One Week...

wow, i can't believe I survived a whole week without contacting him.  It has been a week of hell, lots and lots of tears and losing my sanity.  I miss him more than I can describe.  I miss my friend.  The wonderful, caring person I thought he was or maybe convinced myself he was.  I thought I would hate him by now...but...I still love him.  But its over.  Today was the first morning I woke with a smile, made plans for the week and felt a little bit like myself again.  Today I'm hopeful. 
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2 Responses Apr 23, 2012

You can do it!!! I was in a relationship with someone who everyone thought we made the perfect couple. It took time, but I was able to heal and move on. You will too!!! Hang in there. I am struggling to stay away as well. Just got to stay away from temptation.

You are on the road to recovery, avoid the potholes, he will put them there for you.