It Just Happened

I am here on EP because my friend suggested coming here. I am a 34 yr woman who is married to my husband for 17 yrs. We have two daughters. My husband is my soul mate and best friend. He has been after me to have sex with another man and tell him about it. This has been his fantasy for more than 12 yrs. I was appalled and confused when he first brought it up. We role played for yrs. Over time it did begin to arouse me. The sex with my husband had become hotter talking about another man.
Well it happened unexpectedly a few days ago. My best friend’s husband and I were at our girl’s volleyball game and were talking. His wife and my husband were both at work. As we watched the girls play he started touching me on my arms and brushing against me. I was starting to get aroused and brave. After the game the girls went out with friends to celebrate their win. He asked me out to have a cup of coffee. As we sat in his car drinking our coffee he leaned over and kissed me. It was breath taking. I did not try and stop him. My insides were trembling as he explored my mouth with his tongue. I wanted him. I wanted to feel another man inside me. To feel his penis and to have him touch my body and kiss me.
Slowly he worked his hands to my breasts. Caressing them thru my blouse. I could feel my vagina contract as I moaned for him to make love to me. He said we need to go to a motel. I totally agreed. We were quiet as we drove there. As we entered the room he pulled me into his arms. I slipped my tongue into his mouth and moaned again. He moved me to the bed and lie down beside me. As we kiss he slid his hand into my pants. I was going crazy for him to touch me. He started rubbing my slit thru my panties. I could feel his penis pressed against me. I wanted him in me. He moved my wet panties to the side and slowly slid his fingers into me. He is the only man beside my husband to feel me. I reached down and started rubbing his penis thru his jeans. He and I could take it no longer. He stood and pulled my pants and panties off. I unbuttoned his jeans and he slid them off. His boxers had a huge wet spot at the end of his penis. When he pulled them down I gasped. He was not that much longer. But he was huge in girth. He was also uncircumcised. It is the only time I have seen that. He pushed my knees up in the bends of his arms. I touched him as I guided him to me. When his penis touched me I had an intense ******. I need it in me deep. As he slowly entered me I could feel my vagina opening wider than ever before. The thought of another man inside me made this unbelievable. I moaned every inch he slid into me. I have never had a feeling like this before. He withdrew to the tip of his penis and slowly pushed deeper into me. I could feel my insides being moved by him. He slowly picked up the pace. I wanted the feel him explode in me. He tensed up and I had him in me deep as I could feel him pulsating deep in me. I did not think of anything but his penis ******* as I wrapped my knees over his shoulders.
It was done. I had now cheated on my husband. Another man had filled me with his *** and I had orgasmed multiple times. I felt no guilt as I know my husband has been dreaming of me doing this. As I thought of all this I started to become aroused again. I reached over and slowly started playing with his penis. I knew I needed him in me again. I slid down his body and started sucking his penis. I could taste him and me in the folds of his foreskin. He filled my mouth as he grew large again. He pushed me off and I was on my knees as he entered me again. I could feel his balls slapping against my **** as he thrust deep into me. I started shaking as He was deep in me. I wanted him even deeper when he **** again. He started moaning and I pushed back hard as he emptied his balls into me again. It was an unbelievable time. We left and he dropped me at my car. As I drove home I could feel his *** coming out of me.
I don’t know if I will tell my husband. But I do know I will do this again
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Thank you for a great story. Under the circumstances I feel you must tell your husband. That will make it all right as he wants you to do it anyway. And that way, you can both be in on the fun. Good luck.

Oh, so awesome! I love it when my wife does this!

Did u do it again with him ?

I hope you share this with your husband. You have lived a fantasy that he has had for a long time, and I'm sure it will result in really hot sex between the two of you.

that was a very erotic and exciting story. Thanks for sharing it. It made me aroused and I wish I could be the next man to fill you with my ***.

I'm sure your husband would like to see the evidence of your infidelity. You must show him your wet panties and the other man's *** in your *****. It's only fair you show him since he wanted it so much. Maybe you can have him go down on you and lick up all the other's guy as it flows out of your well ****** *****. That's all part of the fun!

That's really hot, you need to tell your husband though

You definitely need to tell your husband, after all he was a big influence on this happening to you. Chance are it will take a day or so to sink in, then he will be very aroused by it. If you do not tell him, then it is more than sex and you have a problem.

Loved your story and would love to know if you ever told him....thanks

Incredibly well written story. I love how you seem to let us into you mind and emotions. It is incredibly hot that you debated telling hubby. I have readyour other stories so I know your husband knows, but it was hotthat you thought aobut keeping a secret and so feminine. I hope you have many wonderful adventures

Such a hot story and so well-written. Thanks for sharing. I wish my wife would do this!

Wish you were here.

What a hot story. I love reading it. I think it is wonderful when a married woman gives herself to another man. I hope you get to have sex with him more.

What a vivid way to tell a story! i so envy the guy who was able to do that!

did you manage to tell your husband and how did he react?

that is wild and i wish it was me who you ******.

Loved the are very sexy!

Very nice written .... I think that your husband will definitely want to hear you tell the story... many many times :)

Did you tell your husband?

Wow what a hot story and i believe every word cause you had so much detail like you were feeling every word you wrote!! What you should have done when you got home was not tell your husband but leave this mans *** inside you then lay on your bed and present this soaked ***** to him and watch what he does!!

Awesome story!

very hot --dont tell him yet---play with and enjoy the time u had----next time u role play--use this guys name and go with it

Obviously from the follow up you did tell. Great decision as it has led to wonderful happenings since. Well done.

VERY EROTIC!!!! I wish I was the one you were with

awesome story.. i bet your husband enjoyed it when you got home

What a fantastic story!!! I just loved the detail you went into when writing this story. Hopefully you will see him again so that your ***** can be fed by his thick **** and heavy and potent babybatter. Don't tell your hubby as he doesn't need to know. Continue with your sexual rendezvous and ride the wave of enjoyment you're having together ;-)

I am so glad your friend told you about EP, I really enjoyed your story and hope there will be many to follow! You have a fan!!

please tel him, you did something you both love and be sure you will get a new sex life with your husband which both of you will like.

Very nice story ! I bet if you tell him he will be happy! He had been role playing for 12 years, while i am thinking of it from 30 years and sinec last 3 years i made her too think about it, and I feel she is anxious too! When you make it with husband do let me know!

Very enjoyable story, especially because your husband also wanted it to happen.

Wow! Awesome story which is very well written...I'm particularly loving how desc<x>riptive you are and the detail of how you, and what you do, feels is fantastic. <br />
<br />
One question for you...what did you think of your first uncircumcised penis?

I have only seen them here

Did you not say this man was uncircumcised?

extremely hot

Indeed.... I'd give anything to hear you moan as you experienced your first new one in years.<br />
<br />

Great story and well told. Cant wait to read more of your experiences

HOT, HOT, HOT!!! I love how you describe this. You are such a sexy lady.

I sure you had **** me. I will be waiting in el paso tx if you are ever this way. It was a great story and for you to get a great **** at a hotel instead of the car. You did enjoy the thick **** that made you multiple orgasimes

This is too ******* hot. I'm your new biggest fan. I have been trying for 7 years just like your husband has for over 12. Just like yourself she is gradually warming up to the thought. It takes lots of time, patience and communication. Oh wait, lets not forget about the role play.

Hope that it improves your relationship as it has done for us :)

So hot, incredible story....

Wonderful story. I would love to hear how hubby reacts to you pleasure.

There is no reason not to tell him. This was his fantasy. It will be the start of a whole new phase for you.

Like you said, this is his fantasy. Maybe that was all it was ever meant to be. The next time he brings it up again, I would encourge him to make his fantasy come true. If he does, then no harm done.. But, and that is a big word, if it was just a fantasy and you tell him, it could ruin your marriage.

Great story! I'm glad it worked out so well for you. However, I don't think you should hide this from your husband. You need to maintain his trust. After all, this has been his fantasy for years.

Very hot, you should definetely tell you husband so you both can enjoy the moment.