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This is a story of my own beliefs on abortion and what I was doing to my body.   My pregnacy was a complete suprise, I took my pill as I should, I was not ill or on antibiotics, as my nurse said, I was just in the small percentage of women who the pill failed on.  I did not want this pregnacy, I felt I was too mentally young and unprepared.  I was competely emotionally unprepared for this and I didn't feel I could continue with the pregnacy, I didn't want to, but due to the beliefs I'd always had on abortion, I felt I had to.      

I am sorry to say, I had always been against abortion, I felt that people have no place 'playing God', choosing who lives, and who dies.  I felt it was just, wrong. But when I was faced with this, and really had to spend time thinking about it,  I realised something.   I am a paramedic.  I 'play God' every single day.  I have bought dead people to life more times than I can count.  I have stopped dying people from dying and prolonged life when I could.  I choose, everyday in my profession to 'take life and death' into my own hands and if making a choice about a life inside of me is wrong, then what I do everyday is wrong too.  And I'll be damned if anyone wants to say what paramedics do is wrong!!   It hit me like a ton of bricks, I was wrong, abortion is not wrong and does not deserve this stigma attached to it, women who choose to do this for whatever reason should not be judged on this choice. 

I had my abortion a few days ago, I feel sad that I had to make such a choice, but I feel that is was the right thing to do.  I am going to face my loss head on and not ignore it, and never forget that this little life helped me change my view on things.  When I return to work, if I save just one life and make a difference to just one person, then I know that the loss of this unborn life was not in vain.

I know that some may not agree with what I have written and I respect that but I just wanted to share how I got here.  Much love to those going through this now, I know how hard it is. xxx 

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1 Response Feb 17, 2010

amen thank you for sharing this everyone has a right to choose god bless and good luck