Finding A Way

Did Don *** inside of me? The answer is yes, no and Maybe. I was concern about getting pregnant and after my first night with Don I asked him to use a condom. That was a mistake as it broke the first time he used it and leaked inside of me. He didn’t want to use a rubber and said he would withdraw before he came. We did this for awhile but I was always concern because I know men can have some pre-*** and sometimes I could see him pulling out as he was ***********.

I was on the pill when I was younger but it caused me to have medical issues. I made the decision to try it again so I could have full sex with Don and not have any worries. I never told my husband that I went back on the pill and he continued to use a condom when we had sex. This arraignment worked great for a year until I began having issues again and had to go off the pill.

Don went back to withdrawing before he came again but I wasn’t comfortable with this method. I tracked my menstrual cycle very carefully and began using the rhythm method for avoiding an unwanted pregnancy. This meant for two weeks a month I was ‘safe’ and whenever I was with Don during those periods, I would let him come inside of me.

My husband continued using a condom so if I had a ‘surprise’ I would know who the father was. I don’t know what I would have done if I did get pregnant, but fortunately I never had to find out.

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You *****! Why would you cheat on your husband? You two made a vow and you decide to break it!!!!! Hoe, if you want to be with Don more than your husband... You should've decided to marry Don instead! You make me SICK!

Many women find the risk factor exciting and increasing of the about you?

it was for me too. I would be horrified if someone saw me but afterwards it was exciting

My husband had a vasectomy and I had my tubes tied after the birth of my last child. I think the freedom I had from the possibility of a pregnancy was the key to my allowing it to happen, having sex with men other than my husband of fifteen years.