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in the x-mas holydays my girlfriend gave me a ticket to an other city to visit my mother. the same night after my mother went to bed, i went to a pub. before i walked out to the pub, i called my girlfriend not to make a call to me 'cause "i wanted to sleep"
in the pub i saw a mature woman about 40+ age i introduced my self to her and she liked my charm as well. later that night she told me that she is married to a man over 60's. and he had become impotent, right after she told me about her husband i asked her if she wanted to **** in the toilet. without hesitation she replied yes. i took down my pants while she was ******* and i forced her to suck my ****, she laughed and seemed to enjoyning my "offer". i licked her wet pussey while she was bending over facing the wall, i penetrated her hard. in that pub it is forbidden to have sex in the WCs, so we had to keep our voises down. but she couldn't, she was yelling in stead. while i was ******* her from behind she yelled "again, again, i'm coming again" i took off the condom and started humping her again to come inside her. when i came it was fantasticly hot. after we finished, we agree in to meet up again, but that's is another chapter in my life :-)
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