Two Lovers, One Night.

I'm afraid this is going to make me sound slutty. That is not really the case, i have just had weak moments in my life. I’m going to leave a lot of the mundane details out of this story to make it more interesting. This did happen several years ago but by highlighting the ‘good’ parts I’m afraid it will sound like all I did was want sex sex sex. That was only part of the time I can assure you.

I was expecting to hook up with Don at one of the Holiday parties and he stood me up. Oh the next day he said he got sick and couldn’t make it but that didn’t make the night any easier for me. I was really looking forward to seeing Don and having sex that night. I took the afternoon off from work and pampered myself. I bathe, I shaved, I brought a new sexy red dress and stay up stockings.

I was hanging at the party with some work buddies waiting for Don, dancing every now and then. After dinner and waiting for over two hours I came to the conclusion he wasn’t going to show. I was getting a lot of attention in my red dress so I just went with the flow and danced and acted flirty.

There was this one guy name Bob who was fairly new at work, good looking, and was paying quite of bit of attention to me. Can’t say I minded the attention, I was a bit frustrated and he was cute. We dance, we drank, and we flirted. During the slow songs he held me close and I could feel him pressing into me.

When it was time to leave Bob was so sweet he offered to walk me to my car. We talked for a bit and then he kissed me goodnight, but he didn’t stop, neither did I. He kept kissing me and I kept responding. Bob unbuttoned my coat and started rubbing my breasts. It felt so good I just kept on kissing him. His hand found its way inside my dress and he was caressing my bare breast now; I continued to kiss him.

This continued for a good ten minutes in the parking lot and when Bob’s other hand worked its way under my dress and started to explore, I pulled away and told him to stop, I didn't want him to know how soaked I was and I was nervous what it would lead to. After a bit of pleading he did stop. We kissed goodnight again lol and went on our way. I had some ************ fantasies that’s for sure.

I’ll skip the in between parts but a few weeks later we both worked late and Bob walked out with me to my car. Repeat. Only this time I was wearing a pants suit and Bob put his hand down the back of my pants. I let him explore this time and he put his finger in my p**** but I stopped him before I had an ******. More subject matter for ************.

It didn’t take much longer and I knew in my mind it would come to this soon. It wasn’t entirely my fault you know, Don was neglecting me and I was horny and needed affection. One night when we were the last two to leave the office we did it. We f***** like two horny teenagers on the conference room table (boy was that awkward every time I had to go in there again).

My relationship with Bob ran hot and cold. It seems whenever I was with Don, I wasn’t going out of my way to be with Bob. But as it would usually happen, I would not see Don for a few weeks and it seemed I was using Bob during those times.

It almost became a ritual for awhile, we would look at each other and if we both nodded toward the parking lot we would meet in one of our cars. At first I would give him a BJ and when I told him I needed relief too he would finger me to an ******.

Pretty soon we became bolder and we would have intercourse in the car. It was a bit awkward and tricky at first but we became quite good at it. We would wait until it was dark and we would either drive to a mall and park out of the way or go to the local lover’s lane. After much kissing or caressing I would take off my pants or hike up my dress and straddle Bob. It felt so wrong but so good.

One unforgettable night was when Bob and I had sex in my car in our work parking lot. It was dark and almost everyone left work for the day but it was still early. On the way home I got a text from Don “911 tonight”. That was our signal that we need sex. So here I was on my way home with stuff running down my leg and Don wanting to meet me in an hour.

I rushed into the house, told my husband I was going back out, bathe, freshen up and changed into one of Don’s favorite outfits and went to met Don at his apartment. Don would be pissed if he knew I was seeing Bob, they were somewhat of rivals and didn’t really care for each other. We didn’t have much time so it was just normal hot terrific sex with Don.

It was the first and only time I had sex with two men the same night and neither one of them was my husband. I saw Bob for maybe 6-7 months and we had oral or full sex maybe twice a week. After awile Bob got a job in another office and Don and I saw each other more often and I stopped seeing Bob. It was great while it lasted but two lovers did wear me out.
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Put it in the memory, file it under enjoyable past (or something) and refer back to it occasionally and smile....Good on you hun!! x

love to have a '**** friend' like you. muuuah.

joy do you love jesus?

Wow, that's kinky.
You had an affair on your affair!
Is your husband still oblivious or just don't care ?

THAT is such a HOT story!!!...I remember nights of having sex with one lady early because she had to be home by bedtime to keep her husband from being suspicious. Then another friend would come over because her husband worked nights.
I think more women could have two lovers than most men. Not to ask too much, but ever have an MFM *********? Just curious...

Thanks, I just learned how to deal with two woman, like your two guys. My wife has no sex drive at all and I am always curious about women. I have one OW and looking for another.

Clearly part of the reason it didn't continue is that you didn't ultimately want it to - but thanks for you honesty and openness. I guess it's many guys' fantasy to make to to (or just ****) two women in a day. At least you did the two lovers by accident rather than design - but I think it's nice that it's still memorable for you

That sounds so exciting, but that does get tricky to manage, doesn't it!

yes very. Takes a special kind of person to juggle all that and I don't think I was too good at it.

I loved having sex with my wife after she had been with another man. I`ll bet your husband would be highly aroused if he knew that his hot wife had another mans load inside her, Talk it over with him, it might be his wildest fantasy but he was afraid to tell you about it.

That IS hot when that happens. We were separated and my wife would come by after dates during our separation. VERY turned on knowing she had just left another lover to come see me....

You're a certified w h o r e & I feel sorry for your hubby. Guy is in danger of catching a STD or even worse. Nasty old lady....yuck

Hypocrite, if you cant say something constructive, butt out

Everything I said was the truth. Soorry, just think if this was your wife

I should be so lucky. I see you had an affair too, so that Is why I suggest constructive comment, or is that your idea of constructive?

I never had a affair, that is childish especially in a marriage!

NOW she is a married women, that sexed a guy at WORK in the office, sucked his penis in the parking lot AT WORK & also sexed the same guy at work in the PARKING LOT. She then had sex with a guy that paid her no attention! And then had sex with both men in one day all while being MARRIED????

What a disrespect to GOD, her husband & the rest of their family. She is disgusting....:-(

so you are a liar one way or another. You show one experience only, and that is that you had an affair. And since you claim to believe in god, haven't you heard Jesus allegedly said, let him who is without sin cast the first stone?

It's a group Rob

I'm sorry you feel that way about me. I know I am far from innocence but I am not the person you portrayed me to be. I had my reasons and though not all pure, I am able to go to sleep at night.

You're 46~50 years old, sucking d!ck, fvcking multiple men even at WORK all while being MARRIED! Reasons are excuses...& if a killer can sleep at night, im pretty sure a w h o r e can sleep good. Especially doing sexual acts that most people have done in their 20s. I don't feel anyway about you, your disgusting & you've admitted that. AND if killers can sleep, im not surprised a W H O R E can sleep at night. Yuck im glad you're not mom

I'm not a *****. I thought I was in love.

yes exactly. Sometimes we don't make the best decisions because our judgments are clouded by emotions & desires. I'm sure everyone has looked back on decisions they have made and wonder how or why did they do that.

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just discovered lovely story got all steamy and pulled my pants down to fell my hard swollen rod I started moving it up and down tip it got rock hard then increased the speed till it erupted and warm fluid soared in the air. I would love for you to experience that situation with you. wonderful story. very inspiring.

Don't think I ever did this with women (other than mmff or fmf) , but I had a lover who I knew got so horny one guy wasn't enough, and went from me to another, and vice versa

That is very exciting. I did the same last night and I still wanted more. Some times as women we need more sex sex sex and our men takes us for granted. as long as they have quenched their thirst, they don't care. The first one I was with last night was just too soft and didn't satisfy my sexual needs. I then called the second one telling him how horny I am. We met in the park, it was dark and cool. I cold n't believe I made sex in the park. it was nice, I will do it again, with the same charmer of cause. He was just amazing, younger than me, but knew how to give it to a lady.

i know how you feel

very sexy

I have never had this experience. I am jealous.

Please do not take me for being self-righteous. I want to point out that people with eyes can be completely and totally blind.

It appears that many people have exchanged the "Truth" for a lie. I am interested in a rational explanation of how a person comes to believe that an affair, under any circumstance is good.

Is this good characteristics of a good person:
A child has a home with a loving and caring Mom and Dad who work their butts off. Like every home, it is not perfect. So whenever the child goes to his/her friend's house they tell their friend's mother/father "I love you Mom/Dad"? To me, this pays someone else the respect and honor that ONLY the true parents deserve.

When you enter into marriage you make a vow to God - to forsake all others, what does that mean?

Can people do whatever they want based on their circumstances or feelings? If so, why do we convict people like Jeffery Dahmer, or Charles Manson?

What is the difference between a serial killer and an adulterer? They both have secret lives, pretend to be someone they are not, lie, deceive, shatter the lives of people, and do this because of "how they feel".

Can you go through point by point and help me understand?

Youre right, slutty. LOL! You need to reign in your vagina! Its doing your thinking!

One time way back when I went on vacation with two women, and I was also worn out by the end of the week. Mine was a bit different in that 1 was my wife and the other was her recently divorced best friend who, by her own admission was "horny as hell". So there was no sneaking around, which was nice, but it still was tiring and more than I would want on a regular basis.

What's that old country-western, "No man can stock 2 shelves"? Guess that could be true of women also


good for you not getting it then you should look around to feel that empty void..good job and love the story.

What a sexy naughty story! Loved it! : )

Inspirational. A Horny women What a concept. It's nice to hear that verses what I have always heard from my wife of 32 years. I'm working on having my first affaire and my first hook up.

I think you would be surprised at how many horny and neglected women are out there. Your wife not included of course.

I'm looking forward to that discovery. Thanks for your kind words. Slutty women can have a heart. Maybe an even bigger one then those that are inhibited and those that are a living confliction of personal dishonesty. Seems like toy are showing me that slutty and horny are actually are atributes of honesty and strength verses weakness dependency and as a result dishonest manipulation. I would rather be friends with a dozen women that I can relate to in mind then have to wrestle with the deception of one nor true to herself. So I will find our how that works. It won't take long to get started. I leave on a trip tomorrow for SFO, SEA and JFK. I might be F-U-C-K-I-N-G the first pretty woman that smiles at me that is looking for a one night stand. It would be better if she is cheating too and with Anger towards him and slutty H-o-r-n-e-y passion. Thanks for your understanding insight. So many others can't handle the truth. They are like zombies.

you sound like you have a lot of pent up anger inside of you.

Even though you aren't seeing Don and Rob any more, I imagine you are seeing some other guys. Still, I wonder that you haven't found yourself having more days like that. Sounds like such fun for a girl

you have a vivid imagination

Thanks for sharing, that was a sexy story.

i really appreciated your honesty of your passion and desire. I am happy that you feel no regrets and are learning about yourself. be yourself. There is nothing like a woman with desire,

women you guys think it's ok for you to cheat but not for hubby to cheat. Well my wife thought that and the year I turned 30 I slept with more than 30 women 7 of those as on going affairs,one pair of twins so if my wife wanted sex when i got home it meant 3 different girls in one night.yes a sore **** in the morning.

My husband does not please me enough. It is hard to try and convince him to have sex. Like really???
I need more. But don't want to cheat on him. Help!

That always amazes me to hear. It is encouraging to hear

Tell him what you want to do to him or what you want him to do to you. My wife won't talk about sex or try to make me ***, be she is always too happy for me to stick it in or make her ***, and pretty much only as long as it is when she wants to do it. 'Talk about frustration. The only affair I want is with her but it needs to be a two-way street.

wonderful!. your story make me so wet. Thanks for cheering my day!

Well you know wasn't the same girl,yeah me again What would happen an honestly if roles were reversed an he's the one getting *** on the side? Because I lived it,caught my wife cheating,So I thought ok and had sex with another not trying to hide it,guess, my wife went nuts,when I pointed out wait, your doing it. She said that's different am a woman.

I don't think its a man vs woman issue. It's a personal thing affecting each one differently

Good story

As long as you weren't leaving your husband out in the cold, a woman your age, should be able to do almost anything. Propose to whichever two, you pick, and make it a *********, which would be a real time saver, for all parties inclusive. then later maybe have all of the men in your life at the same time or take turns.....

Sounds very nice... for everyone...

That actually sounds wonderful what an experience probably at a time you needed the should I say intimacy. I don't find that slutty who came up with that term other jealous females because they don't have the balls to follow there passion or men who can't handle that women have needs not always fulfilled by one man or one scenario. The excitement of either someone you don't know or just the taboo of the situation makes for a great *****

did you ever get time to **** your husband,or was he not worth *******. It seem the guy that does the most for you gets the lest

we had sex once in a while. It just wasn't the same

Wow you definitely had fun. Glad Don got to keep you. How are you guys doing if you don't mind me asking?

my affair with Don ended years ago. We just recently re-connected via FB and have seen each other twice. NO SEX.

Fantastic! Such a lucky Lady!


Don't even think that sharing such a story makes you just shows your appetite and how sexual you are by nature. We are all here to share and that was a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing....such a hot story!

nice sure Don has another girl on the side like you..

awesome ! love it !

Very sexy. I would love my wife to come home freshly........

Yummy story

wow what a story.... isnt it great to have a **** buddy... and u had two...awesome

Wow ! what a hot sexy generous lover you are babe ! it must really feel empowering to know 3 men lust after you and ur hot sexy body ! ur awesome dear ! growl xo peter<br />
please add me -id love to hear more

Reminds me of the experience in young age I had with **** eating ..::<br />
<br />
I approached her legs slowly and kissed her knee. Her hand slid down and she ran her fingers through my hair. I then knew I had the OK to go ahead. I licked around her calf and up to her knee. I tickled behind her knee with my fingertips and then traced lightly along the inside of her thigh. I felt her muscles tense a bit from being sensitive to my touch. I spread her legs apart a bit more and was very happy to see this naughty girl had no panties. I think she must have planned on another day of her own handiwork and I was going to try my best to out do that for her. <br />
<br />
I licked up her inner thigh and squeezed her thighs with both hands. I slid one hand up and grabbed her butt cheek and she gently moved up on one side to give me access. I unzipped a zipper that ran along one side of her skirt. This gave me enough room to move my head inside between her legs just enough to get access to the nicely trimmed ***** just inches from my face. I kissed her inner thighs and sucked gently on her skin. I ran a finger along the skin, up to her swollen lips and spread her lips apart. I rubbed gently between the lips and upwards firmly against her moist and engorged ****. <br />
<br />
I could hear her moan and then cough, I guess to disguise the moan from anyone who may have heard it. I smiled at that and dove in to her ***** with my tongue. I licked her slowly around the lips, taking time to suck on them and capture the flavor of her sweet juice. She pressed my head into her ***** more firmly with her hand. I sucked on both lips and then found her bud. I felt her body shake as I sucked her bud into my mouth. I moved one and then two fingers to her opening and easily slid them in between the folds. <br />
<br />
I pushed both fingers in slowly and took them all the way out. I played with her opening with both fingers, teasing her a bit with my tongue and fingers. I sucked on her ****, slid two fingers inside of her and moved my other hand to the top of her *****. I moved one finger from that other hand down to her **** and worked on her with more pressure. She started to move her hips like the other day when I was watching her. I found the rhythm and my long fingers found her spot deep inside. I thrust my fingers inside her wetness to hit that spot with a vibrating motion. My other finger and tongue worked her ****. <br />
<br />
She tensed up and started to shudder. I felt a rush of juices surround my tongue and fingers. I tried as best I could to lick up everything. She was so sweet tasting I just wanted it all. Her ****** lasted a long time, and I felt her *** two different times. I massaged her **** and left my fingers inside her for a bit of time afterwards. I moved my fingers only slightly in and out while massaging the outside. She was now relaxing as I massaged her whole area. I only wish I could have seen her face to watch her, but I was having the time of my life anyway. <br />
<br />
I cleaned her up with my tongue and I moved my fingers up so she could take my hand. She grabbed my hand and sucked on three of my fingers to taste herself. I could only imagine how that would look to someone if they were watching this show. I crawled back to my chair and sat down. I got up and walked by Amanda to go to the restroom. This time I had to go the restroom to take care of my own need to ******. I was so hard and ready that I just wasn't going to wait until I got home.

Got me hard............

Means I have achieved the needful

Grate adventure and that does not make you sound slutty lady. Maybe adventuress and naughty but not **** ;O).

Sure that was the intent.

Nothing wrong - great story actually


I call Fake Story on this one, but it's entertaining I guess.

it was meant to be enjoyed

Great story, I suppose you could have made it three with hubby?

Yeah but I was worn out.

Love your story... You are charming...


That was a busy time you were having!!<br />
<br />
It reminds me of a time in my twenties when I was seeing a married guy who wasn't getting much action at home. One particular night, he and I had been out to an event in town (or he'd been working a night shift, depending on who was asking!!) and he drove me home, arriving at about 3am. We parked outside and I sucked him off in the car. He then came up to my apartment and ****** me over the arm of the couch. He was about to head for home, but I thought he wasn't quite done yet, so I blew him and jerked him off between my ****. We both said goodnight with smiles on our faces!!<br />
<br />
He told me later that when he went home and crept into bed, his wife had one of her rare moments of interest in sex, and he had to "rise to the occasion" again.<br />
<br />
You can tell we were twenty-something, can't you??

lol yeah those were the days

Great story! Rachael, your reply reminded me of one from my twenties. I hadn't quite ended an LTR with one girl before starting the next. Terrible, I know. I lived in a secure access building so you have to be buzzed in. I had just finished f*king the new gf when the soon to be former rang to be let it. The new gf made a quick exit (she knew about the former) and they literally passed in the hall. When the soon to be former arrived, she blew me and had to have tasted the one that just left!

Great reminder ....want more ?

Well that's a challenging kind of hotness! And I think you enjoyed this kind of exhaustion... :)<br />
<br />

Another hot story from a very sexy lady! Too bad they were rivals, it could've really gotten interesting. :-)~

You sexy woman..great story and thanks for sharing!

Excellent story - it is always wonderful feeling like a truly wanted/desired sex ob<x>ject

Dont beat yourself over it. We are all sexual beings and repond to the physical touches of others. May you continue to find and enjoy good lovers.

Now that was one hot story, thanks for sharing it.

your are quite welcome