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I Could Help It

It started about 4 months ago in the grocery store i caughgt a guy about 23 watching me it kind of creaped me out and excited me at the same time seeing that my husband isnt interested anymore.So i paid for my things and headed for my car. As i turned around that guy had folloed me out and to me his name was jeff and asked if i would like to go and get a coffee i told him i was married he said its just a coffee i thought yeah right . He then offered to take his car and bring me back to mine after i agreed and got in his. On the way he said he needed to stop and put things in his freezer so we went to his apartment and he asked me in. Jeff excused himself to use the bathroom his place was a typical man cave. He asked if i would put the things in the freezer for him while i was doing that i didnt hear him come out, next thing i knew had both hands up my skirt one on my *** and the other on my ***** while kissing my neck. I melted and turned around to kiss him back i started sucking on his tongue and he said i have something you can suck. I dropped down on my knees pulled down his shorts and a 10 inch **** sprung in my face i started after about 15 minutes of licking and sucking i felt him tense and swell in my mouth he grabbed my head and shot his *** down my throat. Then he bent me over his table pulled down my panties and dove face first with his tongue in my ***** i didnt take me to long to *** myself. After he stood up and slid his **** in my ***** he ****** me for a good half an hour making me *** 3 more times then i felt him sweell again and he grabbed my hips and pushed deep emptying all his *** deep in my *****. 3t felt so good ill admit. After Jeff gave me a ride back to my car and asked if we could hook up again i said sure he gave me a kiss and his number. I guess i didnt get a coffee but i did get alot cream. I have seen him since more to ***!! :)
imsweetenough imsweetenough 31-35, F 187 Responses Dec 30, 2011

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I buy the groceries all the time....tons of pretty women there... they smile and flirt though the store, but I don't know that they would go for "coffee"....great post!!!...

You never know if you don't ask them man. Go for it.

Dam! That really turned me on!!! Very sexy story

BEAUTIFUL ! I've had this happen to me a few times also. I don't regret it either.

...I've a niner, go the 'whole hog' & be 'spit-roasted by a niner & a tenner !!! We would meet in the middle !!!

You have to say you were creeped out don't you? Because all men's gaze is creepy. Why do they let you leave the house?

That was just a really bad story from a bored housewife. If you did do it, I suggest getting yourself tested before you bring some **** back to your husband. story...and I hope you will please add me too!

dammmm a son of a bitchh ,I have been at grocery store plenty of time ;-)) & YET to run into women like you ;-(( did he tongue rimmm ur ******* yet ??

You are hot. Glad you enjoyed that. I would enjoy licking you

Hot story, if he doesn't pay attention someone else will.


You were just being horny

Was that all? I want to hear more?

Loved the story and good for you! How many oblivious husbands are there walking around? Almost every single friend of my wife has cheated at least once, most numerous times and their husbands are clueless! It's amazing. I think it takes a long time for the 1st encounter to happen but after that it seems like it becomes very easy.

I would very much like to meet some of these women...antenna are up all day, every day.

Hot n sexy!! - Superb!!

Good thing for both of you, that you were into it. If not, it would have been awkward. Or did you know, once you went up to the apt, what was going to happen?

Why does the site have to censor the words, it doesnt make sense.

Great experiance ... :)

i shop at publics..

Lovely story. He should have turned around and ate you too.

I like the rule of, ladies first!! :)

mmmm loved your story.Lots of emotions and true feelings here...

LOL u need to write a book ..! just be careful with STDs take care and hope u share another wild story!

OMG you have a sexy and sweet way of telling it... got a little frisky here lol...

Hope you have many many repeats...


...god, I can't even. I hope he hits you with his car

That is what I am preaching. Marriage and long term relationship kill lust and passion and without them sex is no fun and without passionate sex, life is boring. I also think that even shorter **** than 10 inches could reignite the fire of lust, but it is your story.

You're an idiot

I agree.Everyone should live with a fruiend and have **** friends on the side.All of us who love sex think so.
Louise CD

You are entitled to have your opinion.

What are you suggesting?

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Very nice, I wish my lady would be doing that a little more than she already does

u have been a bad mommy. Did he suck ur breasts. I would have sucked em till u came.

That's why she did not come.

Hot story
I had a similar situation go down...lil shy to share.

Share with the whole world


GREAT story! I can hardly wait for partII and beyond!!

In the meantime, I'd like to be your friend and get better acquainted with you. And, maybe one day we could rendezvous in Isle 9 and get frisky...

Please add me as your friend,


mmm damn lady i would love to be added , damn i can just imagine to pound that sweet ***** of yours ,mmmmm please add