I Had An Abortion...and It Was The Best Decision For Me

I had an abortion last year.  It was by far the best decision I made for myself.  I was 19 years old and in college ( I still am).  My bf of 1 yr had gotten me pregnant.  I knew if I told my parents taht they would be disappointed and stop paying for my schooling.  Education is very important to me and I dont want to bring a child into the world w/ no education and no prospects for a professional job.  My bf was very supportive and paid for the abortion myself since i was a full time student with no job.  I could not ask my parents for the money. 

I am not traumatized or emotionally damaged after the abortion like all my so called friends wanted me to believe.  (Those people who told me I would be emotionally traumatized are no longer my friends).  If I had kept the kid and dropped out of school to provide for it, yes THEN I would have been traumatized and damaged.  I would have been angry and frustrated and that would not have been fair to me, my bf or our kid most of all. 

I am finishing up my junior year of college.  I completed a finanical internship.  I am very happy with my life so far.  I am living the life of a college student, and have secured a position as a financial analyst after college graduation.  I even plan on attending graduate school.  I have no regrets.  I knew I'd be filled with regrets if I kept the baby.  I just do not have much of a maternal instinct.  I like children, in fact I even love some of them.  I just dont feel the time is right for me to have them.

I am here to tell young girls, if you want to have an abortion, go ahead and have one.  Do not let someone tell you what is right for you and what isnt.  Only you know whats best for you.  So many people will tell you you are horrible for terminating your pregnancy.  However those same people will not contribute a dime towards helping you raise that child!!!  A woman should have absolute control over her body.  Telling a woman to not have an abortion takes away her control. 

There are so many children who are beaten, molested, and abused by frustrated young parents each day.  If their parents would have only had an abortion, they would not have been beaten or abused.  Tell me what is better beating a child and causing them emotional damage or terminating a child? 

What is better for society.  Is it fair for society to pay thousands of dollars in welfare benefits to women who have unwanted pregnancies further robbing the taxpayer? 

I hear every day some worthless, out of touch with reality, idiot saying "there are so many people who cant have children, why cant these young mothers just place their child for adoption and give the child to someone who really wants a child".  For every infertile woman, there are 3 children who are in a foster family who probably never will get adopted.  These kids in foster homes are getting beaten and molested and then these kids in turn make up a large part of the prison system that we the tax payers are paying for.  There are very few infertile women, and there are very many unadopted kids. 

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

you did what was right at the time, i did the same and it didnt affect me xx

Kudos to you doing what was right for you and the future