Agony Aunt!

Ok so anyone who has read my previous stories will know that I am still managing to stay 'just friends' with the guy I had a short affair with a couple of months back! He really is a poor little messed up cookie who behind his cheating and 'screwing around' is actually very insecure and vulnerable!

Yesterday he text me saying he didn't know who else to talk to. He was at a party the other night and got a BJ from a woman who he has known for a while...........trouble is she was drunk and he was she knows his wife too!
She is now feeling (kinda understandibly) angry with him for taking advantage of her and is blanking him and refusing to talk about it. He has also found out that she has told at least one of her mates (who is a mutual friend of theirs) about what happened and is now worried that it may spread and/ or she'll tell his wife. He text the woman to try to ask to speak to her but hasn't had a reply.

I have tried my best to listen and give the best advice I can but I really don't know how to help. I've told him really his options are either (a) Leave it and hope for the best (b) Tell his wife what happened before anyone else can! He's not really keen on (b) because he has been found out in the past and so.....well you can guess!
I've told him I won't text him today as he needs space even from me, but have given him instructions to let me know if he does hear from the other woman and that he can text me ANYTIME he needs to! Will prob text him before bed tonight though if I havent heard just to 'check in' though.

I hope I'm doing the right thing! Any advice for either of us?
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Ask him to get his wife drunk. Take her to a bar. Some guy will hit on her, and ask your friend to encourage the bar guy to take advantage of her. Wifey gives a BJ to the guy at the bar. Even steven!

Listen to me.. How emotionally attached do you feel to him ? We can talk, if you want to. DD