I Had A Poop "accident"

One day I was driving home from a 4 day vacation with my girlfriend and I had been holding it in for about 5 days. We took turns driving, I drove the first 2 hours and she drove the last 2 hours. While I was driving I felt a pressure in my stomach, and thought " Why not have an 'accident'" as I do sometimes. We talked about some things while I was driving, and we stopped and switched places at the first rest stop.
About 2 minuets in I told my gf that I had to go to to the bathroom, and she told me I should have gone at the rest stop and we would stop at the next one, as she had to also, but I didn't know if it was pee or poop.
I held my stomach next to my girlfriend and told her I might not be able to make it. She told me we would be there soon, but then we hit really bad traffic.She told me then that she might not be able to make it either. I decided to do it in the next 5 minuets.We still hadn't moved in 3 minuets, and I let my load slide into my boxer briefs. It was huge!
There was a lump in my pants was the size of 2 softballs. I told my girlfriend I had an accident, and she said she might in a minuet too.
In about 10 minuets, she told me she **** her pants, and the lump in her yoga pants was bigger than mine!
We finally got home and ran in the house. We stayed in our poopy pants and watched tv for a while.

I hope we can do this again!
bebebe90 bebebe90
1 Response Aug 9, 2010

I think we will make this a tradition ;)