Sex In The Office

For the next few years I would meet Don for a date/sex. Sometimes we would go to a movie, sometimes to a restaurant, sometimes just for a walk and once in awhile dancing at a club. The one constant was the sex, we always had hot sex.

At first I was keeping a personal diary of when and where we had sex. I thought it would be good to know in case someone saw us or I got pregnant but after I misplaced it for a day I destroyed it. We didn’t have sex every week, it was more like twice a month. Sometimes we went through dry spells of more than a month without getting together and I would be going crazy.

In one of my previous stories I wrote how Don had sex with me bending over his desk. That wasn’t the only time we had sex in the office and I am going to write about some other ones. We worked in a Real Estate office together for about a year until Don went left to run his own office.

We had sex on his desk one more time before he left. This time it was more spontaneous as we unexpectedly and suddenly found ourselves alone. Don called me into his office and pushed everything off his desk onto the floor. Laying me down he took my pants off and raised my shirt and bra above my breasts. He looked down at me while taking his pants off and telling me what he was going to do. I thought he was going to climb up on the desk but he grabbed my legs and slid my whole body toward him and lifted my legs up on his shoulders.

Some of the things Don would be saying to me as we made love were that he was going to **** me like no man has ever done before. He said he was going to **** me so good that I wouldn’t want sex for a week. He was going to **** so hard that I couldn’t have sex for a week. After I reached Don sat in his chair and I crawled under his desk and gave him a BJ.

I had sex with Don a several times in his new office. Those times were really wild. He had an office on the third floor with large tinted windows looking out over a fairly busy street. He would turn out the lights, ***** my clothes off and have me sit on his lap facing away. He would spin and roll his chair to look out the window while squeezing my breast and slowly pushing deeper and deeper inside of me. I knew with the lights off no one could see us but it was exciting to watch people on the street while reaching an ******.

We had sex in his office other times but we always seemed to end up in his chair. One time we were surprised by the night cleaning crew which was extremely embarrassing. One time I came to his office during normal business hours and gave Don a BJ after he locked his door. We had great sex other places but it was always special in the office.
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i am 25years old. tight and fit.

and your point is?

I remember top floor against a window ....... looking out at the view of the water.....he made me turn against the mirror and told me how beautiful I was when I ....... I better stop reading your erotic stories. ;)

Let it out miss storm. Maybe writing about it will ease the pain



Will u **** me baby u busty ****

i agree that office sex is hottest on a higher story with the world spread out before you! :) thanks for writing this up -- incredibly full of ideas now lol.

I'd love to have sex with you.

Office sex in a huge corporation is ever so exciting, I liked your story, it is even better when the whole staff work 24 an hour shifts 365 days a year, people get really horny and things happen.

Better when their is a staff ****

Great story -- been there done that - looking forward to more

I cant stop have ofiice sex fantasies

Are they hiring over at your work?


I have tremendous fantasies about having sex in my office - your story only makes that stronger.

Makes me interested in buying a real estate office together, did someone turn up the thermostat?

Sounds like you had great fun, and have great memories now. Thanks for sharing the story xx skip

Yes it does sound like you had some of the times of your life..... and one more for old times sake can always happen. Who knows

Wow just a hot story,what a fun job you had.Now those are the perks of a job everyone wishes they got and you did!<br />
So how long ago was this and do you wish it continued to this day?

It started in the late 90's. I took the initiative to end the relationship. It ran its course and it was the right time. So I don't wish it was still continuing BUT... I would love to get together one more time for old times sake.