Full Of Regret

I feel like iv lost the love of my life
I had a wonderful affair we fell in love and left our spouses for each other, we met and started seeing each other while working together. It got very serious very quickly, I couldn't let my husband kiss me on the cheek I felt like I was cheating on my affair. I kicked my husband out, my affair was moving in then I did something stupid... I took my husband back
I feel empty, like I'm grieving
I feel like ive lost the only man I will ever truly love he made me feel amazing
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4 Responses May 9, 2012

i had a couple of physical affairs that left me still searching. My marriage feels like roommates. And i am desperatly in love with someone else. I want to be with him. But distance keeps us apart. I want with all that i am to believe that time will be the healer of everthing and that the love i feel is real. I hope you have found happiness.

Everyone sounds like my wife here. Now I know how she feels!

You know you're going to wind up with your affair. It may be hard, but its time to end your marriage. Honoring it falsely isn't really honoring it, it's prolonging his agony. In the end, everyone will be happier.

I wish your husband good luck too, in finding a woman who loves him like you love your new man.

Sounds like you need a hug. Some wounds never hear.Take one day at a time,maybe your lover still wants you on the side.