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I first slept with Brad 6 weeks after he got married. We met eachother at work and had an instant connection, he was engaged at the time. We didn't usually work at the same location, but would still call or text eachother frequently. Ill never forget that on June 1st we worked togather, just he and I, one thing led to another and we were having sex. Our sexual affair turned into emotional, I believe more for myself than him. After only 4 months of the affair his wife got transferred at her job, which in turn made them move a couple hours away. He found a new job and our "relationship" dissolved. I should mention that all of our sexual liasons took place at work, and we only went out outside of work once. He still gets in touch with me from time to time. During his wifes pregnancy and after. But we hadn't slept togather since we worked togather.
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I hope you're happy for him and his family. And I hope you find happiness for yourself without him.

Very hot story would like to add you to my friends list

Well at least you to have the memories of your time with each other. So has he ever said he want to have sex with you again. He was a very lucky co-worker

would have liked hearing more details, please

More in what aspect? LoL. You know, even though he never said it, per say, he was in his marriage for opportunistic reasons. I can't blame him, we all want to have financial comfort. To look back on it, I have no clue how I became emotionally attached to him. He certainly wasn't my first affair, nor the last, and I've always managed to seperate love and sex. But I guess we all have our occassional person that captivates us. During the time I found him mentally stimulating, intensely attractive, and to boot he was a musician, which I've always had a weak spot for. Before things had actually turned sexual we regularly "sexted", it was very natural with him. Everything he was into, was also what I was into. By the time we shared our first kiss, I knew sex would be amazing. He was probably one of the best kissers I ever had. I am one of those people that can feel a lot. Can be told in a kiss. The first time was rather fast, but vigorous and passionate. Everytime was very passionate. It was hard on me when he left, I missed him, I cried. But damn myself for allowing myself an attachment. On another note, I am turned on sleeping with married men, knowing all the gratification that I can provide that their other halves cannot. I relish them when they want to leave them for me. But once that happens I lose interest. Maybe my emotions for Brad came from the fact that he never discussed leaving her for me, and I was hell bent on that happening. Who knows. Anything you want to know....just ask:-)

Thanks for the additional info. That was great. I knew a lot of women who did exactly what you mentioned. Once the guy they were after was hooked on them, they lost interest in the guy. It's the conquest, perhaps?

Wonderful story, nonetheless!!!

So, do you prefer married men? You've had a number of affairs. Do you find them more exciting than just simply dating single guys?

Its a pattern that started when I was young. When I was 19 I got pregnant, and thus began a relationship of 10 years. During the course of this relationship, despite loving the guy, I wanted the single lifestyle, and experiences. So did he. However, we both wanted to be one of those couples that made it to old age. Anyhow, after a few years, the cheating started. I was initially ashamed to say I was in a relationship to single men, but the ruse was to hard to maintain. Plus, I really didn't have the intent to break up, I just wanted the fun, newness, and sex. So after a while, it seemed that married or long term attached people became the best option because both of us could relate on some level, we both could be content with sex because we weren't intent with leaving our partners. But in the event a man was prepared to leave his partner for me, I lost interest.

Any experiences in your past that you feel influence your need for these types of relationships?

My most recent post on this thread describes why I feel that I involve myself with married men. In addition to what I have described, I think over the years I've become so disheartened with real love. I've slept with sooo many married men. I've known so many people where one half cheats and the other is clueless. Some of the happiest couples I know, have a cheater in them. I honestly cannot tell you a single couple off the top of my head that has been togather for multiple years who has NOT dealt with cheating, whether they know of the infidelity or not.

great comments.

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