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Successful Herbal Abortion

I just want to share that after much introspection, I decided to have an abortion 3 months ago. I used a combination of Pennyroyal, Blue and Black Cohosh tinctures for 4 1/2 days every 4 hours. I thought it would never end, every trip to the bathroom was a nightmare. But I'm here to say that it worked for me. I had a scheduled surgical abortion at Planned Parenthood that I was able to cancel. From what I hear, the percentage of success varies. So I hope to be an encouraging statistic to those who are looking to go the herbal route!

I'm interested in reading others posts to see what experiences others had and what worked/didn't work. It's vitally important that we come together as women and support each other in our decisions and point each other in the direction of helpful resources. You're all courageous and beautiful!

Alair Alair 31-35 80 Responses Apr 12, 2010

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I can say that this works. I always use condoms, but things happen. So after about a week I knew I was pregnant. I have used loose leaf pennyroyal before to kickstart my period and after two days of just drinking one cup a day, I start my period, so I figure it does seem to do something to the body.

So, I didn't have pennyroyal tincture, so I used tea instead. I boil it to where the water gets pretty dark. But I bought black cohosh tincture at one of those specialty grocery stores similar to whole foods, and they didn't have blue cohosh so I found that at Vitamin Shoppe. I also bought some tincture of liquorice also.

So every 4 hours I had to brew my pennyroyal tea (about 16 or more oz, a huge mug) and in that I put
60 drops of blue cohosh
60 drops of black cohosh
60 drops of liquorice.

I also did not try to eat as much food, snacking lightly.

After four days my kidneys started to hurt and my body was tired and I started feeling a fever and having painful cramping.
The next morning I started my period.

It probably would have been less time consuming if I found some pennyroyal tincture and I could have just easily put all the tinctures into a water bottle and drank that, but I couldn't find pennyroyal locally. I would suggest getting some on the internet.

DO NOT BUY any of the herbs in OIL FORM

I read your post, and have been working on one myself. From the day of my missed period and confirmed through an at home test, I did 7 days of 500mg Vitamin C(no rosehips!), then 4 days of the blue and black cohosh and pennyroyal every 4 hours. I was starting to worry, took a two day break of the concoction, with just the vitamin C again, then did 2 days of all of it together and got my period. i was so relieved!

I never thought that I would have a abortion. I had a surgical abortion on February 5th. I did a lot of research before and after the procedure. I encourage anyone who is thinking of having an abortion herbal, medical or surgical to do some research. I found it very helpful.

Hello, my boyfriend and I had had sex about 3 days ago. We used protection (although we forgot to check for tears in the end) but I'm still worried that it might have not been enough since I am not on any other birth control. I'm thinking of buying vitamin c and already have black cohosh with me. My period should be due anytime soon. Would these vitamins be a good idea and would it be as effective since I'm taking it so early? I'm turning 19 and heading to college, and under no conditions to raise a child right now especially with money problems. Please help me on this!

Never ever thought I'd turn up pregnant at 19 years old, but here I was, my period was a week late and I already had morning sickness. I didn't even need to take a pregnancy test, I just knew in my gut I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I are nowhere near ready to be parents, and we were in no position to face our own parents with this news, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I wanna be a mom someday, just not yet!!!
I started doing research on how to safely bring on a miscarriage at home and that's when I started seeing these herbal abortion methods. I started taking 500mg of Vitamin C every other hour. After 2 1/2 days of that (today), I went looking for Dong Quai tablets. Once I purchased them, I immediately took 2 550mg tablets along with the Vitamin C. Right after taking the dong quai tablets, I had strong cramps that felt just like period cramps. 2 hours later, my period began and here I am sharing this story. I hope my experience can help someone in the future. Today is Tuesday and I plan on being at church this Sunday. God is good!!!!

Please note though, results may not come as quickly for some of you. I think my results came so quickly because I was only a week and a half pregnant when I began this method. But don't give up hope! All the research I've done says these herbal abortion methods can take up to 10 days to work! The earlier in your pregnancy that you begin this, the BETTER. Best of luck to anyone getting ready to start this process :)

How much does black cohosh cost?

hi. I am not late at all, have not missed yet, so i must be under 3 weeks preg with faded lines on pregnancy test. I started taking 1000mg/1g Vitamin C every 4 hours, drinking 3 cups of parsley tea/day and parsley "insert" every 12 hours. I am on day 2, experiencing some cramping, but don`t know if it is just normal growing pains. I just took my first dose of Black Cohosh in hopes to speed up this process... any thoughts? I would greatly appreciate any success stories or advice. Thanks.

The idea is to mimic a pill abortion. You take a progesterone blocker AND a strong emmenagogue (uterine contractor to bring on late menses.) Anyone that has had a pill abortion knows they give you a pill to terminate the pregnancy, then one to take after 2 hours to expel it through "menstruation". There are many resources that inform as to which herb is what. You also need to, as a woman, be properly informed as to when pregnancy FOR YOU can happen. Get a tracker, enter symptoms/menses/sexual intercourse EVERY day. OVU View is a really good one. I use it. This month, I had spotting 7 days after ovulation. Not a good sign if you don't want another child. In my case, I have a 1 & 2 year old AND it would be physically dangerous for me to have another child. Myself or the potential child, or both could die. (Extreme shoulder dystocia with both births & very fast, early labors.) My body, my life, my choice. Since I have only had that kind of spotting (implantation bleeding) twice in my life, and both times I was pregnant, I will be trying blue cohosh (emmenagogue) & ORGANIC cotton root bark (progesterone inhibitor). Since I don't know if I am pregnant, only suspect, I don't know if this will help. But I will keep you posted.


hi I just purchased the blue cohosh today and am taking 20 drops every 4 hours. I just took my third set and haven't experienced any cramping yet. I'm not sure if I'm being impatient or what but I just want to make sure I'm taking the right amount. I'm about 7 weeks pregnant and can't afford the overpriced abortion pill so this is my alternative way. Please offer me any advice possible! I'm doing this all alone and am trying to have an abortion before my family and friends begin to get suspicious and ask questions.

does anyone know how and where to buy this stuff??? I read about Dong Quai but I am afraid to buy the fake one. Can someone tell me what does it look like or any idea where I can buy it?

Hi there - I see I'm probably too late to help you, but maybe someone else will read this. It is important to buy good quality herbs; even some brands sold in Whole Foods will be full of fillers and not as potent/pure as others. I prefer Solaray and Nature's Way brands, because they're high potency (my Dong Quai has over 500mg of herb in every pill) and still not ridiculously expensive. My Vitamin C, Dong Quai, and Black Cohosh cost $40 altogether - WAY cheaper than the $500 abortion pill! Good luck, my dear. I just took my second dose and already feel fevered and crampy in an "I-can-tell-this-is-working" way

I just want to tell Divame that I would have done the same. You already have enough to deal with and adding another child to the mix would not improve your situation. After the first child, it might be argued that there is still a good chance of a normal child. but after the 2nd, I would agree with you, definitely.

I have had huge success with the following mixture:

40-60 drops Pennyroyal tincture
30-40 drops Blue Cohosh tincture
in 1 cup hot water

It worked for me within 2 hours. And I have used it more than once.

Just be sure to use it within the first 3 weeks of pregnancy... I don't know if it would work after that...

Where Can I purchase the pennyroyal And this Will work with just one cup of hot water mixture correct?

WHERE did you buy this??

How much of the black/blue cohosh and pennyroyal did you have to take?

Can I use the supplements? I brought black Cohash and vitamin c today

hello, I am just contacting you to see how this worked out for you?

I've been taking large amounts of coffee and ibuprofens starting yesterday. Is anyone sure of this being a working method also? I am only 5 weeks pregnant

I'm a mother and wife, I have 2 autistic little girls and I'm on birth control, still didn't stop me from getting pregnant. I knew my period came on every month around the 28th, so I noticed it didn't come on so I decided to take a test on the 30th, and I was pregnant. I immediately decided to get an abortion. There's no way in hell I'm having another autistic child no way no way! I bought vitamin c and parseley immediately on August 1 went home and started my duty. Today is August 6 and I'm happy to report I'm no longer pregnant. Last night I passed the little sac and I went to the ER and claimed a miscarriage just so I could make sure I didn't leave any behind. I bought 5 sprigs of parseley. I pulled the leaves off, put it in a pot with lemon for taste and drank a 8oz cup of parsely tea every other hour. I drank it whenever I thought a out it and took one 500mg vitamin C Tab along with it. I'm sorry I can't tell u how many cups I drank but it wake up around 9am and go to bed around 10 pm and I had about 7 cups a day... Anyway it worked for me but make sure u get a vitamin c that doesn't have bioflavonoids in it, that prevents the miscarriage. Good luck everyone! I'm so happy it worked for me and hope it'll work for u all! If u have any questions just reply and I'll check back here ever so often to respond. Good luck!

Shame on you for lying to medical professionals! You seem really immature, and close minded to assume that your next child would be autistic as well. I really don't know how you wouldn't feel guilt knowing you've put things in your body to purposefully cause harm to the unborn child. I just don't get how anyone with a maternal instinct could do a thing like that.

don't judge if you have never been there.

How did some of you get on this site when it specifically states successful herbal abortions. If you hadn't been searching for an herbal abortion I doubt you found this.

@shelbyraylena .judge not that you be not judged. jerk,

I really don't know what you're doing on a thread about herbal abortion, then. A blastocyst is NOT A HUMAN BEING, and being relieved not to be pregnant again does not counteract this woman's maternal instinct. Her burdens are no doubt heavier than your own, and it does not show an understanding nature to blast off at someone else's circumstances beyond your ken.

Just curious I'm 16 and want to know how long you had to drink this mixture and do you feel there would be side affects i don't want to fin my future but don't want to do this through a Dr I'm ashamed and don't want to tell my parents

Hi, how pregnant were you when you took the parsely and ascorbic acid? I read in some articles that aside from taking the parsely as tea, you also need to insert some of the leaves to your genital for a few minutes. I'm just curious. I'm not sure if I am pregnant...I could just be overreacting to the things I'm feeling. I'm expecting my period on the first week of October and I definitely cannot be pregnant right now. Thanks in advance.

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I had a pill-induced abortion last year, and am facing another one this year. What a year! I found out last year that I have Rh-negative blood. Babies can have different blood types from their moms - I didn't know. I'm reasonably smart, but I didn't know. So, if during an abortion the baby's blood mixes with an Rh-negative mom, and the baby's blood isn't Rh-negative, your body could develop an attack mechanism against future babies' blood (if it's Rh negative). It makes having future babies possibly harder, when you are pregnant. It's not harder to get pregnant. I think I have that right. The point is that I went to a good doctor, and got this shot. So, now if I end up having a baby, and that baby has a different blood type than me, there is less of a chance that my body will attack the fetus. I urge anyone who has any kind of abortion to make sure you find out your blood type, and get this shot if you think you will have kids later. It's called Rh-O Immune Globulin; one brand is Rhophylac. I had to go back to the doctor's office within 48 hours of the abortion to get it - that's the window of time before the antibody development begins. I'm all for herbal medicine. I'm also all for science, and for taking good care of yourself throughout your life. <br />
<br />

If anyone is wondering about abortion here is a great link with stories of women who have had them.

That's awesome, it's unfortunate that women have to resort to this but it's absolutely wonderful that it exists. I want to know more about these plants and how they work. Is their an herbal abortion community online? This really takes it out of the hands of those who don't respect women's right to choose.

This is a great blog posting about natural herbal abortions with a website in her posting to which is also very informative. Both are very clear on the risks and that this probably won't work after 6 wks.

Hi, my last period was the 25th of May 2014. I was expecting my period for June around the 15th. had sex on the 7th of june when my ovulation peak was high. I took a pregnancy test on the 22nd of June after missing my period that was due for the 15 and it was positive. I am trying this herbal abortion for the first time. on the 23 of june I start taking 1000mg of vitamin c tablets every 2hrs and continued till the 24 some times in the night. I have now started dong quai 565mg taking 2 capsules every 4 hours. I have started getting some cramps and hoping that this works. I am not in a position now to raise a child and my birth control failed me that's why I have chosen this route.

Hey.. did you ever come on your period

do I have to use the real herbs or will the supplements<br />

Can yoh explain what you mean by your trips to the bathroom being hell? Were you vomiting?

she meant that every time she went, if she didn't see red, she was disappointed. the stress of it was hell.

How far along were you? What exactly did you do?

I found this site by searching for ways to have a miscarriage naturally. I stress miscarriage NOT AN ABORTION. I lost my baby at 13 weeks and I am devastated. I am disgusted at finding all of your stories and responses. Here I am trying to have a baby and losing it and all of you have babies and want to kill them. I don't get it. If one of you were to have been raped and going through this I am understanding of that but as far as you ladies just doing whatever you want and having sex and getting pregnant and killing your baby that is horrible (yes I say killing and yes I say baby because I don't care what you think or believe it is a baby and a person and has a soul and spirit at the moment of conception.) Even if you were using protection and this and that it doesn't matter you have sex you take the chance of getting pregnant period. If you don't want to take that chance don't have sex. How would you feel if your mom had had an abortion don't you value your life and are you not grateful that you are alive? I am not trying to be mean and condemning but you ladies really should think about what you are doing before you do it. Just because the baby is in you, you are still committing murder this is a human just as much as you are no matter what prolife and abortion clinics tell you. When you decide to have the abortion doesn't some part of you feel like it is wrong? That is your conscience telling you its wrong because deep down you know it is no matter how much society may tell you it is ok. I just wish that you all would consider what you are doing and the options that there are before killing an innocent child. There are so many couples who cannot have children and would love to adopt your child. Just think long and hard before making this decision.

Some people choose different paths in life, your opinion about their paths should be kept to yourself if you have nothing positive to contribute. You "would never" abort a child or try to induce a miscarriage, however, not everyone else is comfortable just going with the flow and letting things just happen on their own. Just because someone is trying to rid their body of a LIFE changing decision, doesnt mean that they dont carry that burden with them through life. I got pregnant at 19 and it was the hardest decision of my life. My heart ACHED going back and forth, I had a miscarriage right before I went to the abortion clinic and I was relieved because I didnt have to make the decision. 2 years later I got pregnant again and self aborted with vitamin c, I was 5 weeks along and my life wasnt stable enough for a child and I had an abusive partner, I see children now and some days I imagine that they are mine and it hurts me inside that I made the concious effort to not have my child. Im not a bad person or irresponsible, I have a heart and feelings just like everyone else. I dont need for someone else to judge me about it or point fingers at me when I already do that to myself some days. Just because youre understanding of someone elses decisions or life, doesnt mean you AGREE with it or that you would partake in such actions, it just means that you choose to offer comfort instead of negativity, and the world should think about that more often. As far as adoption goes, it seems like a promising idea, but do you know how many children grow up in foster homes and never end up getting adopted or spend their entire childhood going from house to house with no real stability? TOO many. Not every child given into adoption WILL actually be adopted. Theres always going to be tragedy in the world, your opinion doesnt need to add to it :/.

Shut yo high and mighty *** up u don't know what the **** people go thur so quick to pass judgement we all know it's wrong but if the situation cause for it then hey and y if it's rape it's different still a baby that a contradiction..all these kids already born with no home or family ***** adopt duh.... maybe you not suppose to have a baby

Just because you CAN'T have children doesn't give you the right to judge other peoples actions regarding child birth. Get over your hurt and pain and stay out of other women's uterus's!! Adoption is beautiful, but mistreating unwanted children is ugly! It is better to save your self and to save an unwanted child years of misery then to make everyone suffer. Birth is only beautiful when it's wanted. An unwanted pregnancy can bring years and years of grief to both parents and the child. You Need To Think About That!

People like her probably shouldn't have children anyway, look how she thinks. Holey ****.

my sister can't have a baby either and I am sad for both of you, but I have 4 kids and unless you are in a situation where this type of decision is needed to be made, don't think it is an easy one because it is not and yes, maybe having the baby would be a great thing, but some of us don't need to have more babies. also, don't think that your commenting will stop anyone who needs to terminate a pregnancy. i was pro life until I got pregnant. i would carry a baby for my sister, but to think of giving it away after birth, i just couldn't do that for someone I don't know and love. I hope you have your baby, but don't judge us for not wanting to go through another pregnancy again.

I'm sorry for your lost but you have know right to judge others that walk different paths than you do. You can't blame others for what they want or don't want at the time because you are hurt by your loss things happen for a reason. Every time a woman gets pregnant doesn't mean she should go through with it you don't know what someone could be going through at the time. There are people that deserve children and willing to adopt. But what about the ones thst just have the money and aren't good people and molest and abuse these children when they adopt them and the children in the foster homes that are abused by the people that work for the agency or other children that abuse and molest them. You can't guarantee that an adopted child will get a good home. But you didn't think that deep because you only could see it your way. Life doesn't always give us what we want. I hope that in the futur you will have a healthy child. I really do but learn not to throw stones

Basically don't kill bugs either because they are alive

How many unwanted children have you adopted and how many of them are disabled? When I became pregnant with an unwanted child, I cried why????? There are so many women that are trying and want to have a baby, why me???? I was on birth control and am 48 years old, my husband is 65. It seems unfair to have a child now and possibly be dead before they even graduate high school. So herbal abortion it is! Thank God for all the medicinal plants He has given.

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I'm thankful for this post. I just found out today that I'm pregnant and I'm not ready for a baby at this time. I did research on Dong Quai, Black and Blue Cohosh and just ordered some tinctures of each. I'm hoping this will go ok since I know conception was March 20th. I had a surgical abortion over 13 years ago and I can still remember the pain from that procedure. I'm hoping this alternative will be better and the cost is quite significantly cheaper. Yet I know my health is the number one priority. I do want to try this option first to see if this help me. Thank you again for this post. I'm just trying to figure out the best measurements in regards to taking the medicine. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Hey did it ever work

What is a herbal abortion?

I'm so sorry I haven't been responsive to your posts. To be honest, I had forgotten about this site until today. I will be more vigilant about checking in and answering any questions or providing support when appropriate.

Note: The success rate is only 15-20% for women who are 6 weeks or less. The rate goes down significantly after. It's important to know that if you begin ingesting pennyroyal, you must continue with a surgical abortion if it does not work. Pennyroyal will cause significant defects in the embryo/fetus so keep that in mind when considering.

Also wanted to elaborate on my experience. I purchased 3 separate tinctures (blue and black cohosh, and pennyroyal) at a local herbal shop. They can also be purchased online. I put a dropperful of each in an 8 oz. cup of water every 4 hours. EVERY 4 HOURS -you can not miss. This means waking up to an alarm in the night faithfully. By day 3, I was exhausted, starting to feel sick and didn't think it would work. That night, I laid in bed and cried which ended up turning into a spiritual type closure for me and the baby where I thanked it for coming be a part of my life and then releasing it back to wherever it came from. At that point, I was completely drained and beginning to be toxic over the pennyroyal, so I decided to stop the regimen. The next morning at 7am, I woke up with intense cramps and began to bleed.

Pls ma am eight weeks pregnant nd i wants 2 abort pls what can i use nd where 2 get it

you can take medicines for abortion...upto 11 weeks of frst trimester.

i am a single mother of a 10 month old, i am 19 years old. my birth control failed me and now im about 9 weeks pregnant, i dont have the money, time or energy for another right now. I started two days ago taking vitamin C (500 mg every hour when i can) and black cohash (540 mg 4 times a day). I also lift 8lb weights, which is kinda heavy for the workouts i do and then I also do ab workouts. I work at an animal hospital, so im holding down heavy dogs, carrying heavy pets and all that stuff. I've been having bad cramps (lower bell pains) for a while, like a week or two. I dont eat that much, never have besides the first time i was pregnant. Is there anything else I can do or am i doing anything wrong? like should i up how much im taking, or how much im taking before bed ? help!

After 5-6 weeks, the percentage of success with the herbal abortion goes down significantly-not to say that black cohosh and vitamin c won't help, I would just advise against the pennyroyal. My advice would be to increase your exercise regimen, drink more than 200mg of caffeine a day and do some visualization exercises/meditation involving your womb opening up and releasing the baby back to the universe. Even if it's not something you would normally subscribe to, I believe it's an important component to a successful self-abortion.

my wife is 3 months pregnant.... so please tell me that, is it it possible to make abortion by herbal method... please tell me

After 5-6 weeks, the success rate declines significantly. At 3 months, the rate of miscarriage is very low in most women. I would suggest a surgical abortion at this point because the emotional toll of trying other things hoping they might work may be too much for your partner. I'm sorry for the late post and I hope all works out for the best.