Oops! Here We Go Again...

Hehe, oops! I actually posted this in another experience, but I think it might be even more fitting here. Oh well. Ahem...

Well, I was probably about 10 when this happened. I come from a large family, but thankfully it was just me and my little sister (and my Mom) in the car. We were coming home from doing some shopping (a little bit back-to-school and a little bit for-fun) and we hit some insane traffic (apparently there had been a major accident further up the road, how ironic...). I felt things start to get "heavy" down there, but I took my sister to the bathroom before we left the last store, so I figured we both would be alright. Of course, in case it wasn't obvious, the traffic didn't let up anytime soon, and our shopping had included a lunch break at a place with "free refills", the siren call of the impulsive child.

My little sister was the first to break the ice, thankfully for my pride, by asking my mom when we were going to get home; eventually was the answer, if you were wondering. After a couple of minutes of whining on her part about how she needed to pee, mom suggested that she just take a nap so as to not think about it and pass the time until we got home (I swear, she could have fallen asleep at a rock concert, because she actually did..._). Well, thats all good for her, but I'm more normal and stand no chance of falling asleep in this state. With my sister asleep, I'm wasn't quite as bashful, but still I asked sheepishly after awhile if there was any chance we would be getting home soon. Why? Because I needed to pee. Mom wasn't so enchanted with that response, saying something like "You to?" with a bit of a look. After going back and forth for awhile about how I should try and nap too (and me saying it was impossible) she finally just told me "well, if you can't hold it, just go in your pants, there's nothing I can do". As the oldest (in the car, anyway) that was almost unthinkable, but I didn't have a lot of choice. With the brilliance that can only come with such a young age, I assured her that I would be fine, and sat quietly for awhile, before moving a bunch of the bags we had from the floor onto my lap (she'll never know what I'm really doing! Ugg...) and, well, you know, it happened.

I'm sure she could probably hear it, for whatever reason I still tried to keep my legs pressed together, and who knows about the smell, but she didn't say anything. So that left me with a warm but rapidly cooling lap, and cool-with-sweat but rapidly warming red face from embarrassment, and another 30 minutes or so in the car. It was not the most fun ride home. I spent a good portion of it alternating between trying to figure out how to hide my accident from my sister and being envious of her for just being able to fall asleep, though when we got home and turned around to wake her up, we found out that taking a nap wouldn't necessarily keep you from having an accident. At least she didn't have to be awake for hers, I guess.

Two pairs of wet jeans later, neither one of us really had room to make fun of the other.

There was a little more, but I think that's all that is appropriate for this experience. ^_^


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wish i could read more stories of u

not bad ;)<br />
<br />
unexpected, but i like it ;)

Can be even worse for the driver, especially being desperate driving a school bus full of children. One day I just dropped the last kiddy off, drove around the corner and unzipped. I was peeing down the steps before the door was properly open. I'd left a spot in my pants but luckily it didn't show- close one though!

Yea I was stuck in traffic for 3 hours I pooped and peed my pants lol when I got home I was gross

great story add me

Do u like wetting now? And if u do, will u come to Florida an wet ur pants wit me?

I wanna hear more from you,will you add me?

Do you ever poop your pants?

Awesome story. Would be even better if you were older.

did you pee on the groceries?

Great story! Did you or your sister enjoy it? Also, do you know if your sister dreamt about going to the toilet or wetting herself while she was peeing?

Loved your story very much. Congratulations.

something close happen to me at young age . now i love to wet my pants and see girls desperately holding .

That was a great story.. Thanks.

That was a great story.. Thanks.

I know this weird feeling just too good, because my parents allowed me to pee everywhere at home. At first I had big problems with that, but now it is normal to me. Because of that, my bladder isn't trained so well anymore, why I always have a towel with me, when we go somewhere by car...<br />
<br />
Anyway, great story, thanks for sharing!<br />
<br />

Awww. You seem to be fine with it. Are you? Or do you still feel a little embarrassed? I had an accident back when I was a young lad that I'm sure was no fun at the time (faint memory) but now I'm so happy it happened to me.

Very interesting that even though you were told that it was okay, you still tried to hide it. I always felt a little weird after being given permission to go in my pants. Something between performance anxiety and "this is just too weird". Like...."Well, now they expect me to do it. I guess I don't have a choice."<br />
<br />
Anyway... Loved your story and I hope you'll share more.