I'm trying to end it. I just can't. He's just the best I think its because it kinda turns me on us sneeking around. But I kno its wrong. I need to settle down and get a man myself and I want to be faithful. Its just he's so tempting and hot. He told me we could still mess around and I cn get married but I'm not him I want to love my husband and never cheat. Any advice??? If u ever had a similar experience I'd love to hear it. Did it turn you on. Did u enjoy the difference sex was than your partner and how much better it was. Please help me out and tell me ur experiences. I really want to stop its just so hard.
laverso laverso
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 28, 2014

I have enjoyed a couple of affairs with some wonderful young ladies. I enjoy sex period, but the other woman can be very sexy and powerful, and often are more adventurous. If it is bothering you this much I would work real hard to end things. I am upfront about things, and honestly as much as I have enjoyed and even loved them, I wouldn't want them to continue if they are conflicted.

I want to do this but haven't yet, maybe I'm too picky. I would do it if I could find a woman who was "just right", where we had mutual trust and confidentiality. I don't even know how to go about finding a woman like this. Its not exactly easy conversation to bring up. I think it would meet long unmet needs, be exciting and erotic and crazy!