this was the embryo. Emotionally, I felt a lot better after that because I knew the worst was over. It is now 4.5 hours after I took the pills and I feel fine. There is some cramping but none worse than a regular period. I am, however, very nauseous. I feel like I could throw up at any second. I walked my dog a few minutes ago and will spend the night watching bad television on the couch with my dog. I was expecting very severe pain. Very heavy bleeding and a horrific experience overall. That has not been the case for me, most likely because I am only 5 w 3 days from conception. I will continue taking 800 mg every four hours for the next 12 hours or so. PP wrote me a script for Narco, but I have not needed it thus far. I will not hesitate to take it if the pain is severe.

In closing, I want to say a few things.

1. Every experience is different. Yours may be worse than mine or it may be better. I wrote this so women could read a story that would not completely fill them with fear or dread.

2. The women at PP in Chicago were incredibly nice.

3. Be responsible about contraception. Basically, don't do what I did. :) I had sex THREE times in 2012 and the FIRST time I had sex, I got pregnant. Yep, I sure did. I was completely irresponsible.

4. The Dollar Tree sells pregnancy tests and ovulation predictor kits for $1. They are the same ones at fancy drugstores without the fancy price.

I am glad the worst is over but this was very sad for me. I worked out this morning before I took the pills. There was a lovely, hugely pregnant woman working out and I looked at her with such envy. I hope she is happy and gives birth to a healthy baby soon. As for me, it is improbable that I will have a family (I'm old, ya'll!) and I will have to come to terms with that.

Stay strong ladies. We rule the world.

I really appreciated your story. I am a 21 year old college student and I Graduate in May, I'm pregnant, and have no means to get the medical care needed, or to take care of a child after birth so I was considering scheduling an appointment to get the pill. I am pro-life but I just know that the child would suffer terribly and I do not want to be selfish. Reading this story just helped me finalize my decision. thank you so much.

It is very easy to be "prolife" until in the situation where you want to make the CHOICE best for you...Best of luck with your healing process!

Pro-life to me means choosing a life that will be happy
and healthy for the baby. Some people do not have a life
that is easy and can barely make it through the day for
one reason or another. We all have to make decisions for our children who are already here.

I really loved your story. I'm a 26 college student and i graduate in May2013. I'm currently pregnant as we speak and I just made an appointment to get the abortion pill for Monday. I'm so nervous and scared idk what to do its crazy because I'm pro-life but here i am getting an abortion how ironic. I havent told anyone but my best because i'm not keeping the baby. I'm in school almost done and a baby right now is not what would be best for me. Thanks for sharing ya story it helped alot.

Hi I'm 21 years old and I have a 14 month son. I was naive and maybe missed my pill a few times and thought oh I can't get pregnant so a few weeks w out my period pass and I kinda knew I was I was super emotional I would cry on action movies and kinda felt it , just a feeling. So I bought a preg test on a fri took it it said pregnant then scheduled a sonogram at an abortion clinic then went there and was shocked when I saw the protestors.. so I went in and didn't expect to see so many girls there either it was a room full so I had my sonogram and the told me I was 4 weeks which made me feel a little better that I wasn't toooo far along.
and idk..I go back and forth my apt is next sat. To do the pill.
it's my sons brother or sister they'd b close in age.. My sons father b day is 7-7 mine is 8-8 my son is 10-10 my child in me is supposed to b 9-17 what I'f it's 9-9? Is it meant to be.. I could prob handle it it's just I don't "feel" like it's the right time. I am getting into nursing program soon.. So idk if I'm being selfish if I'm depriving my son of a brother or sister bec I don't want to go thru it all
Again.. I'm still going thru w pill I just don't know If I'm making the right desicion

I recently took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. i told my bf of 2 years and he flipped out on me. He said hurtful things to me that will scar me for life, then he broke up with me. He made it clear to me that he wont be in the child's life. He used to be against abortions and of all of sudden he's pro-choice. We talked about being together forever. We had a really good relationship. Until i got pregnant. I really don't want to go thru this pregnancy alone and i already have 4 kids from a previous relationship. I would of never thought he would of acted that way. i was considering taking the abortion pill but i am terrified. i keep thinking, what if i had gotten an abortion with any of my kids that i have now and i would of never known how great they are. i break down and cry every time i think about it. but yet, i don't know if i can afford a 5th child. I am in a good place in my life right now. i am trying to save up to buy a house and i am now able to afford to take my kids on vacations every summer. Every time i try to call the abortion clinic i start crying and i never end up calling. I am so confused on what i should do. My brain says to get an abortion, but my heart says to keep it.

Please keep it. I read tons of stories and yours 4 some reason touched me the most. I was rapped and im 3 weeks pregnant with 2 kids. 2 disabled kids and i was lookin up the abortion pill but im scared of the pain of the guilt. I think your story jus helped me decide to keep my child

You need to do what is right for you and your family! No-one
has a right to judge your decision or you. This is a difficult decision that you have to make. I was 34 when I had my second abortion. I had two children ages 11 and 13. My ex-husband was immature and abusive. I know that I made the
right decision for my family. Do what is best for you and your
family! Feel free. to Pm me anytime! My thoughts are. with you at this difficult time.

Dear Alizarin (crimson, right? :-))
Thank you for sharing your experience. It is a difficult thing to face an unexpected pregnancy and have to come up with a plan of what to do. I know, as I had an abortion myself at age 19. I was touched by your comment that you were looking online to see the development level of your baby at the time of the abortion. I hope you found truthful information, and if you did, you know that the baby was not a "potential baby" but was an actual baby, with a heart that has been beating and pumping the baby's own blood (not yours) since about day 25 after conception, and measurable brain waves since about day 40. Women are often misled that development is not as far along and that therefore it's OK to abort. That's what I experienced, anyway. I know you said you don't regret your abortion; a day may come when you feel differently. It's hard to keep feelings buried, so if you ever experience regret or guilt as a result of your abortion (as I did), and you want help in getting free from these memories, please know that there is help available at Ramah International or Rachel's Vineyard, just google. God bless~ A Caring Friend

Thank you for sharing! I am 30 years old, in a committed relationship, but neither of us are anywhere near "having it together" enough to support the needs of a pregnancy and new born baby. We have been discussing the options as full fledged adults and have come to a decision that now is not a good time...at all. Reading your story and being able to relate to you has made this decision a little more settling for me. Lots of my friends are in my age bracket and have had their first child, are married and have settled into their careers, so talking to them about this could be intimidating as they are opinionated and have emotional ties to motherhood. Thanks again for sharing your experience.

Hi, I'm a mum 2 a 8mnth old n m aproaching 16wks, I gt da abortion pill n seein that I'm so late in my preg I'm gna hv 2 deliver the dead fetus @home, m so scared , I dnt knw wat 2 do, I cnt kip dis bby coz I'm a student n my father tld me 2 go luk 4 a job meanin I wl hv 2 pay my tuition nxt year, m jst so scared n ws wonderin is der ny1 hus had or used da pills @such a late stage?

If you're hella far along in the pregnancy, I thought the did the Dialation and Evacuation procedure? That's cruel of them to do that to you to have to do at home.

Never in my life would I consider abortion until now. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I was terrified I didnt know what to do. At this point in my life the best thing to do is to not have another child. I searched everywhere online and found this blog. It put me at ease knowing there are others just like me who are looking for answers on the abortion pill. After searching several different clinics I found one that seemed like they actual cared about me and didnt judge me. The first pill they gave me didnt cause any kind of side effects for me and they said to wait 24-36 hours to take the last 4 pills. 45 minutes before I knew I was going to take the pills I took 800mg of Ibuprofen they gave me. The time came and I put 2 pills on one side of my mouth and 2 on the other. About 30 minutes later I started feeling tiny cramps. I looked in the mirror and the pills didnt dissolve completely so I left it there for about another hour in hopes that it would dissolve fully. No luck on that and Im not sure if your suppose to do that but I did it anyway because I wanted to make sure it worked. I drank a little water to wash it down. Then the bigger cramps started following. I went to use the rbathroom and I saw a little blood so I knew it was working. Another 30 minutes later more cramps and just as strong. Finally I noticed a lot of clots coming out and the cramps were intense but bearable. I was in and out of the bathroom for about 6 hours and the cramps were there the whole time. I ended up taking another 400mg of Ibuprofen about 5 hours after taking the first oner. Then I fell asleep. I woke up in the morning feeling normal. I just felt like I was on my period but no cramping and clots coming out on and off for a week. My experience wasnt so bad. I was expecting the worse pain of my life but it didnt even compare to giving birth. All of our bodies are different so we will react differently to it. Good luck to all who are thinking of taking it.

I am 22 years old and I work and pay for University online. I live in a tiny country (population 12 000) where abortions are illegal and so when I found out at about 6 weeks that I was pregnant I tried desperately to find a way to get it done since I did not think I was ready for a child. Currently I live from paycheck to paycheck and I have always said that I did want to have a child until I was absolutely certain that I could readily take care of all their needs. It took weeks before I was able to find a solution in the form of Misol pills, which are also illegal. I was 12 weeks pregnant at the time that I took the pill although they are generally not recommended past 9 weeks.
After taking the 4 pills I experienced cramping for a few hours and later that night the fetus passed. I must say that I was not mentally or emotionally prepared for the sight and it will stay with me forever. It had a head and eyes and tiny tiny fingers and toes. I did not imagine that I would look so much like a real baby. I cried for several hours after, I was so sad. I could not bring myself to just discard it like trash and so I gave it a name and took it to the beach and buried it there. I never imagined that I could love something or someone so much... I really regret my decision now.

Other than the cramping and bleeding that I am still experiencing, I am severely emotionally damaged.

Good luck to anyone that has this impossible decision to make. It will change you forever either way. Perhaps had I had mine earlier it would not have been this devastating. If I could do it over I would make a different choice.

I took the 2nd round of pills the ones u take on the second day at 1:00 pm n now its 8:00 pm I have had no bleeding what so ever n am real scared has anyone else had this problem

All This Stories Have Extremely Help Me.
I'm 6 Weeks Pregnant , I Went to Family Planning Clinic to obtain the abortion pills. I never in my life thought i was going to be in a situation like this , i have a 3 year old daughter and knowing ima do this makes me feel extremely selfish. I'm suppose to place 2 pills on my cheeks both sides at 1:45pm I'M SCARE i don't know how strong the pain is going to be but i was in labor 15 hours I'm sure i can take this..

Im so glad to find this forum! Im scared myself and afraid to tell anyone whats going on. I've been so stressed and scared and I have an appointment in a couple of days for the abortion pill. Thank you all so much for your stories, they hare helping to build my strength and give me an idea of the pain I'm getting myself into. But it is the best choice for me at this time.

I too took the pills on Nov 4th 2012 and was scared to take any tylenol for the extreme pain for fear of it making other complications I was however happy that I had a very special friend (a guy) at my side who held my hand through it all as he gave them to his girlfriend, in short I keep getting dreams of a baby crying in a crib but when I go to take it up it has no face and its a girl 10 perfect fingers and toes and I know this will haunt me for a long time to come as it was my first pregnancy but truthfully I didnt expect the morning sickness to last all day I lost 20lbs in 2 weeks and adding to that the father who was all happy to try when he found out he jumped ship leaving me to depend on my best friend for support, I do hope I am never in that situation again and I have taken the necessary precations for the future, abstainance for a long time to recovery fully and I hope and pray my dreams end. Heads up ladies we are stronger than we think... a

Thank you guys so much for sharing your stories... I never thought I would be in this situation... I'm 23 and I have a 4 year old son ... up until recent I was only with one person... my sons father and after being together for awhile we he abruptly got married to someone else... I was ok and i didn't really notice it , but I started to seek comfort in a guy.. long story short , I ended up pregnant... I'm not even with this guy , my life is just now starting to turn around and I can barely take care of my child.. I can't handle another baby right now... So, I'm planning on taking the abortion pill on the 27th of November .. I went to the clinic before and they told me it was too early and that I had to come back in two weeks.. So, I'm planning to do this .. I'm really nervous, but I know that this is the right decision! Thanks to all of you again for sharing your stories.. It has helped me lots !

I found out I was pregnant on the date of October 20 2012, Saturday. It was sweetest day. I told my boyfriend that night I was pregnant. He was in shock. He kept kissing my belly with such happiness but reality was we weren't financially stable. We are both college students struggling to pay for our tuition. We can't even maintain our ownselves. Therefore, we both decided to go for medication abortion. I called planned parenthood on the date of October 22 2012, Monday. I was scheduled on the date of October 26 2012, Friday. I had trouble sleeping the night before the appointment. I was extremely nervous, and scared. I was STILL in denial that I was pregnant even though I felt nauseous all the time. I woke up really early around 6 A.M. My boyfriend and my best friends were only aware of this (also until this date). I arrived to planned parenthood at 8 A.M. I was scheduled for 8:30 A.M. I was notified that my insurance would not cover (Blue Cross Blue Shield, PPO). I said OK. I just wanted this process to be over with. I filled some paperwork and waited. Around 9:30-ish, they called my name. The first thing I did was the urine sample. Afterwards, I had a transvaginal ultrasound. I was 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I decided to receive a picture of it. I was in shock. I never thought I was that far. After that, I had to pay. I paid $435.00. I paid upfront. I don't know if you can make payment plans. If you are wondering, please ask when you are making the appointment. Anyways, shortly after, I had my heart rate and pulse monitored as well as my body temperature. I also had my finger pricked for blood. Then, I was weighed in and measured in height. After about half an hour later, a health provider came in and answered any questions I had. She asked several questions such as "Were you pressured to do this?", etc. Lastly, she asked if I was sure about going through this. I agreed. I signed several papers concerning the risks and awareness of this process. About 45 minutes later, a women came in with all the pills. She explained the entire process over. I was given the first pill to swallow in the clinic at 11:45 A.M. After, she explained when to take the pills. She also gave me two outside prescriptions. After I swallowed the pill, I was allowed to leave. While I was heading home, I decided to go get the two outside prescriptions at Walgreens. I paid $25.00. I took my first antibiotic pill, Doxycycline, that night. I had a family party going on the next day. I had the option of taking it on Saturday after 11:45 A.M or Sunday before 11:45 A.M. I decided to take the second medication the night of the party so I can sleep through it. Please take Doxycycline with food. I wasn't hungry so I took it without food. Twenty minutes later, I threw it up (Sat. morning- did not take it again till later that night). Before taking the second medication, I was extremely nervous and scared. I just didn't know how much it will hurt. I took the two ibuprofen pills at 10:08 P.M. At 10:51 P.M, I took the second medication bucally (the 4 misoprostol pills). They dissolved really quickly. Around 11:30 P.M, I felt instant horrible cramps. I was bleeding and clotting so much. I was scared watching my body do this. I stood in the toilet seat for a long time. About 45 minutes later, my cramps faded out. I was able to move around with no pain. I was able to sleep with no pain. I didn't sleep much though. I really wasn't sleepy. I woke up the next morning, took the antibiotic pill and went to clean up after the mess of the party. I moved around a lot and carried heavy items. I felt no discomfort or whatsoever. I was still bleeding and clotting. By the way, I did not even use the two outside prescriptions. Anyways, I was scheduled for a follow- up appointment on the date of October 31 2012, Wednesday. I was still bleeding but not as much. I arrived to the clinic at 8:30 A.M. I was scheduled for 9:30 A.M. I was called in at 8:45 A.M. Shortly after, I had a transvaginal ultrasound. It was confirmed that I passed the pregnancy. After that, I was allowed to leave. My bleeding has somewhat stopped. I'm just spotting little drops of dark blood now. Healthwise, I feel great. Emotionalwise, I feel OK. This hasn't torn my relationship with my boyfriend. We are both from different ethnicity and religion. In spite of our differences and this, we are still happily together. We have been together for a year. Please don't let this destroy or alter your feelings that you have with your partner. Be strong! All the luck in this process! :)

I just had the second lot of medication today. I was 7 weeks and 2 days. The bleeding has been so so heavy, and when i pulled down my trousers to clean myself up, the embryo was there and fell to the floor. I had to pick it up in tissue and i can honestly say, that image will stay with me forever :( the pain has also been horrific

I just made my appointment for the pill and I'm scared idk what to do or who to go to. My family doesn't know. Me and my boyfriend made the decision together if I. Had a good income I would take care of my baby but I don't and neither does he I just feel bad but I know it's what's best

Im in the same position. Im studying outside my country and with my 8 month boyfriend... I just found out I was pregnant yesterday and today had a blood test just to be completely sure, because I couldnt believe it. Im too young to bring a baby into the world, besides I feel I would disappoint my family really badly and my father most of them all who gave me the opportunity, paying for my studies and renting an apartment. I feel like Im making a selfish choice but, I cant picture how this would work, maybe it is because it wouldnt. I just need someone to talk to please. I think Im going to take the pill.

I just took the abortion pill yesterday at 6 weeks. i was scared as hell to take it but i did and followed all the directions and it was not even close to what i thought it would be. i dissolved the pills at 9:30pm and started cramping almost immediately so i then took a vicodin and slept on my back until 5am. i had a little bleeding went back to bed and at around 10 this morning i passed the pregnancy and the bleeding is very light with mild cramps. im feeling much better now but i do believe the pill is different with everyone. good luck to anyone who is considering this. my experience wasn't bad at all.

i jst found out on oct 4th that i was pregnant. i got blood work done because i couldnt believe it. it turns outs im 4 weeks pregnant almost 5. i decided to go with the abortion pil. im really scared and sad about this decision i had to make but its whats best for me to do. im scared to feel this pain, my appointment is tomorrow.. thanks for your stories ladies it really helpped me kind of know whats coming to me tomorrow.

Volcom12-- earlier the better.. It varies by the person. You may feel no pain. I however took the pill at 6 weeks and bleeding didn't start for days and hcg levels were still rising. just make sure you have support.. and you will feel nausea.

Thank you, and Since it is so early in the pregnancy will it be as painful?

You have to go to a clinic like planned parenthood or a private clinic that supports abortion procedures. Or just a abortion clinic flat-out

You have to go to a clinic like planned parenthood or a private clinic that supports abortion procedures. Or just a abortion clinic flat-out

Me and my girlfriend are in the same situation and we plan on getting the pills, she is 1 week late, where can you get the pills and what's the cost?

I am 26 years old.. and am about 3 weeks pregnant. I am not financially stable enough to bring a baby into this world. I've been considering this method but I am nothing short of terrified. After the 4 pills are taken most say they experienced painful cramps.. do the pain meds help? In the days that follow is bleeding more like a period?

First of all let me start off by saying reading all these stories were RIDICULOUSLY helpful .

Here's my story .

I am 26... i live with my Grandma who have up her life 20 years ago to take care of me when my mother passed and my dad moved on. She loves me and would do anything for me but has TOLD me that she would not let me live in her home or anything if i became pregnant. She's 73 and i understand she doesnt want to hear anymore kids in the home...

I just started a new job ...im in training for. I have ... HAD a boyfriend. He is 22 and we ALWAYS laid in bed and talked about getting our own place and having a baby. He already has a 3 year old daughter and he just got out of jail in March. He hasn't been able to get a job ...and recently...about 2 wks ago, he was arrested for violation of parole because he didnt change the arrest . Since he had 1.5 years left for parole, he'll have to serve the rest of that term in prison . When i found out he was in jail, i went to see him and was met at the jail cell by another woman that is 2 months pregnant by him. He waited until then to tell me ...

I cried, and cried. Haven't told my grandma because i don't wanna be kicked out. I went to the doctor today because I had suspected that I was pregnant ...and i was given the news of Positive results . Our ER is crazy . I went in at 630 and didnt get the results until about 1015pm..i was going crazy in that waiting room ...rocking back and forth, praying ...thinking of options. Right now im not financially sound for a baby or an abortion . I do plan to call PP tomorrow and since im not as far along im hoping that they will financially work with me .. i dont see myself bringing a baby into the world knowing we would struggle .

I'm a 22 year old college athlete & I just found out I was 5 weeks pregnant. I tried to block out the thought of a tiny baby growing inside me & tried to schedule an appointment ASAP. Unfortunately the clinic didn't have any openings for another week. Having so much time to think is really difficult for me, especially since my body is going through physical changes. I've decided to take the pill & reading all of your comments has really helped me. Thank you for the outlet.

I just found out I am 5 weeks. I go back and forth with what I should do every few hours it seems like. I have always been against abortions. I have a 5yr old boy and I can't even imagine life without him. I just feel shallow and selfish to even consider aborting my baby. But I know at this point in my life a baby isn't what I need. And I feel like if I go through with this I will highly regret it. Im very lost and confused with noone to really talk to.

you can talk to me!! Im scared as well and also need someone to talk to :(

Damn girl, not taking Tylenol or anything for the cramps was sure a mistake (but I get your point) I aborted with the pill too. If you ever need someone to cope with don't mind sending me a message I would be glad to help you in any way I can

*Hugs* Stay strong.

I just did the abortion pill yesterday ..its was a very hard decision that's I have to live with.I do wants to say that I only chose this method because its was alot cheaper than the surgical, its all I could afford.when I took the second set off 4 pills within 30 minutes I started to cramp, within and hour I was on the bottom of the bathtub dri heaving to the point were I thought I was dieing, I could not stop throwing up. The pain in my stomache was excruciating.I was passing alot of clots and within no time I had unbelievable diarrhea.this went on for three hours.I fell asleep with a heating pad on and rubbing my stomache in a downward motion.I would never choose this method again .

Are you ok now? How's the bleeding?

Im ok.im still cramping but its like a bad period.the bleeding is still heavy but no clots.I called out from work today I needed one more day to get better.thanks for asking

glad to hear everything is ok so this is your third day right? if so.. heavy bleeding will last about 3 - 4 more days, then you'll continue to bleed for another week.. bt every day less and less (keep in mind it depends on every women's body since we are all different but it is the average). If you have any questions at all don't bother asking

Now that i find this website i feel a lil more at ease with my decision.. My appt is wed at 1pm ... Im so scared and been stressing alot .. I never thought i would ever consider abortion but its a choice i had and at this time its the best for me and this baby....

I feel the same way. Ive always been pro life but this is the best decision for me right now.

Thank you all so much for sharing your stories. I just found out this afternoon (on accident) that I am approx. 4 wks preg. I went to the dr for something unrelated and they happened to test me to make sure they could prescribe the necessary medication. SURPRISE! I was NOT expecting it at all. I have never been pregnant before and am emotionally numb at the moment. I am 24 and my bf is 29. We both don't want kids right now (potentially ever), and agree that the abortion pill is the right path at this time. He is out of town working, so I am physically by myself for now, which is hard bc all I really want is a hug. I am calling tomorrow to make an appointment for next week, and he is coming home to be with me for it. I agree that this is the right thing for us to do in our situation, but ba<x>sed on my families views and how I grew up, I feel very guilty about it. I know my parents would be devastated, especially my mom, bc they don't agree with it. But I also know that neither of us is ready or able to take care of a child right now, and that if we do have a child, it should be when we can give it the love and devotion it deserves. I'm not looking forward to taking the abortion pill, obviously, but feel much more confident in my decision after reading the stories here and getting a real-life idea of how it works (instead of the textbook desc<x>ription all over the internet). I hope my experience is similar to those posted here. Thank you all again so very, very much!

at such an early stage it is only tissue.. the painful part is the missing other half. A woman is programmed to have a family and when you do get pregnant, the sad part is the other half not wanting it as that is a rejection to you.

I just went through the abortion pill experience two days ago. I didn't even know what it was before I went to Planned Parenthood expecting to get a surigal abortion. I was much farther along than I realized, 8 weeks and 4 days. When they nurse practioner offered the abortion pill to me, I didn't know what it was. She explained in great detail what it was and how it worked. Ultimately I was convinced this was the best thing for me since I have a 9 month old son who needs my full time attention. My husband never found out. I know this isn't the way they recommend you to take this but for me I had to do it in secrecy. My son was a huge surprise and almost caused the breakup of my 15 year marriage that had been childless until that point. To have a second pregnancy less than a year later surely would have destroyed the marriage. My husband is not a cold hearted jerk, but he is much much older than me and fears n ot being in the childs life while he/she growns up. I understand and respect his position but with our son it was too late to make any decisions not to have him by the time I found out. My husband loves and adores our son but it has been stressful on him trying to make sure we are financially taken care of when he is no longer with us. A second child would have severely damaged our relationship. I was terrified of the process but it was easier and harder than I thought at the same time. First, I bled and clotted right at the 24 hour mark from the 1st medication. Not a little but a lot. I was in a store and started gushing. It was horrible and difficult to explain to my husband who was with me when it started. Once we were home it was easier to disguise but still difficult. Once he and my son were asleep, I took the nausea medication, waited 30 minutes and took the second medication for the abortion. Within 15 minutes I was cramping and bleeding. Within 1 hour I had passed the pregnancy. It was very bloody and I had to sit on the toilet continuiously to avoid getting blood everywhere which I still did. I also threw up within 30-40 minutes of taking the second medication although I didnt really feel nausious. All in all it was the best thing for me but it is a very personal decision. It isnt nearly as scary as I thought it would be and I felt a huge relief the next morning when I started to feel "normal" again, not preganant. I am making sure this never happens again, accidents can happen to anyone but I dont want to do this again from an emotional stand point if I can avoid it.

I just found out i was pregnant yesterday morning.. Im in my mid 20's and already have a 3 year old. Was married before. Besides the details on my relationship status. I emotionally am not in a good place months prior going through a nasty breakup and still continuing.. Im very scared, i have a doc appt. sat morning.. to determine how far along i am, reading all of this is wonderful support but no matter how much info i have im sure you cannot compare the physical pain you will face. I also have a few questions, how long does the pain last for? max. Im going to planned parenthood because my Doctor cannot schedule me soon enough, does planned parenthood prescribe pain meds? or would i have to consult my doctor ahead of time hoping he will see me sooner? If so would i need a Note from PP to show my doctor? thank you so much if anyone can be of help..

Im 22 and im currently in college. I live with my parents who are older and i KNOW that if they found out I pregnant this will destroy them. For that reason along with others i decided to get an abortion.I have my appointment thursday. I just found out a few days ago that I was 5 weeks pregnant. I've spend the last few days trying to figure out what to do. The weirdest part about it all is that although I'm pregnant it's not registering In my head it doesn't seem real. I decided to go through with the abortion pill. I know this sounds weird although the surgery leads to the same conclusion, Im more at peace with the pill. It seems less painful for the baby. If that makes any sense. I decided to do it this ONE time and never do it again instead of live with a child that I can barely support. I don't want to be a mediocre mother unable to take care of my child. I don't want to live average and struggle to make ends meet. I feel everyone is allowed one mistake I look at this as that mistake and my chance to do better and really do things right.

Thank you for you post. I was 6 and 1/2 weeks pregnant too. I couldn't have written this any better myself. I went through and felt the exact same. I was just even looking up what the devolpment would have been at that time. It was and still is hard, but I think I did what was best.

hey guys im 17 and im 6 weeks pregnant i really dont know if i want to kill the baby or not i was always anti- abortion but that was until it actually happened to me :/ all these stories are kind of scaring me but i think its the best thing to do but i still dont know what to do help :/ please

I'm going tomorrow to take the test....mybperiod is about 5 or6 days late. I have 2 lovely kids that I love to death but my last pregnancy was rough. I had a siezure right after returning home and had to be hospitalized for a week. The doctors had no idea what happened. Anyway I was told I would have to be careful with the next pregnancy should I have another. That fact aside the father and I are not together and he is a pastors son who already has one child out of wedlock and made it clear he didn't want another. Because he would lose all his respect and conncections he has in church. We were using protection except for the one time early last month. And mentally I don't think I could handle another or the stress that would come with his family situation. I feel like this is the best thing for me to do....

Oh god im so scared to do this and die im 16 and weight 103 and im so scared but i cant have it plus the babys dad just started making my life miserable n he hit me so i made a choice i hope i make it :(

well i just had mine yesterday & all i can say is that even with taking the Tylenol codeine the pain was still excruciating. it wasn't i wanted to do & to be honest i feel extremely guilty & selfish that I'm here alive mean while its only been a couple of hours since i flushed my baby but I know i wasn't ready to bring a child into this world & i'd be damned if i was one of these dead beat moms. to anyone contemplating this option just make sure its what you want & not anyone else opinion forced onto you & it might be a lot easier to have someone with you during the whole process might be more comforting

All these stories are giving me the strenght to be able to do this. I have my appt next week. I've read Terrible n scary stories but now I know it just depends on the person n our bodies. You are all strong for being able to do.this,.and we do it.not.because we are selfish and inhuman but because we know it's the best for us and for the unborn baby. sooner or later when the time is right we will have a chance.to raise.a child

Thank you all for sharing your stories. My appt is tomorrow and I feel better prepared seeing what im up against. You all are brave. Thank you

I'm 23 and I'm pro choice, but I never thought I would ever consider getting an abortion. I have beautiful 3 year old and I've been on the pill because I want to wait to be in a better position before I bring another human being into this world. When I got pregnant, I was shocked. I still got pregnant even though I was on the pill. My boyfriend and I debated the decision for a few weeks, I cried and felt depressed because I didn't want to do it. But after some careful consideration and weighing all of the factors, I decided that if it wasn't too late to take the abortion pill, I was going to do it (less than 9 weeks). The women at the clinic were so nice and answered all of my questions. I had to watch a video, do an ultrasound, get a short physical, talk with a doctor/counselor, then take the first pill. After seeing the looks on the faces if the women who had the surgical procedure done, I knew that that was something I could never put myself through. I didn't bleed or cramp, or get sick. I went to work the next day and just felt tired with no appetite. The next morning I woke up, I felt sick and had some light bleeding. My mom came over to help take care of me. I took my antibiotic, waited and took a vicodin (because I heard the cramps would be painful), waited for that to kick in and took the four pills. It took well over 45 minutes for them to dissolve. They don't taste weird or anything... Then the cramping started. Wow, even with a strong pain pill, the cramps were pretty intense, but it doesn't last long, I didn't cry. They eventually lighten up. I didn't vomit or feel sick. Be prepared to lose a lot of blood, tissue and clots. I was seven weeks, I saw the pregnancy tissue, but not a baby or anything which was good. My boyfriend came over and made some comfort food for me. If youre considering it, its safer than the surgical procedure and less invasive. You get to do it at home but you should really have someone with you in case you get a fever or start bleeding too much or just need help/support. Get a pain pill to get you through those first set of cramps unless you manage pain well. Tylenol wont cut it... Lol. Stay strong, you can make it through it. If you feel sad like I did, talk to someone you trust to just let you vent and listen. I didn't want advice, I just wanted to cry about it for a minute. Its a hard thing to do as a mother and a person. But I felt relieved and my doctor have me resources in case I need someone to talk to. Even three years later, there are all kinds of resources out there. oh, and check with your insurance to see if they cover it, mine did! My boyfriend only had to pay my 25 dollar co pay instead of over $500.

I took the first pill Friday at about 4. I took the four pills two in between my checks and gums for 30 mins than swallowd them not even 15 mins later I was bleeding it didn't hurt at first felt like a period. But about an hour later I has the worst cramps. Kept going back and forth to the bathroom. Started dropping clots all of a sudden I got a fever I was throwing up and diarrhea the doc warned me said not many get all the side effects. ( lucky me I did ) about 10 mins after all that I felt back to normal feeling like a period still bleeding and some clots I did see a weird clot it was like clear on the outside and bloody on the inside. It hit me than that I was getting an abortion. Started to brake down and cry that I seen a pic of the father and said its best this way. I chose not to tell him were almost 4 years age difference met in school he's just graduateding and we talked about us both not ready for a child when we was friends so I knew how he felt. I couldn't tell him and ruin his future. I found it best not to tell anyone. I told my mom and one of my friends that went threw this. <br />
<br />
I couldn't tell my father I was able to tell my mom but cried so much. We came up with a story to tell my dad do he didn't think something was up. We told him I had some blood clots in my uterus and the doctor gave me some stuff to brake it up. He believed it so it worked out. I'm glad I went threw with this I feel releaf for the most part

If you don't want babies then don't open your damn legs use a contraceptive!! Killing innocent babies cause you can't handle it! Ha wait till you have to face god!! he put babies in peoples life for a reason and you idiots go abort them! hello give it a chance at life theres people who would love to take care if it! Its a sin to murder and that's why you guys did or plan on doing!! Killing a innocent baby for your mistake of being irresponsible!!

well said.

You know you said this in a well put mannor thank you because I feel the same way. I will eventually have to make price with my decision and yes God will judge me but I will take that stand infront of him and confess my sins for I am only human even though I know his word. Its going to be hard my App is Wednesday ..and I am scared

Do you just go around looking to be a total *****?
Would you rather a baby be born into a family that doesn't want it?
"Adoption! Adoption!" Thousands of babies are aborted per day, there are NOT enough families to support the amount of babies that would be in the system if no abortions ever happened.
Oh yea, give that adoption story to those kids in foster care.
Fact is, you are pro birth, like so many other antichoice people. You want the baby to be born and then you couldn't give a **** what happens to it.
What if Caylee Anthony had been aborted? She probably wouldn't have had to suffer through her mother killing her.
Many times having your child just to abuse/neglect it is MUCH more selfish than having an abortion. And people like you have no place to come one this site of refuge to tell people they're going to hell.
Where does the Bible specifically mention abortion? Good question. Because it DOESN'T. It NEVER says life begins at conception, which is pretty important because there were plenty of abortions going on at the time, with a root that killed the fetus.
Educate yourself about your own religion you antagonistic instigator.

I really hope that you begin to see how harmful your comments are to women in a difficult situation. We all have
to make tough decisions for our family. When you have been in this situation, you have earned the right to comment on it.
We need support and understanding not to be condemned by
you. Do we judge you and decisions you make for your family. I would not even attempt to do this. You should not make harmful comments about a situation you have never
been in. I hope that you never are!

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I don't have proof that I'm preg, but i feel that i am and my bf and i can't afford to have anymore kids..we have 6 all together, he has 3 and i have 3. We both live with our parents and we both work, i'm in nursing school and my bf is about to start college. My bf says whatever the reality is that we will get through it together but I feel like I would regret having an abortion and I feel like I would not be able to continue to work or go to school if i kept the pregnancy..I'm so torn, I don't know what to do!