I Have Notreally Thought About It Till Now

it,s 530am and 1week and 2 days till i had mine.when i told my boyfreind i was cryng and he was happy, i think he wanted to keep it ,but i didnt i have not really wanted to think about it being a baby.this is my second one i had my first one when i was 19 and 20 weeks gone maybe later this one was only 6weeks but i feel different im sad i think .there no one i can really talk to i have only told my bf  .it was a horrible op the 1 were u are awake it was painful and sad the death of my baby this is the only place i have said that , and i cant even say it out aloud now,it would have changed my whole life and maybe that would have been a good thing what am i left with,but there is always hope never agian 

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2 Responses Feb 13, 2010

No, what's terrible is that MandyLee feels the need to judge & put others down. Shame on you Mandy.

Terrible a woman would need to have more than one to flgure out the value of preventative birth control.