Did/do I Regret The Affair

Jane(not her real name) was a freind of my daughters- she was a lovely shaped girl and lacked love by her parents though. We had taken Jane away for a caravan holiday with my daughter and my wife. My wife and I were not getting on although nobody would know it.
Jane wanted a walk but it was a wooded campsite so as my daughter and wife were dozing, I said i would walk with her. We walked for about 500 yds and allong a path in the woods. She turned around on me and that was that=our lips met and we were soon all over each other- jane lifting her shirt to show me her wonderful breasts and we had lovely sex together for about a year until she went to uni.A knock came on my door  i am divorsced now- and there stood jane- we were in each others arms like a flash! She said that she had had nobody else during her 3 years at uni - strange how things work out- Jane now lives with me- yes there is a gap but after now 10 years we are still together.
Did I regret that time in the woods and the times after- no as my wife was a total pain and had decided someone else was to be in her life-pity then this person was a gay man!!
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

and you lived happily ever after ...to sad not all of us have this ending

good for you man that you are still having sex with jane. Did your daughter ever get mad for you having sex with her friend

No my daughter never knew what happened the forst time jane and I met.

as long as your daughter never knows. Keep having fun with jane