On The Way To The Beach

We were driving to beach with my mother, big sister and big brother. I had changed to my one-piece swimsuit at home, and I was wearing only swimsuit in car. In home I had already poop, but I thought that I can go at beach. Unfortunately, there was an unexpected traffic jam. We were stuck for more than hour.

I felt I couldn't hold it much longer. I told others that I really had to go. Mom just said that your only chances are to hold or go in your pants.


Well, I couldn't hold it. So I pooped into my swimsuit. And it was a big load.


When we arrived to beach and got out from car, my brother suggested me to tie a towel around my waist, 'cos there was a clearly visible bulge and brown patch in my blue swimsuit. And I could feel the poop was all over my but.


There were some toilets on the beach. I went to one with my sister. She helped me to clean up most of the poop. Then I went to ocean to wash the rest of poop away.

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It is a very hot story. Your mother was quite understanding.

I've pooped in one-piece swimsuits.

how old were you when this happened, I think I would have went straight to the water to clean up<br />
please add me

My daughter's had a similar pooping experience.

i goto the mall and pee myself so people will know , it is fun , and i pooped myself at work but had a diaper on so and it was 10 min before getting off so i was only in a messy diaper for an hour.

Sounds like it was no problem since you were going into the sea to wash it off,so long as the car did not get plastered.Hey Martine,I've never pooped on my way to work,but have pooped on the way home a few times just for fun.It certainly relieves the tension after a hard days work to just let it happen on the way home with all the other people in cars beside you not knowing what is going on.<br />
Why are kids able to get away with doing such things but us adults get a hard time?Happy pooping.

Nice story, i've pooped myself while driving before but it was always planned.

It's fun to do a big mushy warm soft poop in my diaper/pants when I choose to do it, but I often hate doing it in traffic, especially on my way to WORK!! It's happened at least 8 times in 5 years! Did you secretly enjoy it though??

ive done this once on the way back it was very messy but i enjoyed it