I have recently lost a large amount of weight and also had a recent diagnosis of Bi polar. There I was so called happily married with two children until one night I met a guy who called me sexy. Hang on a minute me sexy? hadn't heard that for nearly seventeen years. I was estatic and before I knew it I was in his embrace and kissing. We parted ways and really since then I have been an absolute maniac with finding new sexual partners who also call me sexy. The problem you ask? I'm still married. In the past two months I have been having an affair not with one but many men I have met on online dating sites. I have two regular men that I see and have sex with and I suppose you could say have developed friendships with them both. One is married himself and the other single. I am guilty and I know it is morally wrong and down right dangerous but I have the uncontrollable urge to getting the thrill I get when being with each of them. I am actually contemplating asking both of them to be with me at the same time. Weird and I would have said utterly disgusting six months ago but now I'm excited at the thought of what could be.
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2 Responses Oct 23, 2011

You've allowed yourself to get intoxicated with the attention and compliments since your weight loss. You need to take a serious step back and decide if this is the route you want your life to go down or do you want to try and fix your marriage to the guy who loves yu and was with you when you had all the weight. Where were all these other guys at when you were heavier(I'm guessing no where to be found). Right now your traveling down a road thats going to end with nothing less than destroying your husband and family.

where do you see this situation leading to? have you spoken to your therapist about this? you seem to have a good handle on understanding your motivations, yet that understanding isnt hampering their manifestation into potentially self destructive actions. congratulations on the weight loss, im sure that was quite an achievement....good luck you sound like you have some hard times ahead. i wish you peace with all of your decisions.