I Love My Elder Sister

I was 10 years old when I had my first sexual act with my sister. She is 8 years elder , I cannot forget that night  she was reading lying on her abdomen and I was near,we are alone. She uncovered lower part of her body slowly. I became sexually mad and kissed every part of her naked body. We did our first sexual act and we continue for the next 8 years till she married. We didnot do it again but  i feel great desire for her. I married and  i speak to my wife during our sexual act  about my sexual experience with my sister. My wife desire for sex increase too much asking me to repeat my story. Now my age is 40  but I still thinking  I want to have sex with my sister again. She is now 48 and living alone , for me she is still sexy more than my wife , do you think  she will have the mad sexual desire like before?
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4 Responses Dec 17, 2010

i really support bhatjc on tis one. maybe they should experience *********.

Ewwww - wrong!

That is up to her man when you speak to her. Try to romances her. Make her think about the good old times you used to have and see where that leads.IF your wife is so hot about you and your sister having sex. Try to your wife and your sister into a *********

go for it!