On A Bus

When I was in 5th grade my class went on a field trip to the state capitol 3 hours away. I don't like to use public bathrooms, so I tried to hold it all day. Six hours (total) on the bus plus the time we were actually at the capitol building. This plan worked out great for most of the trip. But on the way home we got stuck in traffic because of a car accident up ahead. This was the last thing I needed. Eventually I couldn't hold it anymore and completely peed my pants. My bladder was really full, and as a result I peed for a long time. I thought it would never stop coming out.
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The same thing happend to me in 7th grade.
And I still like to pee my pants to this day.

did anybody see u do it

On the way back on a coach from a team bonding day in Scotland to the office in Glasgow there were 32 of us, guys and gals. We had had a day of highland games, then some serious drinking, then the coach home. Most took the precautions of peeing before leaving the pub but even so 1 1/2 hours on the coach was more than most of us could cope with having had loads to drink. I was sitting on the back row and pretty bad but the two office girls sitting the row in front and opposite me were holding on to their crotches for dear life! They were squirming and holding themselves with their hand(s) and telling each other about how desperate they were to pee. There was no stopping the coach on the motorway so we all just had to hold on as best we could. I guessed there were some damp panties, but no floods as far as I could see. You should have seen the girl's desperate rush for the office toilets when we got back. The boys just let go in the car park. It was a great effort in team bonding!!

wow thats nice. How long did you pee for? i would have love to see that. you have any more peeing stories in the car or bus?

Happened to me before too

did anyone else pee thier pants or notice u did? did u try and hide it ?

it's happen to me before too.. My class was coming home from a field trip we got suck in traffic and i really had to pee. eventually I couldn't hold it anymore and I pissed myself.. it was really embarrassing