Cant Let It Go.

I met the man of my dreams 10yrs ago.  Last year he had an affair didn't end till I caught him this March.  To make it worse we use to work to gether and I was laid off and he had the affair with a girl from our work place.  i was crushed I still am.  I have forgave him I just can't get the thought of this out of my mind.
I trusted him more than I have ever trusted anyone now thats all gone.  I'm just not forsure If I can get over this.
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2 Responses Aug 9, 2010

I had a similiar experience, 3 years into marriage I learned of my spouses affair with a very good friend of mine. That was almost a decade ago, it still hurts to sit and think about it. She was forgiven as well as my friend, that was liberating to say the least. I think I know how you feel, for me I was so crushed I thought I was having heart failure often and would just sit up at night and stare at the ceiling wondering what I should time you will know. I pray A LOT, God gave me the answer in forgiving them, it was empowing too. Since that time much was healed (minus the sex life) but we have children are happy most of the time and are trying to make the most of everyday. I hate cheaters, cowards!!! It take a real couragous person to stay, and strong at heart. If you love this man, you can make room for many tomorrows. Perhaps in your strenght he will see just what a fool he was. God Bless.

Forgiving definitely is much easier than forgetting, because it seems like the pain still lingers.