February 26th.

That is the date of my appointment. February 26th.


As someone who always stood up for pro-choice issues, I assumed if I ever had to have an abortion (never really thought I would) that I could rationally think my way through it, and it wouldn't be that difficult. I found out on Sunday I'm pregnant and made the appointment Monday morning. I am struggling with it more that I thought I would. I'm not saying I'm going to change my mind - I'm not. I always knew I didn't want to be a mother, and I made choice a long time ago that this is the path I would take if I ever had to.  But, I'm feeling more guilty that I was expecting... and, strange enough, It's actually making me more pro-choice. Now when I hear anti-choice people preaching about saving a life and that women who have abortions are taking the easy way out it makes me more angry than ever. There is nothing easy about this.


I don't really expect much out of this. Although, it would be nice to connect with others who have experienced what I am about to... I just found this site and feel really alone in my journey and thought at least typing it out would help a little.


Stay strong, ladies.

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First of all, wow - thank you everyone for your kind words.<br />
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Second of all, to John, that really depends on how the life of your animal is panning out. For example, I don't have enough money to support a child - if you don't have enough money to support more animals maybe you shouldn't allow your animals to procreate. Also, my pregnancy is with someone who I deeply care for, but am not currently in a relationship with - is your cat and/or dog in a loving and commited relationship? If so, I would suggest having them speak to their partners about the decision you make for them. Third, I have always known I am not cut out to be a mother - I am a God Mother to one of the most wonderful little people I have ever known, but simply will not be able to give all of myself to my own child, and you need to do that if you want to be a successful parent - are your cats and dogs willing to give all of themselves to their respective kittens and puppies? Ask them. Maybe they should carry their litters to term and then adopt. But, will their work give them paid time off for when they are simply too sick and pregnant to work? Mine won't. Maybe their parents are able to support them financially through this tough time. Mine aren't. <br />
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... Anyway, just some things to think about before you make your choice. I know I did.<br />
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Again, thank you everyone for you kind words. It really does mean a lot.

I know what you all mean about it making your stance as pro-choice stronger. Though I didn't really go through regret, there was a period from the time I realized I was pregnant to the time I got my abortion where I wasn't sure if I could afford to get it done. That period was brief, a week, but it was the most horrible, agonizing week of my life while I wasn't sure if I could get it done. After getting it done I only felt immense relief though. But going through all of that has made me even more pro-choice than I was before.

I agree with everything hae wrote. I've always been pro-choice but for some reason just assumed I would never be faced with the choice myself. After my abortion my view on pro-choice took on a whole new meaning & passion. A woman should always have control over her own body, particularly when it comes to whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term.<br />
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I especially agree with hae's point about life after abortion -- it's not always terrible & tragic. If you're firm in your decision you'll lead a normal life, and in many cases you'll be a stronger person because of the experience.

The same thing happened to me. I always believed that a girl should be able to choose what she wants to believe and do with her own body. I think after my abortion that heightened and I decided to be more open and stand up to those I probably would have just shrugged and walked away from when they made such remarks. (john for example). If you ever need anything at all I know where you have been and how you're feeling now. I went through a small part of time where I felt damaged because my bf was terrified of getting pregnant again, and I felt sad by having to make my choice, but knowing and being sure its the right choice is how everything fell into perspective for me. We can't change our past, we can work toward our future, and I regret nothing about making my choice. Only that I had found myself having to make one because we were not ready this time. And that regret is a silly one because it was out of our control. But I'm happy its the only one I have. Life isn't terrible after having an abortion always. For many being certain in the choice is all it takes to make peace with it and live a normal and prosperous life. <br />
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John, you are reported for your comments in this board. You passive aggressively slapped our member here across the face in one of the most obvious attempts to emotionally hurt someone I have seen for awhile now. <br />
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Our group let alone EP was not created so you could anonymously attack people behind a computer screen. EP is a special place where we get to share without judgment and be free to be who we are and believe what we believe. Take your judgments and hurtful words elsewhere. Also, it would be appreciated if you didn't spam our boards with song lyrics. <br />
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Sorry to hear of your situation and struggle.... Can I ask you a question since you seem to be in a thinking state of mind.... We have a few pets in our home and I was just thinking earlier before I read your story that it is really getting crazy to afford more and more animals..... each time we find a cat or one of our dogs is pregnant I am thinking of abortioning the puppies or kittens... or should we allow them to be born and then give them up for adoption? your thoughts?.... thank you!