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Just Took The Abortion Pill

I barely know what to say or how to start, but I'm grateful there's a place I can write about this, because I can't on my Facebook or public blog.

Anyway, the pain from the cramping after those four pills dissolved in my mouth was excruciating, and I kept vomiting and vomiting. Basically, I thought I'd die, but thank god a roommate of mine had taken the pill too, and she said "once you start bleeding, the pain will decrease drastically."

She was right.  About ten minutes later...approximately an hour and a half or two hours after I dissolved the pills in my mouth, the bleeding started and the cramps just turned into BAD cramps that I would experience during a regular period.

HERE'S WHERE I SCREWED UP:  I didn't take the Tylenol Codeine that the clinic was SUPPOSED to give me.  I was hesitant because I'm an ex-alcoholic, sober now, who didn't want to play around with anything narcotic.  Well, I'm a fool.  If you are about to do this, just make sure you have heavy-duty pain meds, and if you're sober, just have someone else administer them to you.

Anyhoodle, once the tissue started passing, I felt much much better.

But I'm screwing around online looking for images of 6 1/2 week year-old fetuses...which is how far along I was, out of morbid and masochistic curiosity.

Truth is, I'm a total pro-choice feminist, but it still leaves me with sadness to reflect on the loss of a potential baby.  I can't help it.  But that's the thing...I don't think anyone is "Pro-Abortion" per se, we're just pro-doing what's best for the woman.  There's NO WAY I could take care of a child, OR even weather a pregnancy!

I'm single, 31, newly sober, and just trying to get my life together.  If I had all the money in the world, a plush life, didn't have to work, and had health insurance and yada yada, sure!  I'd have gone through with the pregnancy.

It was painful, a hard choice to make, but it was worth it in the end.  I just didn't want to bring a kid into this world I couldn't care for...and then pawn it off to other people.  That would wound it too.  Well, in my opinion anyway.

What a mess.  But thankfully, I had a choice.  And, though I'm not thrilled about the whole process, though I'm not "happy" about it, I don't regret it at all.

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I'm 21 and already had an abortion last year it was the most painful experience I had ever had in my life I was sick and it took over my whole body I was in pain probably the whole day, now again I have just fount out I'm pregnant again, I'm in a happy relationship but I work and I go to university my boyfriend also wishes to go to uni next year, we don't have a house there is no way I can give a child the best start in life until i have a full time job, I am just terrified of going through the same procedure because it's haunted me since my last abortion help?

Thank you for your stories. I am 24 I have two kids and I am 6 weeks pregnant. I had an affair and I'm not sure who fathered the pregnancy. I don't know why I did it and it pains me to know that this might not be my husbands child. I am making the choice to have the pill abortion. It's one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make. My heart is broken but I am putting the needs of my children and my husband before my own conscience. I will be taking the pill on Monday and after reading your stories I feel much more confident that I made the right choice.

I took the abortion pill yesterday. I thought it was gonna be the worst experience after reading countless horror stories online beforehand. This particular post is one that I originally read that countered the fear that other posts gave me. I'd really like to thank the woman that wrote this, it helped me.
I didn't throw up. The cramps are bad, worse than a period, but not something I couldn't handle. I didn't bleed as much as I thought I would. I never threw up. I'm still bleeding whenever I pee. Overall, at least for me, this was not a horror story, just a bad experience that I wish I never had to go through. I posted my entire experience on this forum quite extensively. Good luck to anyone who goes through this. It will all be okay.

If you would like another (long) account of the abortion pill here's the link to my experience.

the pill is very effective but the cramps is very painful . True talk once you start bleeding the pain slows down, no joke prepare yourself for non-stop cramps , laying on my stomach helped and moving side to side, also helps. i took 4 ibuprofen; the pain is crazily painful for about 1hr or2hr depends on your body .i did throw up but it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be .

Hi am 19 I already have two girls by a different guy idk if I want to keep this baby I've read a lot of bad reviews on the pill abortion . But am afraid to do the surgical am against abortion but theirs no way for me to keep it. Am afraid to go to hell for doing it but I can't keep it what do I do? Help please

I Had an abortion on sunday and it is now one week after and I am still feeling nauseous I'm bleeding lighter but was worried about the nausea and my breast still hurt

I am 25 ... Just had my second baby on dec 23 but because she was breech i had to have a c-section....after a week were free to go home but the next day i ended back in the hospital i was bleeding out the dr. Who released me never checked me and didnt notice so i had to stay another two weeks with blood transfusions and antibiotics aftet an infection i caught... It was horrible and well i was told that due to my complications my wall was weak and any pregnancy that happend before 2-3yrs from my c-section could rupture my wound. I found out i am about 6wks terrified because i cant think of killing my baby but i cant imagine leaving my 2girls without a mother .....i have an appt to get the abortion pill but i feel soooo guilty if my health were not an issue i wouldnt even think of not having this angel but i cant leave the two girls i already have behind....either choice seem so selfish to me and the guilt is eating away at me with every minute that passes husband trys to understand but i dont feel he does and i have noone else to talk to i just feel like a horrible human being.....

I took the pill yesterday and the second pills today and have been so terribly sick! I have thrown up every time I have taken a pill. After taking the antibiotic pill last night I started vomiting and didn't stop for hours. Today has been rough but for now I think the vomiting as ceased. The cramps are bad but I'll take that over throwing up. My throat is so sore from all of the stomach acid. Unfortunately this is my second abortion and for the first one I waited too late to make a decision and had to so a surgical abortion. I had such an easy experience with that I wish more than anything I had just done that again. But I thought the pill would be a more humane way to..end things. Though that might be true I advise everyone out there to choose a surgical abortion. Once it's over it's over. I had no pain after and felt completely like my old self again. I'm just scared now of how long this bleeding and cramping will continue.

I'm sorry that you felt like you had to do this.. I was 12 weeks pregnant and started having vaginal bleeding.. So I went to the doctor and they did an ultrasound and my baby no longer had a heartbeat. It was measuring at 8-9 weeks.. I had two options..?surgery or the pill... I chose the pill because I never had surgery. They prescribed me 20 7.5 Norcos. The pain was unbearable and I too thought I was dying.. The pain medicine did not help me one bit. Almost a week later and I am still having some cramps..they're no longer unbearable though.. I am Not trying to offend you but I don't understand why someone would intentionally put themselves through that. Some people use an abortion as birth control.. I'm probably a little more sensitive about it because I was forced to do it. I had no choice.

Sorry about your experience. I hope you grieve fully, cry, talk, write, etc. And then move on and are healthy. Best to you.

many of those photos r fake if its upseting you go read from real medical sources on fetal development 6weeks is practically nothing, stay strong<3

I'm 26 years old and already have my child. I found out that I'm pregnant and I never thought I would do this but I'm ending the pregnancy Thursday before work. And my mom will hopefully watch my daughter this weekend so she won't know. I can't let my family know and I'm scared. I know in my heart it's the right thing. I feel guilty. But I don't feel guilty about doing this I feel guilty for not feeling bad. That I'm the worst person in the world cause I don't feel bad about my decision if that makes sense. I am worried about how much pain I'll be in (I still have to work) if anyone has any words of advice I would be grateful. I'm not changing my mind though I know it's the best

Hi. I'm 17, just found out last week I'm pregnant. Went to the clinic and they gave me a test and it was positive. I knew I was pregnant the moment it happened, he didn't want to use a condom so I caved in and that one time really got me. I feel disgusting. I'm the girl most likely to not get pregnant. But here I am, so I have been going through hell since before the test and now after. I'm 5 weeks and five days as of today. Had my ultrasound (notfun) so I'm choosing to do the abortion pills. This pregnancy is already killing me. I'm so tired, back hurts, cramps & pain, nausea, and I am a *****! Can't take it. So I'm going in Monday to take the first pill. No one but me and the ex bf now knows. It's honestly the hardest and most stressful thing to do especially at my age. Hopefully I will be ok

Get the copper IUD even if they tell u that u can't cuz you haven't had any kids yet just keep on insisting, its tiny hormone free, plus it can b inside u for 10 to 12 years, and can simply b removed, worry free!!

I had the copper Iud for a month and became pregnant.

just remember it is not sentient dont listen to any anti choice lies, feel free to check out you can msg for support of just look & see you arent alone <3

hey.. actually i dont know that im pregnant..! but i had an intercouse with my guy last month.. n i havent got my periods yet.. its almost 23 days.! my guy is forcing me to take the abortion pill tablet..!! can i take it without knowing that im pregnant? is it safe?

Never do something that dangerous without consulting a professional you need to see a doctor first because its more then jus 1 pill you have to take 5 pills im doing it now as we speak im 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant and yesterday i took the first pill to stop growth this early am i took 2 pills which i had to place in my cheeks untill they disolve for an half hour your gonna need pain meds too tomoro i have to repeat again so its a process.

first if you do not want to abort then dont, self doubt leaves you open for anti choicers to bully you & could lead to regret, you need to decide for you, no one else. also they shouldnt even give you the tablet unless you have done a test first but you certainly need to do one even if for w.e. reason you some how got the pill without doing the test.

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Well im glad im not alone on this.. I just found out yesterday that im pregnant.. so im going through all this in the internet hoping I find something that will help me. My mind is set to having an abortion, I just felt so alone on it. And for the same reason as many of you out there im 26 married and a mother of four kids 11, 6, 4, and 1. Currently going to school, I just cant have another baby right now.. its to hard in everyway. Hopefully the pill is the right decision im scared but I know that right now this is the right decision for me..

What did you end up doing? Did it all work out as you planned? Do you feel better?

I have an appointment for pill in 5 days and I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do it. I am one of those people against abortion but being 28 years old with three kids already, and one is 6, one is 2 and one is only 1...I'm just not emotionally nor physically ready to bring one more baby....but when I start thinking about I start crying and don't know how will this end....So God Help Me.

@Dana1515, view all of your options carefully. Being that you are against abortions, might make it more difficult. So take some time to yourself and be sure. I was against abortions once too. But it was the right decision.

i'm in the same point Dana1515, just found out i'm pregnant an have 4 kids 11, 9, 7, 5 two boys an two girls, was on the pill for the last 6 years an kept forgetting these past few months with being stressed an now i'm expecting an my husband an i have agree to take the pill, i have an appt jan 16 an i just tell my self yea i will be hurting but i have to think of the kids i have now...can't afford to start over at all...i never thought id be in this situation but no one god bless u an i pray everything goes good for the both of us.

Hi seems I'm on the same boat as you only I have an 8 year old and my youngest just turned 5 months yesterday, and I have a six year old and a two year old, neither nor my bf work, I'm heartbroken though but just not financially nor phisically ready, I'm 8 wks prg, I'm so tired all the time and feel so lazy as well as gained ssoo much weight already, but I just can't keep this baby as much as we both would like to. I'm sched. For the 19th for the pill.

I just found out I'm pregnant. I'm 25, no kids, finishing my first year back at college, living at my grandparents house. I work part time and my grandparents help me out a ton financially because I am in school full time. The father is my on/off again boyfriend of 5 years and he is 26. I have an appt for the pill in 5 days as well. I am so torn. My heart is saying one thing and my head is saying another. I know it would be so hard to take care of a baby right now but it would be so worth it because or that love. I know the father and I would do everything we could to take care of it. We would hopefully move in together before it came but both of us aren't in the greatest place financially. He works full time but it's commission so income isn't consistent. I would work as much as I could before to save. I wouldn't be able to go back to school next semester tho. And that's hard because my grandparents want me to finish so bad. School is extremely important to me, I am a 4.0 student that busts my *** to maintain that. I know that if I have a baby it doesn't make it impossible to go to school. A ton of people do it. And besides school, there are millions of people who are in worse situations than I am, and make it work. So I know that we could. We both come from great families that would always be there for us. But I want to do it on my own as much as I could, especially financially. I know it's not the ideal situation but almost every kid in my family wasn't conceived and born in an ideal situation. I'm scared of how I will feel if I go through with the abortion. My heart is already broken now and it hasn't even happened yet. I know it will save me a lot of grief and hardships but grief is different than grieving and heartache. I'm just curious how you are feeling after doing it? How did you grieve? Are you doing okay?

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I found out I was pregnant a few days ago and decided then tht I couldn't keep it. The father of the baby hates the fact tht I want to get rid of it, it just isn't the right thing for me right now. Maybe I'm being selfish but I feel like I'm doing what's best for me. My appointment is January 10, 3 days after my 24th birthday. I'm about to graduate from college and there is so much ahead of me. I was against it but I knew tht I'd I ever find myself in this predicament, I knew what I'd have to do.

I think you did the right thing :)

I just found out I'm 6 weeks pregnant. I called the local planned parenthood and set up an appointment for the abortion pill. I go in New Year's Eve. I've never thought I'd have to do something I was so against, but the truth is you never know until it happens to you. I'm 24 with two daughters under the age of 6 and the father of my daughters and I are barley making it day by day. I wish I can keep this baby but it in the long run it would be unfair to it because I know I can't give my all to it like it deserves.

I was your age when I had my abortion. I had my abortion January 2nd, 2008.

I was also against. So I can relate

Where did you get the pills?

Today is the day I go to the clinic to get the pills. I've never thought I would be in this situation. I have three kids and adding another would not make the situation any better. At first I was against abortions but I learned you Can not judge people if you haven't walked in there shoes. I hope I'm making the right decision. I am not with my childrens father because he had an affair, so it is not a right time to bring a baby to this very messed up situation.

How's it going?! what are you feeling? I had the pills to, if you need anything message me.

I'm doing ok. I went to the clinic and they told me I was to early yo see. I have to go this sat. I just want this to be over. I keep going through mixed emotions...but I know this is the best desision at this time. Thanks for caring! Xoxi

I am a 21 yr old single girl,live in india, i had intercourse with my intimate partner for less than 45 sec, he ********** outside my vagina but i m afraid if there are any chances of pregnancy. Can you please suggest me any medicine if in case i am pregnant.

well.. i dont think you could be pregnant this time, when are you suppossed to have your period?

add me mommy i am an adult baby with 2 mommies who are pregnant and are smokers they are lovers the best mommies in the world. i take care of my 2 mommies who are lovers and plan to be married and they promise to baby me and treat me like a baby i love my mommies look at my mommies pregnant bump in my photos my mommies diaper me bottle feed me and control me

I'm going to keep this short (in the hopes of truly helping another person who may just need to know they're not going crazy).
I was 7 weeks pregnant. Went to the clinic (Saturday) and took the first (of 5 pills) at noon. I was instructed to begin my antibiotics that night, and take the 4 (main) pills at noon on Sunday. After about 45 minutes, I drank some water to dissolve the rest of the pills (as instructed) and waited. About 90 minutes I began to cramp and was tired (normal for me while on my period). Exactly 5 hours after the pills dissolved I felt a "gush" and ran to the bathroom. I completely soaked through a pad, and replaced it. 15 minutes after that I soaked through another pad. This kinda freaked me out (because on the instruction it said to call if you soak 2 pads in 2 hours). So I called... they told me it was natural and try to relax. I sat back on the couch, and about 20 minutes later felt anouther "gush".. and ran to the rest room. At this point I decided to just sit on the toilet and wait it out. My heart was dropping at the sounds of the blood clots coming out. I started to cry because I think the amount and sounds were just surreal. The bleeding pretty much continued for 3-4 hours in total, then subsided to a normal period. I bled for the entire week after, pretty much without break. My 1 week check up was fine.

My suggestion is to stay close by, or stay on the toilet after about the 5 hour mark. I wasn't prepared (not even with a large, "super" maxi-pad). This could have been extremely embarassing and a horrifying experience, coupled with the emotional trauma.

I am 40 yrs old with a 5yr old boy......I too took the pills to end a was painful but I believe it was more emotional then physical. It is nothing to be ashamed of and believe me I cried and cried over the situation but I believe in my heart it was for the best! Stay strong girls!!! Xoxox

I am 15 and might be pregnant. My parents would kill me if they knew. I Will get kicked out of my house and so. I feel the same way I'm mot happy of what I have to do. but it's what I need to do. I can't raise a child when I am a child myself. I need help with so many things. The father of my might be baby wants me to keep this and go threw with this we assures me he will be with me but understands my decision as well. I'm searching on google trying to what abortion pill I can take without having to go to a doctor. I have my way of getting the pill I just don't know which one to take. HELP?

Destiny1216, whether this boy is 15 also, or a little older, people say a lot of things about what they \"would\" do, but you have to remember at the end of the day \"YOU\" are the only that will have to be there no matter what. It is totally you decision. Yes, I\'m sure you\'d make a wonderful parent, but realistically you have so much of your life to live, why make it harder on yourself now. High school, college, first job/apartment/ etc... there\'s so much to look forward to. A lot of that will be placed on hold or sacraficed by having a child at a young age.

I was 16 years old when I had to tell my mom that I was pregnant. I remember it like it was yesterday. She was very disappointed, but she was there for me. You have to remember, your parents (no matter what) want to help, nurture, and keep you safe. Even if that means taking you to a clinic, driving you to prenatal visits, etc. I would not advise taking the pill and not having your family suppport (at such a young age). I freaked out, in my own bathroom, with my own medical and my own car. Mentally preparation is something you\'ll have to go through at the time; physically prep is a lot different. You\'ll want someone with you to be by your side when the medicine kicks in. If you need someone to talk to, please email me and I\'ll be more than happy to call/ talk/ hell if you\'re close I\'ll meet you at your appointment. Good luck young one!

I am going through the same thing. You that pass judgment are you gonna come tomy house while i work three jobs to stay off wellfare. Not to mention i have health insurance but can't aford to use it because of the copays. And get get state assistance because i work. The father won't return calls says its a mistake even though i used a condom it broke. I offered to get plan b but i t s ke care of my disabled mom and my money went to her meds this month and the guy said i am not spending my money on that i can't get you pregnant it took a year to concieve my son with my ex. Now i am in this position and people are so nasty try calling the baby dad and let him hear it.

Thankyou means everything right now

You hang in there . I just had my abortion 6-12-13, and like you I refuse to go on assistance. its hard but youll make it.

I see pullup is still smelling the place up with ****** diapers. One day she might grow up and will have to change her name to pantygirl.

Lol haha

Your worse than these little girls out here getting pregnant,nobody ever has enough money to take care of a baby!Your a grown woman whom im sure knows how to get pregnant and you didn't use protection of any kind to prevent it so you abort a child that didn't,ask to be here?And you'd rather kill a baby rather than put it up for adoption for some people who cant have children sad! Your WEAK and a sorry excuse for a woman,us woman were created to handle pregnancy,I feel sorry for you.

Well I guess that I should have risked a miscarriage or have a baby by a man that forced himself on me. I guess I am weak too because I never wanted to be pregnant. I guess I am weak because of medical reasons, I couldn't take care of myself, or have the physical and mental strength to carry a fetus. I am no different from any of the women in this group.

you are a blight on society with your old world ideas go down to the i million children in south America or Africa that are not taken care of and ask your self do we really need to keep breeding and breeding until the earth is barren your nothing but a virus on the earth you fake christian zealot your one of the ones that would have killed Jesus your that stupid hahahahash

You have to ask Jesus for forgiveness. Yes and Jesus is the son of God. God/JC loves each and everyone of us. Jesus saves. Pullupgirl, where in the bible does it say anythig about "abortions"? Oh and my favorite one here... Where does it say that "God forbids abortions?" I've heard that one many times. Anyway, it does not say. There is nothing written in the great book about abortions. There is something in there about killing. Killing is a sin. Abortion is to end a pregnancy by removing the fetus or embryo. And that obviously kills the fetus. Every woman in this group knows that ending a pregnancy kills a fetus.

I know that I have sinned when I had an abortion(killed a fetus). I know this, pullupgirl. I know that I have sinned over and over when I scared my body. I killed a fetus. I did not murder my baby boy.

But we are all sinners. And we are forgiven of our sins when we ask for forgiveness. You say that we did the worse sin of all. How do you know this? There are parents who have children and actually murder them, for whatever reason. Who knows? That makes me angry. And I honestly will say that these parents do not get put down and judged like we women who make the choice to abort our babies do. It is not for you to understand this. If you've never experienced it, how would you know? For whatever the reason is for our abortions, we are here struggling, fighting to heal from this. Women regret their decisions, I'm one of them. And negative comments do not help women recover. It makes them feel worse. The saying "secrets keep you sick" is so true, especially when it comes to abortions. Women like myself, have or are experiencing the trauma and the pain. Many women, like myself deal with post abortion stress syndrome. Women are silent because we fear being judged and put down. We are afraid. And sometimes we relive our abortions over and over again. Because of these negative, judgmental comments from prolifers. Do you realize that actually can increase abortions and/or cause a woman to have multiple abortions? Its true.

So what are you doing in this group? Woman to woman? Mother to mother? Christian to christian? What's really going on here? Is this really about abortions? Or something deeper? You don't have to answer this. If you want to talk, please PM me. I am always open to helping others. That is why I am in this group. And many others.

Now telling us women we are "going to hell" because we aborted our babies. How is that showing the love of God? How is that being a true or real christian? As I said in the beginning, how about you pray for the women who are dealing with this pain? Or pray for the aborted babies in heaven?

Out of respect, we have every right to heal from this pain we've had. We have suffered enough. We deserve to live and move on from this. Not relive the pain of this over and over. Even when we feel that we are at peace, still feel that pain and grief over the loss of our beautiful babies.

Whether you agree or disagree with what we did, I ask that you respect us by leaving this group and allowing us to proceed by supporting one another. Even if you don't agree and you are prolife, at least give us that. Thank you!

Pullupgirl, whatever your name is. You couldn't even answer the little question I had in these posts about the bible and where does it say anything about abortions. You couldn't answer that. That whole "you will know on judgment day" crap is not going to put me down or make me feel bad about a decision I have made 5 years ago. You do not deserve to know my story or my reasons for my abortion. Many of us have asked you out of respect to kindly leave this group and you couldn't even do that. What is it? Are you bored miserable or something and want to make us all miserable too? You need a reality check, seriously. We are trying to heal from this. Many of us are mothers and what do you think your little comment is helping the children we did keep? And stop trying to get attention from those that are trying to heal from this traumatic experience.

I already talked to God. As many of us have. Stop posting in this group. How about you "type" to God?