The Affair I Will Never Forget

I had an affair on my current partner 2 years ago, he knows about it and after i told him i found out my partner had one as well, 2 years before i ever did. Complicated i know. The person i had the affair with was his best mate, he has since moved on with his new partner. I screwed up, i should have chosen him when i had the opportunity to but now i cant go back, ive been having dreams everynight for the past 3 weeks about him. I want to get back in contact with him but i know i cant because i dont want to ruin his new relationship. I want him to know i made the wrong decision and i still care for him now more than ever even though we havent spoken for nearly 2 years. I know you all might think im pathetic but i have tried for 2 years to get over him and i cant stop my reoccuring dreams even though i dont think about him during the day, just when i sleep.
Imstillinlove123 Imstillinlove123
1 Response May 11, 2012

Just get in contact with his as friends. Then maybe that will lead to friends with benefits. Just try your luck and see what happens.