Wet Myself On The Way To Work

About 10 years ago I got stuck in a really bad traffic jam on the motorway on the way to work in London. The M4 had been closed due to a bad accident. I was stuck in traffic for over 4 hours, and in the end I just lost control and wet myself. Luckily I was wearing a black 3 piece suit so when I got to a toilet I took off my underpants and just wore the trousers, it didn't seem to show so I went to the office and sat at my desk and pretended nothing had happened, I don't think anyone noticed although I felt really paranoid that I smelt of pee (which I probably did!).

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I've had to be around people in clothes I had wet in. If the liquid wasn't going to show, I would usually try to get to a bathroom or somewhere where I could soak them with water and then wring them out so that most of the pee smell would be out. Of course, cotton holds a lot of water so if that's what you're wearing, you have to be really careful to get as much of the water out as possible so that you don't go around soaking literally everything you sit on.<br />
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Works great with nylon clothes, though they're not necessarily comfortable...

Had the exact same accident in my suit on m40 stuck in traffic, thank god I had a leather seat!!

Did you go into work in your wet suit or did you go home? Did anyone notice?

Black is an amazing camoflage.. I wear black jeans a lot, & have actually wet myself once in the office when everybody had gone for a smoke, & I had to manage the phones..I had drank a lot of coffee, & after getting off one laboriously long call, looked up to see I was the only one of 5 people in there. I was bursting, & got stuck on another long call.This time, while searching for some info for the customer, I guess I kinda relaxed for a second & felt a sudden warm surge down below.. When I got off the phone, I felt my jeans & could feel that they were wet Around the bottom left of my fly & a little bit on my upper left thigh..When the rest (all girls) came back to the office, I went to the washroom , but I noticed the wetness did not show.. Just to make sure, while the others were on the phone, I asked one girl a question, & she stood right in front of me, actually leaning towards me on my desk to talk. I leaned back in my chair to give her a view of my wet spot, & she never noticed a thing..<br />
I told her about that a while later when we didn't work together any more, & she just kind of chuckled, & said, " You naughty boy. Wish I'd seen it". We still laff about that to this day.

how often have you pooped in traffic or pooped your pants? Just curious

Imagine if it were a load of peanut butter like poop in the diaper? I've pooped my diaper stuck in traffic too many times & sometimes I liked it, other times I didn't like it. I sometimes had accidents on my way to work & I had to call in "sick" & go home & change my dirty diaper, not fun! Gr8 story!