Wet On The Way Home

I usually leave work without stopping off at the rest room.  Since I drink a lot of liquid during the day, I usually need to go pretty bad by that time.  Needless to say, I seldom make it home dry.  I love to wet in the privacy of my car on my way home.  I if I get stuck in a traffic jam, and I end up wet, well that's OK too.

I keep an incontinence pad on the seat to protect the seat, and a towel on top of that.  When I get home, I just change out the wet towel, and everything is ready to go again.

I love being wet

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3 Responses May 16, 2012

That's good planning. I often skip the bathroom before I leave for the day too unless I really need to go. I'm too chicken to just let it go in the car, but I like to sit there imagining it and enjoying my full bladder and imaging who else is full.

It'd be great to have a neighbor like you. Seeing them get out of thur car with wet pants everyday would be a treat treat. I bet I'd have the best front yard in the neighbourhood with all the time I spent out there waiting for you to come home :-)

Once again, I trickled in my pants during the drive home. I wasn't as wet when I got home as Yesterday, but my front is fairly soaked. Now, I'm sitting here, reading all of these wonderful stories, and I'm slowly letting the rest on into my pants. It feels so good to by totally wet, and still adding to it.<br />
<br />

Oh, that's so nice. I'd let you ride with me anytime.

Great way to do it !