Successful Herbal Abortion

I just want to share that after much introspection, I decided to have an abortion 3 months ago. I used a combination of Pennyroyal, Blue and Black Cohosh tinctures for 4 1/2 days every 4 hours. I thought it would never end, every trip to the bathroom was a nightmare. But I'm here to say that it worked for me. I had a scheduled surgical abortion at Planned Parenthood that I was able to cancel. From what I hear, the percentage of success varies. So I hope to be an encouraging statistic to those who are looking to go the herbal route!

I'm interested in reading others posts to see what experiences others had and what worked/didn't work. It's vitally important that we come together as women and support each other in our decisions and point each other in the direction of helpful resources. You're all courageous and beautiful!

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Please don't kill your child! Don't take the life away that God has put in you. That hurts God's heart to know we make those mistakes. The child is so precious. Please think about it, God bless you and all who are Carrying their child.

Can somebody please help me i was raped and im pretty sure im pregnant with his baby! Im 18 weeks and i dont have $600 for an abortion.

Can someone help me I'm almost 6 weeks pregnant what can I do?

Hi I was needing to do this as well can you email me exactly what u did I've read u shouldn't injest it. How can I get the herbs I need

I had sex with the pull out method (no *********** occured during, before, or after) 5 days ago and ovulated the next day. I'm really scared that I could be pregnant, but I don't know if vitamin c will work this early. My boyfriend is going to try to get me dong quai tonight so I can start taking them together tomorrow. Will this work? PS: not conformed pregnant, but trying to avoid it by doing anything possible. I've had some very slight pregnancy symptoms as well as severe nausea (I threw up at night and in the morning and couldn't eat at all really. I'm still experiencing this) This could be stress related because it came with cold sweats and trembling. I'm really hoping the vitamin c and dong quai stops any pregnancy or gets rid of it if its there. I don't know if it will work though since my period isn't due for another 11 or so days.

How did you get he dosage right? is a great resource to help with that.

Please help
I'm 14 weeks, and the first test I took came up negative, so I thought I was off the hook. I can't afford to take time off work/drive to the nearest clinic that could help me, and I'm desperate to the point that I'm considering the coathanger. I CAN'T have this baby. I plan to use pennyroyal, pressure points, vitamin c, coffee, and hot bath, but is there anything else I should include? I'm just waiting for the pennyroyal in the mail. Thank you!

Hi, I am writing a piece for a national women's magazine and would love to speak with you, anonymously. Please feel free to contact me at 336-682-2249. Thank you.

Pennyroyal from my understanding can be extremely dangerous, please be careful. At 14 weeks, you may be too far along for anything other than a clinic abortion. At that time frame even a "herbal miscarriage" is going to run a higher risk of not expelling everything and causing infection.

I am 38, with 4 kids and even a grandbaby...I had an oops happen exactly 3 weeks ago today. Started large doses of Vit. C yesterday and added in Black Cohosh today, Clinics here have been made to be difficult to access to say the least. Only 2 in my state, one is 180 miles one way and the other 240 miles. Even just a place for a consult is over 60 miles. I am limited in options as well, because no one around me knows the situation, no can I let them. its difficult to try and figure this out without resources in my reach to help. Hopefully the herbal remedies will work, otherwise in 3 weeks I will have no choice but to find an excuse to have to take a road trip...

Add a response...

Add a response...

How far along were you

I am not sure how old this discussion is but I want to add my response to this experience. I am 28 years old and I have an amazing 6 mo daughter and I found out I was pregnant last month. I wasn't prepared for another baby, but was excited for the challenge of getting the chance of having another. I was 6 1/2 weeks when I miscarried and I've tried finding answers as to why? I am repulsed by some of the responses (or just by one person in general) I was taught by my church and family that others who so easily deem others as evil, have a questionable character themselves, "Evil men pray louder, seek penance, and stick themselves closer to Heaven." Here's my story: I was rapidly gaining weight and I was constantly hungry. I had successfully lost weight in the past using greentea slim pills. The cheap kind you can find at dollar stores. I decided to use those again, not knowing I was pregnant. I was taking 2 pills a day , followed by 30 minutes of exercise. I did this 2 days before my missed period and got a positive test 1 day after my missed period. I had no pregnancy symptoms and stopped taking the greentea pills, but continued to exercise. I did have intense diarrhea and cramping and at 5 weeks began spotting which turned into heavy bleeding. I know what happened and after reading these experiences I think I understand why I MC My MC felt like a tragedy, but not everyones situation is like mine and so I hope my tradegy helps someone.

You are all murderers! You are baby killers and what you are doing and supporting each other through is pure evil. And yes, I'm judging you! Killing is evil no matter how you try to justify it. You all need help and you all need to grow up and quit being so selfish. All these poor babies, you've killed them all...for shame!

Do you know that up to 51% of pregnancies end in early miscarriage. If any one is evil it is the god that made you. Tell him to stop killing babies of women who want a child, instead of judging those who don't.

you take them then.

Give over.
Why would you even be on a thread discussing natural abortion if you clearly have a biased view the other way.

Some people are distraught and looking for help for whatever reason and happen upon this page, the last thing they need to see are comments from a dozy mare like you.

Go and judge yourself before you judge others.

Oh for all that is good, the thing you are aborting isn't a child. It's a clump of cells. It doesn't cry when you abort or think I wish my mother loved me.

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Questim where did you get pennyroyal from and how many times a day did you take the pills

Don't kill your baby!!!

Hello. I discovered that I was pregnant when I started to see red, pink, and brown implantation bleeding. This occurred about a week after missing my period (not completely sure exactly when however it was about that time frame) I knew earlier when I felt tingles in my lower abdomen area. I am 19 y/o and a college student. I had a fling with someone I was not dating and never see myself being with. As an AA little children with no fathers in their lives in very common and my little brother is one of them. However, I do not want to become a part of the sad statistic and reality that many face.
Therefore....... I started taking Cinnamon tablets 1000 mg, Vitamin C 500 mg (w/ rosehips, which is not recommended but I accidentally bought it *sad face*), and Aspirin 81 mg. This is Day 1, and I started at 1pm taking each. Then continuing every hour until now, it is 5:16 pm. I just made Ginger tea and added 3 large drops of Dong Qui oil. I would suggest getting tablets because I saw something that mentioned the potency of Dong Qui oil being a bit lower since it soothes the Uterus. However, I will keep you posted if it works. I put 3-4 sprigs of parsley in my vagina around 2pm. Took out 4pmish and saw blood and clear discharge! That is really giving me hope that this may actually work! Will keep you all in need of a good regimen for natural abortion posted!

I must also add the fact that I began to get very bad chest pains that made it hard for me to breathe, I now know that the cause of that is acid reflux which many women who are pregnant get!

Your excitement over murdering your child is pure evil

Your obvious trolling and unnecessary judgment is pure evil. Do yourself a favour and go have sex with yourself.

I am a freelance journalist based in North Carolina and I am working on an article for a national women's magazine about women you terminate a pregnancy on their own. I am interested in speaking with you about your experience. I would not need to use your name. Many thanks, Phoebe

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I am 3-4 weeks pregnant.
It was a terrible mistake and the moment it happened I knew I would be pregnant because my period was supposed to come like the next day! I had implantation bleeding and it was a brown-reddish discharge. For like a week (I don't know if it was already miscarrying). I went to my doctor and they told me I was pregnant. Early during the day I reserved online about natural remedies for abortion.
So I went to Jamba Juice and ordered a medium "Mega Mango" (it has pinapple and tons of oranges)
I kid you not I WAS HALF WAY THRU IT and I had severe cramps!! Then a day later my blood changed from brown and barely bleeding to full on heavy flow that is clumpy. I also feel way less bloated and "acid reflex". I will update as soon as I come back from the abortion clinic in the morning. Because I made an appt just in case! :) prayyyy it works!! I hate the pills!

I also am 5'7
And had an abortion before (the pill) it sucked so I'm trying to skip that.

I am a freelance journalist working on an article for a national women's magazine about women who terminate a pregnancy on their own. I would like to speak with you about your experience. I would not need to use your name. Thank you, Phoebe

Oh!! I left out my hot showers and baths and deep pelvic massages. I also took like 4-5 birth control pills every day.

Hey, stella did it work?? My gf has the same case as you are right now, please give us an idea on what to do... we're both desperate..

Yes it did!!
It worked I went to the doctor and my hormone levels were 33
5( is a negative test)
100(is where your hormone levels are supposed to be at 4-5 weeks)
So being a 33 meant I passed the baby!

It's so awesome how easy it was for you to pass the baby. :) Hopefully my regimen works, I'm on day 1 and a;ready saw some blood w/ clear discharge!

I'm 28 yrs old I found out I was prego the first day I missed my period. I was devastated due to the fact I planned on changing jobs and all. But anyways I started taking vitamin C 500mg 2pills every 2hours the first day . WITHOUT ROSEHIPS which can be bought at any local store just check the ingredients on the back of the bottle. Anyway I stop taking 2 pills because I was feeling funny dizzy and switch to1 pill every 2 hours but don't take more then 6000mg a day no matter what and drink as much water as possible to get the vitamin flowing. Then I bought parsley from the store boil water then turn off the water cut leaves off of the parsley put it in the water cover the top of the pot for twenty mins then drink 2 cups a day along with the vitamin C on the 5th day take2 aspirins in the morning and2 before bed time it takes around 7-10days to work but it works. And yes I did get a positive pregnancy test before using this method good luck

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I am 35 with four children. I had no desires of getting pregnant. For a night that lead so some passionate intimacy 8 weeks later I finally had the guts to take a pregnancy test and sure enough it was positive. 😢Although I am single with kids I do not want to proceed with having another baby. I started taking VitC so far its been a day and taking aspirin 3 capsules every 4hours with very warm to hot water haven't tried the parsely. I am scared and have not even told my kids because I feel more ashamed then I have ever felt. Is there anything else I could take plus I take anxiety pills and trazodone to help sleep at night so not sure how that would effect the baby if I decide to keep carrying it. Any suggestions. I have read every single post on here and have yet to try the herbal teas with parsley, or cohosh. I have been eating oranges and honestly the taste is getting to me. Help please😔

I took like 4 BC pills
Got a large jamba juice "mega mango"
Massaged my lower pelvic area and took hot baths. I think my period is here after about 4 days of that. I'm 4 weeks. I made an appt in the morning just in case.

I made an appiontment to check on the little hummy bear had a xhange of heart and will see what happens next

How in the world do you have children and still decide it's ok to murder your unborn? How can you even look your other children in the face? They have no clue how lucky they are that you didn't abort them as well. Evil

Hello there. This is an old post but I know some people will search about these things later so I would like to share my desperate move as well. I was pregnant last year, August 2014. Me and bf really panicked a lot. We were just college students and our part time jobs aren't going to suffice the baby's needs in the future so we decided to end this pregnancy. We thought that it's better to end the suffering now than let the baby suffer in the future with parents who have little-to-nothing to offer. Anyway, the process took me a month of suffering. It was very hard to deal with cravings and emotional state while in the process of aborting. Here's what we did:

1) Ibuprofen - I would wake up at dawn to take 3 tablets, with parsley tea as my water
2) Coffee - I drank tons of coffee without sugar in it (caffeine passes through the placenta and increases risk for miscarriage)
3) Dancing - I'm a dance instructor so I thought that I could do this too, you can also carry heavy objects
4) Wearing high heels
5) Using the stairs instead of the elevator (it's tiring, i know)
6) Cinnamon - I just sprinkled cinnamon on anything that I eat (you can also make a tea with it)
7) Tonic Wine mixed with cola - Do not refrigerate! I repeat. Never drink cold beverages at all. What I did was I bought a cola that has never been refrigerated and I put the bottle outside our house, let it sunbathe and mix it with the nonrefrigerated tonic wine. i drank everything (I was drunk half of the day because of that lol- it's best to do this at dawn, when you haven't eaten anything yet, it's the first thing to go to your baby and it's caffeine soo.... you already know what i mean)
8) Hot baths
9) Pressure points - You can search a reflexology chart on the internet. There are a lot. Have someone to help you with this.
10) Not eating too much (because you might be craving, and craving makes the baby's grip on you stronger)
11) EPO (Evening Primrose Oil) - You can buy these at herbal shops, these softens the cervix and it induces pregnancy. I drank 3 of these after drinking the ibuprofen, and 3 capsules before going to sleep.

After you have your bleeding, drink a lot of EPO because it expels everything away (to clean your uterus to avoid infection, if you happen to have infection, just buy cefalexin) or buy a bottle of vitamin c (syrup) mix it with water and drink all of it.

Someone might be afraid of doing this because these are like different methods used by the others here (not to mention, really dangerous) but these worked on me. I lost 10 kilos because of this method but I couldn't go around looking for Dong Quai because there aren't here in our area so I decided to look for other alternatives. Remember, once you started doing these things, you should continue until you expel everything, because it would be much more dangerous if you stop and continue with the baby. I wish you luck in your process.

How many week your being pregnant while making this process?? Please reply.. My gf is 3 weeks pregnant could this process help??? Please reply

This actually made me cry! You even call it a baby and still you act like the monster you are. Pure evil.

I am a freelance journalist working on an article for a national women;s magazine about women who terminate a pregnancy on their own. I am interested in speaking with you about your experience. Please reply to let me know if you'd be interested. Many thanks, Phoebe

My personal experience:
Age: 19
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 104 lbs

My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex over a weekend visit. I'm fairly certain I'm infertile (due to years of anorexia) as I don't menstruate regularly if at all. However, a week later I felt old PMS symptoms--nausea, dizziness, headache, swollen /tender breasts and I knew I was probably pregnant. While I would've liked to have kept the baby, i knew it would be dangerous for both me and the child because of my health issues so i did some research on naturally terminating the pregnancy.

I happened upon this page and decided to try parsley. I minced the herb and drank a few tablespoons with warm water once every hour. Within 4-6 hours, i began to bleed and two days later it was over.

I can personally testify that parsley worked. It might be partially due to my current health issues/low body weight, but its worth a shot! Best of luck to you all xox

I'm 2 weeks pregnant and I just started taking black cohosh, vitamin c chewables and ground cinnamon and cinnamon pills will this help or do I need more
things? Please respond.. I need help and not another baby

How are you now? Was it successful? Try not to buy vit c with bioflavonoids

Did it happen to work? :(

i am 4 weeks delayed so i think i'm pregnant because of some sore boobs. I've been taking vitamin c, parsley and dong quai for almost two weeks now but still doesn't work. any suggestion what i needed to add? can i add black or blue cohosh? is it possible? problem also coz i can't take the medicine during night time. its hard for me to wake up at 3am.

I have found black cohosh. At the store but where do you find blue cohosh?

Is this effective if you are 2 weeks pregnant?

Yes! It's very early so get started!!

Ill be about 2 weeks, for this is it better to get the pill version or liquid? The sooner I am the faster it will go away right?

i just found out im close too 11 weeks , could be less, recently 9 months ago i had my 2nd c section my periods been wacky ever since which is why i didnt expect this, untill i took the pregnancy test im 20 years old, so im very scared and should of been more careful. but im still healing my self, me and my partner are in no way ready for another baby, i just started useing 1,000 mg of vitamin c nature made yesterday, im experiencing more cramps than i have the last 2 months or so. i experienced so far alot of diziness and some nausea . i have the urge to pee alot and sometimes nothing comes out. im going on day 2. im not sure if im on right track or not never tryed this before so please no rude commennts

Can u please keep me updated on your experience w vitamin C. I've been taking Dong Quai for 5 days 1000mg very 4 hours and nothing. I had cramps yesterday for about it 10 min then nothing after that. I am about 9 or 10 weeks.

So did you have any success with the dong quai I've been taking it and I just had cramps and bm.

Did u have any success please update me im trying to figure out what to buy and where to start. Im about 9to 10 weeks.

The being unable to pee could be the result of having kidney stones. Hope you are okay

Can you please let me know if this worked or not. Im about 9 to 10 weeks. And not sure where to start

From what i understand taking vitamin c or dong quai alone won't work. you have to take them together in high doses in order for them to work. i dunno, i'm about to try. i think i'm 9-10 weeks, and i want to try. any one who knows for sure, please help!

i think i'm somewhere between 13 and 16 weeks i'm really scared. been trying a slew of things to end this including as much caffeine as possible, dosing 12k milligrams of vitamin c daily and i usually eat this tropical fruit mix that has papaya and pineapple, both which are supposed to help with abortion. I at raw imitation crab quite a bit in hopes of at least weakening the fetus. tried starving myself but i'm going through so much at once that i tend to break down and eat and hate myself shortly after so ive been trying to puke up anything i accidentally eat. two weeks ago my boobs started leaking... every day is hell i'm so terrified. i punch myself in the lower abdomen a few times a day just because i want it to be hurt so i can miscarry already. i don't have the money for an abortion and my ex was supposed to help me pay for one 4 weeks ago but he quit his job... and it's just me. it doesn't help that i have a packed work schedule that i have to fight through all the nausea to sustain so i can pay for my housing.... i've been trying this blue cohosh & pennyroyal brew thing i found online and it makes me lose feeling in my extremities but I get contraction like spasms so i'm going to keep drinking it. i ordered a pound of pennyroyal n black and blue cohosh from mountainroseherbs i think, its not super expensive. i also got a quarter pound of peppermint to help with the awful taste, and thats actually a good amount considering you only pay 4$. i get drunk a few times a week and have been chainsmoking more too. I can't carry this to term, it'll drive me to killing myself, and if it somehow didnt, the child would end up deformed and messed up beyond help considering the drugs i did early on and my aggressive attempts right now. i'm trying to get on a documented schedule so i can really throw everything i can at this in the most effective manner.... i'll keep you guys posted and let you know how it goes. i wish you all the best of luck. much love, and fuuck the GOP thats screwing us out of easily accessible and affordable safe abortions.

You need major help.

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Hey guys, just wanted to share my experience.. After doing some research I decided to try a few options as different things seem to work for different girls..
I was almost 2 weeks late, very sore boobs and had brown discharge for about a week when I started.
On the first day I started by by buying an over the counter(non prescription) yeast infection pill. I took the pill a couple of bourse before I went to bed and after @ 3 hours I started experimenting strong cramping..that lasted for over an hour. The cramping was not like the one I get when on my period, it was actually located much lower than normal cramps
The next day I waited to see what happened but got nothing during the day.
The 3rd day I started taking vitamin C(1000mg) and had 3 papaya extract tablets and I drank a warm mixture of water, cinnamon and percil leaves.
On the 4rd day I started by having more vitamin c and another papaya tablet and that afternoon I finally got my period. It was much more intense than a first day, more like a second day but other than its been quite normal.
Anyways just wanted to share my positive experience and wish everybody who is going through this situation all the best..

I need information on how to complete this accurately. I know that I am exactly 4 weeks and 6 days pregnant. I only had sex once so there is no doubt in my mind that the date is accurate. Please share as much as you can with me. I am desperate.

Hi there, first of all I'm not sure how far I was, in pressuring I was probably @ 4 weeks when I started the process...
My period was due @ April 10th and I started the process on the 23th
First of all I went and got an over the counter yeast infection pill which was contraindicated for pregnant women. I took that before I went to bed and a couple hours later I started to get really strong cramps( I don't normally get strong cramps when on my period)
The second day I just waited to see if something happen but got nothing..the 3rd day I started with vitamin c tablets, (1000mg a max of 6 tablets a day) and had 3 papaya extract tablets.
Also made a tea with loads of cinnamon and persil leaves and drank it through the day.
I also got some black cohosh tablets from holland and barret(6,5mg) with the intention of talking them the next day.
On the 4th day( April 26th) I had 2 more vitamin c tablets and 2 more papaya extract tablets and that afternoon I got my I never got to take the black cohosh..

Thanks for replying. Do you remember the name of the yeast infection medication?
I live in the U.S. - not sure where you are. I've noticed some things are not available at my pharmacy (ie Dong Quai). Thank you again.

The pill was called Fluconazole, it's an over the counter so you don't need any prescriptions and its only one dosis
I'm in the UK so most things meds should be easier to get in the US..
You can get Dong Quai in Whole Foods or any naturalistic shop like holland and barret.
Don quai is also known as Chinese Angelica ..

Thanks again. I can't believe I'm in this situation - all the precautions taken and here I am. I am hoping for the best.

I'm really sorry, completely understand.. I was the same just over a month ago..happy to help and hope everything works for the best..

Go to GNC

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hi can anyone tell me the right dong Quai capsles to take i have the root is this right?

I am in need of help and fast. I don't mean to put my whole story on here but i will make it short as i can. I had un protected sex on mar. 30. And i am really freaking out that i am pregnant, my period is due about the 20th. im not always regular but never too far off from the dates. but i don't want to wait that long, can someone give me the correct dosages to use the herbs for an abortion? or any advice to what i should do at this point? i am an 18 year old girl and made a mistake. i am in no position to raise a child and i know i should have been more careful.

This is an old post, but people read later...
If there is a dangerous situation, the day after get the morning after pill. If this is not available, start taking vitamin c (pure ascorbic acid- no riboflavins) about 6-9grams per day divided equally over the day. I.e. 1gram every hour or so...

I am drinking pennyroyal and blue cohosh infused brew right now. It is my third cup today. My period is 2 days late and is usually 3 days early, but never late for over a year. So before I assume to be pregnant, drink the so tea to get my stubborn period.

is it successful?

Yes! After drinking my third cup of the Penny Royal and blue cohosh I got my period! I also did have about 3 cups of water with a table spoon of pure vitamin C. This is excellent how fast it worked. It came on slow but then was a heavy period. I

I can say that this works. I always use condoms, but things happen. So after about a week I knew I was pregnant. I have used loose leaf pennyroyal before to kickstart my period and after two days of just drinking one cup a day, I start my period, so I figure it does seem to do something to the body.

So, I didn't have pennyroyal tincture, so I used tea instead. I boil it to where the water gets pretty dark. But I bought black cohosh tincture at one of those specialty grocery stores similar to whole foods, and they didn't have blue cohosh so I found that at Vitamin Shoppe. I also bought some tincture of liquorice also.

So every 4 hours I had to brew my pennyroyal tea (about 16 or more oz, a huge mug) and in that I put
60 drops of blue cohosh
60 drops of black cohosh
60 drops of liquorice.

I also did not try to eat as much food, snacking lightly.

After four days my kidneys started to hurt and my body was tired and I started feeling a fever and having painful cramping.
The next morning I started my period.

It probably would have been less time consuming if I found some pennyroyal tincture and I could have just easily put all the tinctures into a water bottle and drank that, but I couldn't find pennyroyal locally. I would suggest getting some on the internet.

DO NOT BUY any of the herbs in OIL FORM

I read your post, and have been working on one myself. From the day of my missed period and confirmed through an at home test, I did 7 days of 500mg Vitamin C(no rosehips!), then 4 days of the blue and black cohosh and pennyroyal every 4 hours. I was starting to worry, took a two day break of the concoction, with just the vitamin C again, then did 2 days of all of it together and got my period. i was so relieved!

I never thought that I would have a abortion. I had a surgical abortion on February 5th. I did a lot of research before and after the procedure. I encourage anyone who is thinking of having an abortion herbal, medical or surgical to do some research. I found it very helpful.

Hello, my boyfriend and I had had sex about 3 days ago. We used protection (although we forgot to check for tears in the end) but I'm still worried that it might have not been enough since I am not on any other birth control. I'm thinking of buying vitamin c and already have black cohosh with me. My period should be due anytime soon. Would these vitamins be a good idea and would it be as effective since I'm taking it so early? I'm turning 19 and heading to college, and under no conditions to raise a child right now especially with money problems. Please help me on this!

im in the same situation as you.. any chance of results 1 week after sex?

Never ever thought I'd turn up pregnant at 19 years old, but here I was, my period was a week late and I already had morning sickness. I didn't even need to take a pregnancy test, I just knew in my gut I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I are nowhere near ready to be parents, and we were in no position to face our own parents with this news, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I wanna be a mom someday, just not yet!!!
I started doing research on how to safely bring on a miscarriage at home and that's when I started seeing these herbal abortion methods. I started taking 500mg of Vitamin C every other hour. After 2 1/2 days of that (today), I went looking for Dong Quai tablets. Once I purchased them, I immediately took 2 550mg tablets along with the Vitamin C. Right after taking the dong quai tablets, I had strong cramps that felt just like period cramps. 2 hours later, my period began and here I am sharing this story. I hope my experience can help someone in the future. Today is Tuesday and I plan on being at church this Sunday. God is good!!!!

Please note though, results may not come as quickly for some of you. I think my results came so quickly because I was only a week and a half pregnant when I began this method. But don't give up hope! All the research I've done says these herbal abortion methods can take up to 10 days to work! The earlier in your pregnancy that you begin this, the BETTER. Best of luck to anyone getting ready to start this process :)

I want to try this one but I have a question: did you wake up at night to take the pills during those 2 1/2 days or only used them during daytime? I'm like only 2 weeks pregnant so I think it should work, right? But I really want to get it all right so I don't **** it up

Yes ma'am! I would wake up at least twice during the night. Like for me, I usually go to sleep around midnight. I would wake up at 3 and 6am to take vitamin c. The idea is to keep a steady flow of vitamin c in your system! Waking up at least twice did the trick for me. Also if you can, add the Dong Quai root, that's what REALLY brought on my period!

God is good?! He didn't help you kill your baby

How much does black cohosh cost?

hi. I am not late at all, have not missed yet, so i must be under 3 weeks preg with faded lines on pregnancy test. I started taking 1000mg/1g Vitamin C every 4 hours, drinking 3 cups of parsley tea/day and parsley "insert" every 12 hours. I am on day 2, experiencing some cramping, but don`t know if it is just normal growing pains. I just took my first dose of Black Cohosh in hopes to speed up this process... any thoughts? I would greatly appreciate any success stories or advice. Thanks.

The idea is to mimic a pill abortion. You take a progesterone blocker AND a strong emmenagogue (uterine contractor to bring on late menses.) Anyone that has had a pill abortion knows they give you a pill to terminate the pregnancy, then one to take after 2 hours to expel it through "menstruation". There are many resources that inform as to which herb is what. You also need to, as a woman, be properly informed as to when pregnancy FOR YOU can happen. Get a tracker, enter symptoms/menses/sexual intercourse EVERY day. OVU View is a really good one. I use it. This month, I had spotting 7 days after ovulation. Not a good sign if you don't want another child. In my case, I have a 1 & 2 year old AND it would be physically dangerous for me to have another child. Myself or the potential child, or both could die. (Extreme shoulder dystocia with both births & very fast, early labors.) My body, my life, my choice. Since I have only had that kind of spotting (implantation bleeding) twice in my life, and both times I was pregnant, I will be trying blue cohosh (emmenagogue) & ORGANIC cotton root bark (progesterone inhibitor). Since I don't know if I am pregnant, only suspect, I don't know if this will help. But I will keep you posted.


why are you taking the time to read up on the subject? There are some people who need the info. I have a dead baby in me now and am looking for natural ways to cause a miscarriage. judge not lest ye be judged

hi I just purchased the blue cohosh today and am taking 20 drops every 4 hours. I just took my third set and haven't experienced any cramping yet. I'm not sure if I'm being impatient or what but I just want to make sure I'm taking the right amount. I'm about 7 weeks pregnant and can't afford the overpriced abortion pill so this is my alternative way. Please offer me any advice possible! I'm doing this all alone and am trying to have an abortion before my family and friends begin to get suspicious and ask questions.

does anyone know how and where to buy this stuff??? I read about Dong Quai but I am afraid to buy the fake one. Can someone tell me what does it look like or any idea where I can buy it?

Hi there - I see I'm probably too late to help you, but maybe someone else will read this. It is important to buy good quality herbs; even some brands sold in Whole Foods will be full of fillers and not as potent/pure as others. I prefer Solaray and Nature's Way brands, because they're high potency (my Dong Quai has over 500mg of herb in every pill) and still not ridiculously expensive. My Vitamin C, Dong Quai, and Black Cohosh cost $40 altogether - WAY cheaper than the $500 abortion pill! Good luck, my dear. I just took my second dose and already feel fevered and crampy in an "I-can-tell-this-is-working" way

I just want to tell Divame that I would have done the same. You already have enough to deal with and adding another child to the mix would not improve your situation. After the first child, it might be argued that there is still a good chance of a normal child. but after the 2nd, I would agree with you, definitely.

I have had huge success with the following mixture:

40-60 drops Pennyroyal tincture
30-40 drops Blue Cohosh tincture
in 1 cup hot water

It worked for me within 2 hours. And I have used it more than once.

Just be sure to use it within the first 3 weeks of pregnancy... I don't know if it would work after that...

Where Can I purchase the pennyroyal And this Will work with just one cup of hot water mixture correct?

WHERE did you buy this??

How much of the black/blue cohosh and pennyroyal did you have to take?

Can I use the supplements? I brought black Cohash and vitamin c today

hello, I am just contacting you to see how this worked out for you?

I've been taking large amounts of coffee and ibuprofens starting yesterday. Is anyone sure of this being a working method also? I am only 5 weeks pregnant

I'm a mother and wife, I have 2 autistic little girls and I'm on birth control, still didn't stop me from getting pregnant. I knew my period came on every month around the 28th, so I noticed it didn't come on so I decided to take a test on the 30th, and I was pregnant. I immediately decided to get an abortion. There's no way in hell I'm having another autistic child no way no way! I bought vitamin c and parseley immediately on August 1 went home and started my duty. Today is August 6 and I'm happy to report I'm no longer pregnant. Last night I passed the little sac and I went to the ER and claimed a miscarriage just so I could make sure I didn't leave any behind. I bought 5 sprigs of parseley. I pulled the leaves off, put it in a pot with lemon for taste and drank a 8oz cup of parsely tea every other hour. I drank it whenever I thought a out it and took one 500mg vitamin C Tab along with it. I'm sorry I can't tell u how many cups I drank but it wake up around 9am and go to bed around 10 pm and I had about 7 cups a day... Anyway it worked for me but make sure u get a vitamin c that doesn't have bioflavonoids in it, that prevents the miscarriage. Good luck everyone! I'm so happy it worked for me and hope it'll work for u all! If u have any questions just reply and I'll check back here ever so often to respond. Good luck!

Shame on you for lying to medical professionals! You seem really immature, and close minded to assume that your next child would be autistic as well. I really don't know how you wouldn't feel guilt knowing you've put things in your body to purposefully cause harm to the unborn child. I just don't get how anyone with a maternal instinct could do a thing like that.

don't judge if you have never been there.

How did some of you get on this site when it specifically states successful herbal abortions. If you hadn't been searching for an herbal abortion I doubt you found this.

@shelbyraylena .judge not that you be not judged. jerk,

I really don't know what you're doing on a thread about herbal abortion, then. A blastocyst is NOT A HUMAN BEING, and being relieved not to be pregnant again does not counteract this woman's maternal instinct. Her burdens are no doubt heavier than your own, and it does not show an understanding nature to blast off at someone else's circumstances beyond your ken.

Just curious I'm 16 and want to know how long you had to drink this mixture and do you feel there would be side affects i don't want to fin my future but don't want to do this through a Dr I'm ashamed and don't want to tell my parents

Hi, how pregnant were you when you took the parsely and ascorbic acid? I read in some articles that aside from taking the parsely as tea, you also need to insert some of the leaves to your genital for a few minutes. I'm just curious. I'm not sure if I am pregnant...I could just be overreacting to the things I'm feeling. I'm expecting my period on the first week of October and I definitely cannot be pregnant right now. Thanks in advance.

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I had a pill-induced abortion last year, and am facing another one this year. What a year! I found out last year that I have Rh-negative blood. Babies can have different blood types from their moms - I didn't know. I'm reasonably smart, but I didn't know. So, if during an abortion the baby's blood mixes with an Rh-negative mom, and the baby's blood isn't Rh-negative, your body could develop an attack mechanism against future babies' blood (if it's Rh negative). It makes having future babies possibly harder, when you are pregnant. It's not harder to get pregnant. I think I have that right. The point is that I went to a good doctor, and got this shot. So, now if I end up having a baby, and that baby has a different blood type than me, there is less of a chance that my body will attack the fetus. I urge anyone who has any kind of abortion to make sure you find out your blood type, and get this shot if you think you will have kids later. It's called Rh-O Immune Globulin; one brand is Rhophylac. I had to go back to the doctor's office within 48 hours of the abortion to get it - that's the window of time before the antibody development begins. I'm all for herbal medicine. I'm also all for science, and for taking good care of yourself throughout your life. <br />
<br />

If anyone is wondering about abortion here is a great link with stories of women who have had them.

That's awesome, it's unfortunate that women have to resort to this but it's absolutely wonderful that it exists. I want to know more about these plants and how they work. Is their an herbal abortion community online? This really takes it out of the hands of those who don't respect women's right to choose.

This is a great blog posting about natural herbal abortions with a website in her posting to which is also very informative. Both are very clear on the risks and that this probably won't work after 6 wks.

Hi, my last period was the 25th of May 2014. I was expecting my period for June around the 15th. had sex on the 7th of june when my ovulation peak was high. I took a pregnancy test on the 22nd of June after missing my period that was due for the 15 and it was positive. I am trying this herbal abortion for the first time. on the 23 of june I start taking 1000mg of vitamin c tablets every 2hrs and continued till the 24 some times in the night. I have now started dong quai 565mg taking 2 capsules every 4 hours. I have started getting some cramps and hoping that this works. I am not in a position now to raise a child and my birth control failed me that's why I have chosen this route.

Hey.. did you ever come on your period

do I have to use the real herbs or will the supplements<br />

Can yoh explain what you mean by your trips to the bathroom being hell? Were you vomiting?

she meant that every time she went, if she didn't see red, she was disappointed. the stress of it was hell.

How far along were you? What exactly did you do?

I found this site by searching for ways to have a miscarriage naturally. I stress miscarriage NOT AN ABORTION. I lost my baby at 13 weeks and I am devastated. I am disgusted at finding all of your stories and responses. Here I am trying to have a baby and losing it and all of you have babies and want to kill them. I don't get it. If one of you were to have been raped and going through this I am understanding of that but as far as you ladies just doing whatever you want and having sex and getting pregnant and killing your baby that is horrible (yes I say killing and yes I say baby because I don't care what you think or believe it is a baby and a person and has a soul and spirit at the moment of conception.) Even if you were using protection and this and that it doesn't matter you have sex you take the chance of getting pregnant period. If you don't want to take that chance don't have sex. How would you feel if your mom had had an abortion don't you value your life and are you not grateful that you are alive? I am not trying to be mean and condemning but you ladies really should think about what you are doing before you do it. Just because the baby is in you, you are still committing murder this is a human just as much as you are no matter what prolife and abortion clinics tell you. When you decide to have the abortion doesn't some part of you feel like it is wrong? That is your conscience telling you its wrong because deep down you know it is no matter how much society may tell you it is ok. I just wish that you all would consider what you are doing and the options that there are before killing an innocent child. There are so many couples who cannot have children and would love to adopt your child. Just think long and hard before making this decision.

Some people choose different paths in life, your opinion about their paths should be kept to yourself if you have nothing positive to contribute. You "would never" abort a child or try to induce a miscarriage, however, not everyone else is comfortable just going with the flow and letting things just happen on their own. Just because someone is trying to rid their body of a LIFE changing decision, doesnt mean that they dont carry that burden with them through life. I got pregnant at 19 and it was the hardest decision of my life. My heart ACHED going back and forth, I had a miscarriage right before I went to the abortion clinic and I was relieved because I didnt have to make the decision. 2 years later I got pregnant again and self aborted with vitamin c, I was 5 weeks along and my life wasnt stable enough for a child and I had an abusive partner, I see children now and some days I imagine that they are mine and it hurts me inside that I made the concious effort to not have my child. Im not a bad person or irresponsible, I have a heart and feelings just like everyone else. I dont need for someone else to judge me about it or point fingers at me when I already do that to myself some days. Just because youre understanding of someone elses decisions or life, doesnt mean you AGREE with it or that you would partake in such actions, it just means that you choose to offer comfort instead of negativity, and the world should think about that more often. As far as adoption goes, it seems like a promising idea, but do you know how many children grow up in foster homes and never end up getting adopted or spend their entire childhood going from house to house with no real stability? TOO many. Not every child given into adoption WILL actually be adopted. Theres always going to be tragedy in the world, your opinion doesnt need to add to it :/.

You couldn't have said that any better than you did!!!! That is the honest truth. We as women have rights to do what we choose with our body and no matter what approach we take in life to make the right choice, several of us think long and hard about our current, past, present and future situations to determine the choices that we make. Whether some of us sit back and judge others because their not living the life or lived the life of the ones that do choose to terminate a pregnancy for whatever reason. Don't sit and judge, you never know one day you may end up in that situation like someone else who has to make that unselfish decision and then maybe you will understand and see it from another persons eyes.

When you are murdering babies, you deserve to be judged. It's evil

Grow up

Shut yo high and mighty *** up u don't know what the **** people go thur so quick to pass judgement we all know it's wrong but if the situation cause for it then hey and y if it's rape it's different still a baby that a contradiction..all these kids already born with no home or family ***** adopt duh.... maybe you not suppose to have a baby

Keep your legs closed. Simple.

Just because you CAN'T have children doesn't give you the right to judge other peoples actions regarding child birth. Get over your hurt and pain and stay out of other women's uterus's!! Adoption is beautiful, but mistreating unwanted children is ugly! It is better to save your self and to save an unwanted child years of misery then to make everyone suffer. Birth is only beautiful when it's wanted. An unwanted pregnancy can bring years and years of grief to both parents and the child. You Need To Think About That!

People like her probably shouldn't have children anyway, look how she thinks. Holey ****.

Says the habitual abortionist. Evil

But murder is the answer?! Ok

my sister can't have a baby either and I am sad for both of you, but I have 4 kids and unless you are in a situation where this type of decision is needed to be made, don't think it is an easy one because it is not and yes, maybe having the baby would be a great thing, but some of us don't need to have more babies. also, don't think that your commenting will stop anyone who needs to terminate a pregnancy. i was pro life until I got pregnant. i would carry a baby for my sister, but to think of giving it away after birth, i just couldn't do that for someone I don't know and love. I hope you have your baby, but don't judge us for not wanting to go through another pregnancy again.

How you have children and can still decide to kill your baby is beyond me! Evil

I'm sorry for your lost but you have know right to judge others that walk different paths than you do. You can't blame others for what they want or don't want at the time because you are hurt by your loss things happen for a reason. Every time a woman gets pregnant doesn't mean she should go through with it you don't know what someone could be going through at the time. There are people that deserve children and willing to adopt. But what about the ones thst just have the money and aren't good people and molest and abuse these children when they adopt them and the children in the foster homes that are abused by the people that work for the agency or other children that abuse and molest them. You can't guarantee that an adopted child will get a good home. But you didn't think that deep because you only could see it your way. Life doesn't always give us what we want. I hope that in the futur you will have a healthy child. I really do but learn not to throw stones

Basically don't kill bugs either because they are alive

They don't have souls

Keep your legs closed

How many unwanted children have you adopted and how many of them are disabled? When I became pregnant with an unwanted child, I cried why????? There are so many women that are trying and want to have a baby, why me???? I was on birth control and am 48 years old, my husband is 65. It seems unfair to have a child now and possibly be dead before they even graduate high school. So herbal abortion it is! Thank God for all the medicinal plants He has given.

Ask how many of those kids wished they had been aborted instead. Ignorant

Quite simply if i could rip my uterus out myself and throw it away, I would have done so LONG ago. Having not the money to pay for my tubes to be tied and not covered by my insurance I have to gamble with birth control. Not that me and my husband have sex very often, but it leaves pregnancy as a concern. I do feel bad for women who are honestly trying like yourself struggling with that desire of something you can't seem to obtain, however my sympathy quickly dissolves when someone assumes that everyone should be in the same mind set as they are. Frankly, not everyone wants to be a mother. Some know that they are not ready to be a mother now and others have their plates full. Quite simply I am not willing to pop out a life that someone else is going to have to take care of just to pat myself on the back and say "wow i am such a good person"

You sound so kind 😒

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I'm thankful for this post. I just found out today that I'm pregnant and I'm not ready for a baby at this time. I did research on Dong Quai, Black and Blue Cohosh and just ordered some tinctures of each. I'm hoping this will go ok since I know conception was March 20th. I had a surgical abortion over 13 years ago and I can still remember the pain from that procedure. I'm hoping this alternative will be better and the cost is quite significantly cheaper. Yet I know my health is the number one priority. I do want to try this option first to see if this help me. Thank you again for this post. I'm just trying to figure out the best measurements in regards to taking the medicine. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Hey did it ever work

What is a herbal abortion?

I'm so sorry I haven't been responsive to your posts. To be honest, I had forgotten about this site until today. I will be more vigilant about checking in and answering any questions or providing support when appropriate.

Note: The success rate is only 15-20% for women who are 6 weeks or less. The rate goes down significantly after. It's important to know that if you begin ingesting pennyroyal, you must continue with a surgical abortion if it does not work. Pennyroyal will cause significant defects in the embryo/fetus so keep that in mind when considering.

Also wanted to elaborate on my experience. I purchased 3 separate tinctures (blue and black cohosh, and pennyroyal) at a local herbal shop. They can also be purchased online. I put a dropperful of each in an 8 oz. cup of water every 4 hours. EVERY 4 HOURS -you can not miss. This means waking up to an alarm in the night faithfully. By day 3, I was exhausted, starting to feel sick and didn't think it would work. That night, I laid in bed and cried which ended up turning into a spiritual type closure for me and the baby where I thanked it for coming be a part of my life and then releasing it back to wherever it came from. At that point, I was completely drained and beginning to be toxic over the pennyroyal, so I decided to stop the regimen. The next morning at 7am, I woke up with intense cramps and began to bleed.

You must feel proud for sharing your methods to kill

Pls ma am eight weeks pregnant nd i wants 2 abort pls what can i use nd where 2 get it

you can take medicines for abortion...upto 11 weeks of frst trimester.

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i am a single mother of a 10 month old, i am 19 years old. my birth control failed me and now im about 9 weeks pregnant, i dont have the money, time or energy for another right now. I started two days ago taking vitamin C (500 mg every hour when i can) and black cohash (540 mg 4 times a day). I also lift 8lb weights, which is kinda heavy for the workouts i do and then I also do ab workouts. I work at an animal hospital, so im holding down heavy dogs, carrying heavy pets and all that stuff. I've been having bad cramps (lower bell pains) for a while, like a week or two. I dont eat that much, never have besides the first time i was pregnant. Is there anything else I can do or am i doing anything wrong? like should i up how much im taking, or how much im taking before bed ? help!

After 5-6 weeks, the percentage of success with the herbal abortion goes down significantly-not to say that black cohosh and vitamin c won't help, I would just advise against the pennyroyal. My advice would be to increase your exercise regimen, drink more than 200mg of caffeine a day and do some visualization exercises/meditation involving your womb opening up and releasing the baby back to the universe. Even if it's not something you would normally subscribe to, I believe it's an important component to a successful self-abortion.

my wife is 3 months pregnant.... so please tell me that, is it it possible to make abortion by herbal method... please tell me

After 5-6 weeks, the success rate declines significantly. At 3 months, the rate of miscarriage is very low in most women. I would suggest a surgical abortion at this point because the emotional toll of trying other things hoping they might work may be too much for your partner. I'm sorry for the late post and I hope all works out for the best.

My period is 7 days late. I'm worry that I might be pregnant, (I haven't taken a test) I have a 6 months old baby boy & I'm not ready for a second one. I would like to know if this really works & if it's safe. Should I start taking Vitamin C just in case, or how should start?? I need help, PLEASE!

Thank you so much and thanks for everyone who has been spreading this information about herbal abortions in the Internet. It worked for for me! At first i thought that it was incomplete, because the pain and bleeding was nothing compared to medical abortion with misoprostol that i had years before. Today i went to the doctor telling her that i think that i have had an incomplete miscarriage and she checked me with the ultrasound - womb was complitely empty! I`m sooo relieved...Thank you again!

I would like to know what you herbal did you took? I'm 7 days late from my period, (haven't taken a test) & I'm not ready to have a second baby, my first is barely 6 months & he needs all my attention..


I started taking vitamin c by the instructions two and half days ago (about 5 weeks + 2 days pregnant with the positive test). I also made the parsley "pessar" and searched for some herbs witch should help: here in the small town in Finland i couldn`t find anything else than juniper berries and salvia - so i made strong tea from them and parsley and have been drinking that almost all the time exept the nights. I also eat salvia and all the disgusting stewed herbs from the tea with youghurt. Yes, i am quite desperate. I have also done a lot of "forbidden yoga asanas for pregnant women" and massaging forbidden acupuncture points. Yesterday i noticed some brown spotting and little bit of cramps but they went away just to come back fo a moment during the last night. In the morning i felt nothing and started to become desperate. But then, when i changed the parsley inside me 113pm this day i noticed that there was a little bit more spotting and it was little more red than the one i had during last night. I have also had menstrual-like cramps all the day, but not any serious bleeding yet. I`m exited and desperate at the same time and i really hope this works. For how long time have you had to wait (ones who have had a succesful herbal abortion) to the real bleeding and pains after the spotting started?

Thank you so much for this information . i was actually planning on getting the Dong quai Root, but i may try this instead.! &.Yes i agree we as women should support each other in our decisions.. You were an encouraging statistic in MY herbal route :-) i will keep you posted.

I am now 2-3 weeks pregnant and this is my first time. Is taking all of this herb will help me stop my pregnancy at this time?I don't know where to buy it..I am planning of lifting heavy weights while taking some herbs..what is the most effective herb combination.PLease help

Thank you, your experience helped me. I had a natural miscarriage/abortion by using black and blue cohosh, vitamin C, homeopathic a sepia and Serbina and a tea contains dong quai and other herbs. I took 3-5,000mg of vitamin C for 5 days, (do not exceed 6,000mg a day) and took 2-4 capsules of black cohosh and 2-4 capsules of blue cohosh 4 times a day in 4-6 hour intervals. I drank a tea containing dong quai and other herbs for two days starting the 3rd day. Then I started taking sepia and sebina the homeopathic a on the 4th day, 3-4 times at night. I made sure to drink plenty of fluids and I did have a few headaches which made me back off of blue and black cohosh, lowering my doses from a 4 of each to 2 or 3 of each. I started spotting on the 6th day and on the 7th I had heavy bleeding and cramping. (Hot bath and warm tea containing cinnamon helped with these cramps for me) I was born with a spinal birth defect and also numerous things that would cause me to not be able to have a healthy pregnancy. No matter what reasons u have for doing so, I honor and respect you. It is out choice as woman. Don't let ANYONE EVER try to take your choice away from you. Blessed be to all of you, I hope my experience can help someone in the future.

I have been taking VitC and Black Cohosh and dong quai with the tea but i feel like other than feeling bloated and feeling nauseous and the headaches I worried that its not working.. you by any chance have any suggestions?

Does anybody know if Pineapple works? I have yet to miss my period but I was pregnant 5 months ago and it was the worse experience of my life. I surgically aborted extremely early in. I am extremely paranoid and am experiencing low grade fever along with other similar symptoms I had before. I am too ashamed to go back to my doctor (I was literally in her office beginning of month discussing birth control options) The pill and other hormonal forms of birth control terrify me since mental illness runs in my family hardcore but I can't keep going through this paranoia and feel like another pregnancy would send me over the edge. I am supposed to get my period in exactly a week...I have considered starting the parsley tea method and vitamin C but am a little wary. Is Pineapple good to start eating?

You should start taking vitamin C as asorbic acid and dong quai. Good luck! I hope this works for you.

I had sex right before my period was due, but still i was late cause i took "ellaone" a pill similar to plan b in my area.But when i was late i still freaked out and got another pill, stupid i know. i really couldnt tolerate the taste of parsley, so now im taking 1000 mg Vitamin C every hour until i reach 6000 mg and 1000 mg of Dong Qaui over a time of four hours around the clock. And definitely sitting with a heating pad. Im 21 and already had a clinical abortion and i really cant go through the pain again. Fingers crossed ill update you when i get my period:*

5 days has passed how did it work?!?!

Did this work for u? I've been taking Vitamin C for about 4 days now and started Dong Quai yesterday but nothing significant has happened yet... getting very nervous!

I am 3 weeks and 1 day pregnant. tried cotton root bark tincture for 3 days straight after my period was 5 days late. 20 drops every 40 hours. did not work. now at 9 days late i am taking 1000mg dong quai & 20 drops of blue cohosh every 4 hours. I have been taking these for 24 hours now and have experienced no symptoms. after reading these responses i plan to purchase black cohosh & pennyroyal as well. I have an apt at planned parenthood in 5 days and hope to be able to cancel.

I have signed up purely to share my experience just because I spent so many hours desperately trawling through the internet looking for something to help me out of the situation I'd found myself in. Pregnant (6 weeks approx), and at completely the wrong time! I'd read about blue and black cohosh so I bought both in dry herb form from an apothecary shop. They only cost me about £5 in total. I didn't hold out much hope but anything's worth a go right!? I couldn't find out out the correct amounts or how best to use them so I simply added a tablespoon of cohosh to 1.5 pints of water in a saucepan, brought to the boil then simmered for 15 minutes. I then used a strainer to extract the liquid from the herb. I did this twice, making the blue and black cohosh separately. The result is something that looks much like black coffee, smells like you've face-planted a muddy field and tastes like that compost tea they make in Harry Potter (Or so I imagine). I drank a mug full of each cohosh once it had cooled slightly. It took me about an hour to get them down and honestly it has to be the most vile thing I have ever drank in my life!! About 4 hours later before bed, I drank the remaining half a mug of each. The following morning at 7am, once again I had half a mug of each mixture. By 9am I had very slight stomach pains, nothing major so I tried not to get my hopes up. However upon getting out of the car to head into work, it gushed out of me. I spent the working day extremely uncomfortable, soaking through 2 sanitary towels per hour. But it had worked!!!! Quicker than I could ever have imagined!!! I was sceptical but after forcing down me that godawful mixture, blue and black cohosh did the trick, for that I am extremely grateful!!

I had a surgical. I am so grateful. It's not the big deal people think. I actually sat next to a very religious looking person in the waiting room, the office was top notch, professional, clean. i'm tired of people with their stupid agendas putting fear into women. I had so much peace feels so good to know that I can do what's best for me, to be the best me.

Hello. Since im not familiar with those herbs can i ask for the name of the clinic? Thanks! Or any #'s pls. Badly needed help.

I think she's talking about planned parenthood. They are very clean and professional.

will this work if i am about 15 weeks pregnant? please i just had a baby over 5 months ago and cant go through this again anytime soon.

Oh, and btw, no... These herbs only work for woman at 7 weeks or less

Depends on the person, it is not an exact science and there is no cut off. I have known it work for someone further along than this. Also, medically speaking a miscarriage is most likely to occur at any time within the first 12 weeks. Whether encouraged or completely natural

do by any chance know what I can do

I really hope that you are still there to answer my question.
I had an abortion with a pill couple of months ago
and yesterday after 1day of late period I found out upon taking a pregnancy test that I am pregnant and there is no way that I can keep this child.

also I am most likely about 2 weeks and 5days pregnant please answer quick as i am scared sh**less trying to figure out a natural way and by not harming my body or going to doc for an actual abortion.

Dude, shut up. I just had one and it was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I have zero regrets. And I belong to some very ultra right wing religious groups. And I would do it again.

Hey don't listen to the dbag who replied here. It's your choice. go to and get another perspective. Whether you do or don't do it is your choice and I'm from an ultra religious group and I STILL believe it's your own choice. I wouldn't take medical advice from this agenda-filled person who replied to you either. That being said I think you should find an herbalist to ask...

Thank you! Ya know its my body. My mom had one when she was young and she said it was the best thing for her... and shes a christian... its the women's choice nobody else's these other people need to get off this site. But thank you melsch!

I know what you're going through.. I love kids more than anything! I just had my second 4 months ago, my second C-section.. I just found out 2 days ago that I'm pregnant again.. around 5-6 weeks.. I would love more than anything to have this baby, but I know that one of us won't make it through the pregnancy, if not both. It broke me and my husband's heart, but we had to agree on looking at abortion.. I haven't done it yet.. the past 2 days I've been taking vitamin C. I took 1000mg yesterday, and 2000mg today. I can't bring myself to do it. I feel like crying every time I think about it. But it's the best thing for us both. I think because i'm still early, if they offer near me, I will try for a medical abortion, but the only safe abortion at 15 weeks or later would be either the Vacuum or D and E.. :( I hope you'll be okay

So the vit C did not work for you??? Im almost 7weeks late... I have three kids. And i cant afford to have another one... All of us will suffer... I took 1000mg of vit c yesterday and took another one today... I dont feel anything yet... Thinking of drinking parley tea... Abortion is illegal in our country... What else can I do.

Asking someone to give their child up for adoption is worse than abortion in my opinion. That's her body and asking her to go through 9 months of torture and risk her health on all levels, mentally, physically and emotionally is just ridiculous. Tell your friends that they can go adopt and that there's no need to have a carbon copy of themselves. I'm sure they're not that great.

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I am currently taking pennyroyal tea 3 times a day, along with 1000 mil of Vitamin C a day. It has been almost 3 days and I haven't really felt cramping but little pains here and there. I am probably about 4-5 weeks. No morning sickness or nausea at all, but took a test and got 1 regular line and 1 faded line. My period is 6 days late also.

Has it worked

No, my herbs did not work, I am scheduled for a surgical this week and am not turning back.
My advice is know your body...know when something is amiss...keep track of your menstrual cycle. I'm saying this so if you are late, you can get that pregnancy test, find out and take the necessary steps EARLY.
Oh and do what is right FOR YOU and not for others!! This site is for us, NOT THEM.

Can i ask for the name of the clinic? Thanks

People... There is always adoption. Why kill babies? I just don't get it... I'm on here because the baby inside of me is dead, and my body hasn't expelled it yet and I'm looking for ways to make this process faster. I didn't plan of getting pregnant either, but I would never have the heart to kill a fetus purposefully , even if I got raped.... It's a human being with a heartbeat and spine, nervous system and all. Abortions to me are just sickening. There are so many people who want babies, give yours up for adoption!

1) I do not believe that a fetus at several weeks gestation is a baby at all.

2) "Just give it up for adoption", as though the baby just shows up one day and you hand it over. You realize a woman actually has to go through an entire pregnancy, right? I for one am not willing to put myself through 9 months of misery just because someone else wants a kid. I am not an incubator. Pregnancies don't always go smoothly, there can be complications and it's not a risk I'd ever be willing to take with my health. What if I got gestational diabetes? What if I had to be put on bed rest? I can't afford to miss weeks if not months of work. Pregnancy and childbirth can do horrible things to a woman's body, and there's no way I'd make myself go through that just because someone else thinks they are entitled to a baby. Now, if science comes up with a way to transplant a fetus from my uterus into some kind of incubator until it's ready to be "born" (ie removed from the incubator) then we can talk. Until then... HECK NO.

You could always keep your legs closed. Just an idea. Sex does lead to pregnancy you know

I am sorry that you are having to go through that.... and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but honestly you should keep it to yourself. The women on here are having to make a difficult decision in order to live their lives, and expressing how you feel is only making it more emotional. Giving a child away for adoption after conceiving it for 9 months, it's a lot harder than you may think. We are here to find helpful information and share our stories, not our opinions.

how does one get these medication to abort cohosh

As someone who only came across this looking for a way to help along a miscarriage that has already happened. Seeing this has broken me. I have been wanting a child so badly and now going through my second miscarriage with no living children.

I can't believe you people find it so easy to end the life of a small human being. I'm disgusted with humanity.

Same here. It's saddening to know how many people kill babies every year. And now Obama wants to make it legal to kill babies that are born alive after abortions, ugh, sickening

I came across this because I am a broke college student completely on unsubsidized loans. I have zero monetary support and am trying to get an education. I found out I was pregnant yesterday, likely 6 weeks along, and it is clearly not my time to either go through a pregnancy nor raise a child. Quite frankly, this is a place for people to share their experiences, not for them to be judged and belittled. You should be ashamed of yourselves; we all have reasons for not wanting to bring a life into the world at this point, and this cluster of cells is not something autonomous nor even conscious, so in my opinion it is not truly human yet. Obviously we have enough adversity, pain, and anguish without you chiming in with your pro-life, anti-feminist ramblings. Take it to a place where it belongs.

Don't ever feel guilty about taking charge of your own body!!!! Listen to your gut! I actually prayed to G0d to make this procedure easy for me if He wanted me to have it, and he DID. Made it very convenient, and I experienced so much peace afterwords that I started praying again and connecting spiritually again. You can't tell me that's a bad thing. Anybody that imposes their beliefs on you is saying that they know the mind of G0d, and I think even according to the Bible you're allowed to do some serious punishment to a false prophet...

Hello. Did you push through with the abortion?

Don't have sex if you don't want to risk getting its that simple

What is more sickening... the people that have to make one of the most difficult decisions in their life in order to make it through a difficult times, or the people who judge them, pointing fingers and causing more pain then there already is. It's our bodies and our choice, not yours. I don't see why your even here on this discussion. People are here to help one another and share stories, not opinions.

Obama wants to make it legal because he realizes that whether it's legal or not, it is a woman's choice to do whatever it is she wants to do with an unwanted pregnancy. Guess what? It's our divine right as women. So you can either legalize it and have places where women can go have safe abortions or make it illegal and have women dying from infections and botched abortions. Also I hope your a vegetarian because if you consume meat, animals born just as we are but for the sole purpose of human consumption, you should have no opinion on abortions in the first place. I bet you hate people of color too.

Your funny you say it is our divine right. You know what our divine right is? It is to burn in hell because we are all horrible sinners. This isn't a political matter, its a matter of killing a child. I don't care what you women tell you self you know it is wrong that's why deep down you have guilt and remorse because what you are doing is evil and disgusting. I really hope that you can realize that before you just keep having sex, getting pregnant , and killing innocent babies.

so everyone else should sacrifice what is in THEIR best interests so you could feel better about humanity? Guess who also had a ton of kids and probabaly didn't force their wives to abort? THe bin laden family! let these girls make their own choices, they are already going through hell, they don't need an idiot like you to push them along.

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It works. "2.5 weeks preg" two positive preg tests and all the symptoms. I took Dong Quai combo tincture straight (tastes like ****) every couple of hours for two days and bleeding came. Bad bad cramps, back ache and feeling sick but it worked. The bleed is similar to a regular period with more "tissue" appearance. I had an appointment scheduled for a surgical precedure but thought to give this a try first. If it didn't work I was still going through with the procedure because I think this herb will cause defects. Just be cautious and listen to your body. Hope this info helps someone someday

Where did you buy the dong quai

They sell tinctures at the vitamin shoppe.

I really hope that you are still there to answer my question.
I had an abortion with a pill couple of months ago
and yesterday after 1day of late period I found out upon taking a pregnancy test that I am pregnant and there is no way that I can keep this child.

also i am at the same spot you were. I am most likely about 2 weeks and 5days pregnant so how take the Dong Quai combo? what did you do? please answer quick as i am scared sh**less trying to figure out a natural way and by not harming my body or going to doc for an actual abortion.

- Ree

I believe I am almost 8 to 9 weeks. I am wanting to try the black and blue cohosh... but I'm uncertain if it's too late. I can't have this baby. I already have two..7 and 5. My husband and I are going through a lot and have no funds at all to afford another child. Please let me know if it's too late to purchase it. And if so, is there anything else I could do that would help me. Thanks a million.

You can do a surgical abortion. It's EXTREMELY're under for 30 min, the anasthesia makes it 10 minues, slight leg pain afterwords and you leave 30 minutes after recovering. It sounds like if you have a support system you will also be able to get through any emotional stuff...a lot of it is hormonal anyway. I am passionate about this because I was almost talked into a serious mistake and I thought it was G'd's will that I shoud suffer, and when I read about successful abortion stories on the net I realized in my gut it was what I needed to do.

I am a very observent religious person who observes the Sabbath, obviously i'm not USUALLY the liberal here. But G0d is not on the left or the right or with the do's or the don'ts, he is your intiution and if you strongly feel a certain way about something you should honor that. heck, Moses killed a guy and still got to be the world's greatest leader...

Oh, to answer the question again I think surgical is the way to go because you are past the point of when the give pill abortions that syntheticalliy induce cramping, so I would think the same mechanisms are affected. But look up all your options, make your own choice.

Badly needed. Can i ask for the details of your clinic or what? Thanks!

Google planned Parenthood or abortion services in your area.

PAINLESS?! Hah, you mean painful. Surgical is not extremely painless, procedure took less than 10mins and I was out of the clinic 10mins after that. But my no means was it painless, sure you can pay additional $50 for more anesthesia, but you still feel it.

Im about 9 to 10 weeks and just wanted to know if this was successful or not

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I took a pregnancy test 3 days ago and it was positive. I was freaking out because I'm in college and trying to establish myself. A baby now will really complicate things and I'm just not ready for that big of a load. So I started doing some research and decided that a herbal abortion is the direction I want to go in. I started taking 2 500mg of vitamin c every 2 hours, parsley insertions every 12 hours, and drinking 2 1/2 cups of fresh parsley tea for 3 days. Today I'm adding 2 550mg of dong quai root every 2 hours. Nothing yet but I understand that this takes time. I will return in a few days with the results.

Yeah I definitely will

How did everything work out for you??

(didnt mention details earlier) I was already on birth control pills, was feeling nausea so I got a test, tested positive. Havent told anyone. Researched herbal abortions & decided to give it a shot.
I started on the 14th, Im taking 1000mg of vitamin c every 2 hrs (even overnight) , I am also doing parsely insets every 12hrs, drinking parsley tea, and also taking black cohosh pills 540mg. I bought papaya enzyme but am not taking that yet

im trying the herbal abortion, should I stay on or discontinue my birth control pills?? Any advice would help

My husband and I have recently had a kid last year by c-section and i cannot have another baby until 3 years......the rubber broke and there could be chance of conceiving but i want to eliminate this chance totally. its been a week since this happened and my period is due in 10 days more......where i am located emergency contra is illegal so i could not have access to there a way i can jumpstart the period on my period date or earlier to avoid pregnancy totally or shall i start on vitamin C & dong quai as planned.

Old post, but there may be someone like me looking for answers so ill add my experiences to hopefully help someone else. I'm 22 yrs old, have 2 children and my boyfriend is 26 with 2 kids as well. he is going thru a nasty divorce and custody battle. we had an accident one night and viola, I'm pregnant. Now i am anywhere between 2 weeks and 8 weeks. hard to be sure bc we don't use condom seeing as how I'm on birth control. but i was on birth control when my son was conceived jus never imagined i could be a statistic twice. anyhow. i have been takin 1000 mgs of vit c every four hours for 5 days along wit 1000 mgs of black cohosh and parsley tea every 4 hrs and parsley inserts every 12. i started 35-40 drops of blue cohosh mixed with a little water and 1100mgs of dong quai yesterday. i started cramping yesterday before i could even get home with my last two supplements but although it was strong it was sporadic. I am now cramping almost constantly an they are strong cramps. i have no nausea, and my morning and night sickness has completely disappeared. my stomach feels a lot lighter, but i have had no signs of spotting or loss of fetus. My body expelled a twin that had stopped developing when i was pregnant with my son but i had no signs of a miscarriage wit that either. i will continue these herbs for two weeks, an will seek help for a clinical abortion if it does not work. i will update everyone as events happen.

hi did it work...i am curious to know.

Im 15. I JUST started having sex for the first time about a month ago, i had my last period about two weeks ago and had sex right after that. My breasts are very tender and hurt when i put any type of pressure on them. I freaked out and started googling things. I dont want to be pregnant and i was wondering where i got get these and how. I know im very young. Im getting on birth control very soon. Please help me. Thank you very much.

I'm 4 weeks pregnant ...
I've been taking 1000ml of Vitamin every hour, 1650ml of dong quai every 3 hours and I just started taking black cohosh for the last two days 200ml every 2 hours. I'm also doing parsley inserts every 12 hours.

Today is my 8th day and nothing has happened!
Please help me...

I need help. I found out i was pregnant on the 4th of june my period was due the third and i started taking 1000 mg vitamin c every hour on the 7th and have been until today i started taking 1000 mg dong quai every four hours and im on my second dosage how long does it take to start spotting normally. Plz help.

I'm not sure where ur from. But I'm in Canada and I was able to buy all those herbs today and try them. I took a pregnancy test this morning and tested positive. I scheduled an abortion right away but wanted to try it naturally as well. Just to get things going sooner than later really. Honestly I have never felt so sick in my life. Why doesn't anyone mention how nauseous u feel when doing this. The homeopath doctor I saw today directed me to take 20 drops of each blue and black cohosh (sound the same but not) every hour until cramping and bleeding start She also advised me to drink 100 ml of caster oil. Which was absolutely discusting by the way. Like drinking Vaseline. On top of these 3 things she reccomened a very strong raspberry leaf tea to drink on a regular basis for the next few days. It helps ***** the utirine lining and help regulate blood loss. So now 6 h later. I have been sick out of both ends with no cramping or blood. I can't even do it any more. The cohosh tinctures taste absolutely gross as well. Also u aren't supposed to be eating while taking it. I have had an abortion before. And I can tell u right now:::: schedule an apt with ur closest clinic. If u are in a country without that option I would def try this. I can see how these herbs work. And I do, based on how I am feeling believe that this would work. I am having small period symptoms

Has any one tried this and how long does it take??

I am a single mom, have two kids, just started my professional career and I am not ready for another. About five days ago I started spotting heavily and thought I was out of the weeds. When nothing happened I took a test and, voila! I started on herbs and supplements a few days ago. Vit C, 1000mg every two hours for three days, parsley tea and pessary for two days and yesterday I started blue cohosh, 30-40 drops every four hours.
Does anyone think there is anything else I should add to this? Pennyroyal is not easy to come across where I am; but maybe should I take black cohosh as well? My appointment is in one week; hopefully, I won't have to go.

I have two kids so i don't even need a test to tell me when i am preg. I am couple days late and i figure am about 4 weeks along. So i started vitimin C 6 days ago taking 2 500mg every 2 hours and then added dong quai 2 525mg every hour. After about 4 hours of taking the dong quai, am cramping and bleeding. This combination really works if use real early, i would say less than 6weeks along. Don't make it a habit. But its safe and cheap compare to medical abortion.


I am about five weeks and using Vit C, parsley and blue cohosh. Do you think I should add black cohosh or dong quai?

I really hope that you are still there to answer my question.
I had an abortion with a pill couple of months ago
and yesterday after 1day of late period I found out upon taking a pregnancy test that I am pregnant and there is no way that I can keep this child.

also i am at the same spot you were. I am most likely about 2 weeks and 5days pregnant so how take the Dong Quai combo? what did you do? please answer quick as i am scared sh**less trying to figure out a natural way and by not harming my body or going to doc for an actual abortion.

i already started to take vitamin c tablets. Yesterday when I bought the bottle i had about 1500mg of it and today I have already 2500mg and i don’t plan to go over anymore. as a bio student i do that that vitamin are water soluble that they will go right threw me. So I am worried as i don’t want to go to the doc to get an abortion.

so please help i would be very grateful. i had about .5 cups of parsley tea. ate about 1/2 cup of black pepper.

where can I buy those abovementioned herbs?

Can I put the cohosh tincture on a drink and how many drops should i put on it?

I want to know the same and do you know if I only use blue cohosh will it be as effective

And I'm 9wks :(

I found an article talking about this kind of abortifacient, it says you can put it in a cup of tea or water. 20 drops per cup and drink it every 4 hours. But I haven't try it so far. As of today, I'm taking Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 1000mg every 2 hours.
I'm 2 weeks delayed and still hoping for best result. :(


Where did you buy all of that?