The Consummation

Months before I had sex with Don, I knew it was going to happen. I knew because I was becoming sexually frustrated with my marriage. Sex was not that often and quite frankly not that good either. My husband put weight on and I know by taking the marriage vows it was for better or worse, but I was not sexually attracted to him anymore. He was passive in bed and always wanted me to make the first move, but it got to the point where it actually repulsed me. I know that sounds horrible.

Meeting new people on my part time job was just what my self esteem needed. I felt attractive and desired. Some of the advances I received were unwanted but others we welcomed. Especially from Don. He made me feel desirable and sexy. He pursued me like a cat stalks its prey. I felt special and wanted. He wanted me and I knew it. My body knew it too and reacted as one would expect.

There was a work Christmas party we both went to. I had gotten a ride with my girlfriend to the party but was able to work it out for Don to drive me home (I knew it looked bad but I was drunk and didn’t care). The car ride was pretty quit except for the music. Don said he was passing right by his new condo and asked if I wanted to see it. I said yes knowing full well what I was really saying yes to. I so wanted him but could not make myself make the first move though I gave off dozens of signs throughout the night.

Don opened my door and I stumbled when I got out of his car. Don grabbed me and we kissed. Don unexpectedly and deftly put his hand under my dress and felt my wetness. I shamelessly responded to his advances and kept kissing him. He then picked me up and carried me up the steps and ‘over the threshold’. Don carried me right to his bedroom and within minutes he was taking off my coat and then my dress. He undid my bra and started sucking my nipples and I was in heaven and well past the point of no return.

Don skillfully moved down from my breasts lingering at my belly and then slid my pantyhose and panty off in one smooth motion. I was completely naked in another man’s bed. Never before had I been completely naked in bed with another man that wasn’t my husband. Don performed oral sex for at least twenty minutes momentarily pausing only to catch his breath and talk dirty to me. I was never so hot or wet in my life and came three times, each one more explosive than the one before.

I had Don stand up and I was on my knees as I undid his belt, pants clasp then his zipper. I put my arms around his waist and kissed his tight stomach over and over again. I slowly slid my hands down his back and *** and thighs, lowering his pants and underwear as I went. Don’s **** was, to put it bluntly, very big. At least it was compared to what I was used to. I was determined to get as much of Don in my mouth as I could, and after I gagged a few times, I was able to relaxed and get most of Don’s **** in my mouth. I didn’t give it a second thought when Don started moaning and clenching; I just kept sucking and swallowing. This was the very first time I swallowed.

At this point we sort of started all over with the kissing and caressing. I wanted Don inside of me so bad and I know he could sense it. I knew I should have said something before this but I couldn’t as Don gently pushed inside of me. I was so wet I had no troubled taking his ****. In and out slower and faster hard and gently. MY God I couldn’t stop him; I didn’t want to stop him. I felt I had to stop him but was powerless. I reached my fourth ******. I could feel Don’s **** pulsating inside of me as he gently kissed me over and over. I tried not to but I started to cry.

Don withdrew from me and asked what’s the matter. I couldn’t stop crying and I told him I felt dirty and now I am going to worry about getting pregnant. He gently wiped my tears away reassuring me in so many ways. He always knew just what to say and when he told me I didn’t have to worry about being pregnant because he didn’t reach inside of me, a great relief came over me and my tears turned to giggles and more foreplay ensued.

Don assured me he would not *** inside of me but would withdraw before he came. Don had me on my knees with my head buried in a pillow and my backside facing up. He stood next to the bed and pulled my hips toward him and entered me from behind. Gently at first than harder and faster. He playfully smacked my *** and I had my fifth ******. Soon after Don pulled out and came on my back and ***.

After some cuddling Don drove me home promising that tonight was only the beginning. It was after 3 AM when I got home and my husband was sound asleep. I washed up, crawled into bed and fell into a wonderful sleep. Little did I know this would be the first of many breathtaking nights.
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Wow. Just wow. What a fantastic story! I can picture every detail, you have quite a way with words. I dream of something like this happening to me (with a woman, of course), but I'm too nervous about getting caught and a little too shy in person to get myself into this situation. Like you, I'd feel guilty. But at the same time, I want this to happen to me. It sounds absolutely incredible!

i can understand how you feel, given an opportunity like you had i would probably take it now. i could really use the chance to share an ****** with a loving lady.

Great telling of a very nice Glad i found your EP page.

thank you for breaking the female silence Stephanie LOL

Strange all men have appreciated you, but woman seem silent? can you tell why?

I'm not that naive

Absolutely wonderful....I'm so happy for you.

Awesome story. thanks for sharing.

A great beginning for sure

Fellas, keep yourself in shape, whatever you do, you owe it to your woman, just as much as she owes it to you...

wow...just wow...

Sounds like you had a wonderful evening . don makes you feel alive and sexy and desireable ! all you have to do is justify it to yourself. ignore the haters and the righteous ignorant people. its not their place to judge you . its your life babe!

It's okay because your feelings are more important than your husbands. Plus your kids, if you have them. You're the one that matters.

i find your comment dripping with sarcasm. I am not a bad person

I'm not here to write good stories. I am here to bare my soul. I have many other ways to show my goodness other than on EP. I am not perfect but I am not a ***** either.

Ignore the are not a bad person....ypu are a wonderful, deserving woman!

Your evil. Plain evil

"Little did I know that this would be the first of many breathtaking nights".<br />
<br />
Were the 'breathtaking nights' with Don, Angel, or did you meet someone else/others?

Always with Don. Sorry I haven't written for awhile but I plan to soon. Thanks.

wow. love your well written story. xxxx

love your stories... very hot

Good for you! Looks like the start of a satisfying relationship.<br />
<br />
I remember the first time that another woman, other than my wife accepted me into her. I remember the way she threw her head back, and how she wrapped her legs tightly around my waist as I thrust into her. Her ******* induced my own, and I remember vividly releasing into her. It seemed as she was s**king my **** with her pu**y.<br />
<br />
The beauty of it for me, was that I went home and then had sex with my wife, but fantasized about my lover. It has made me sex life stronger with my wife.<br />
<br />
MMMMMmmmm...enjoy it over and over again.

Every time I make love with my husband, part of my mind replays moments I had with Don.

Your story was well written and heart-felt. I love that kind of openness and honest perspective of a woman's experiences and point of view. Hope you have other experiences to write about, I would love to read them.

wonderful desc<x>ription of sensual bliss baby. kudos to u baby! u have a writer hidden in u and i entreeat u to develop this art baby.