How My Affair Started!

I will be 39 yrs. old in Nov 2012, been married for 11 yrs. now with two beautiful children under the age of 9.
My first encounter of being unfaithful to my husband came around my 30th birthday when my hubby and I were going through a rocky phase in our marriage.

As a result of our rocky phase a friend of mine thought of a girlie weekend away to a newly opened spa hotel which wasn't too far from our town.

It is here when I first came across Carlos whom was one of the massage therapists at the spa. My first interaction was pretty funny as I had booked myself for a full body massage with a female therapist, however she had called in sick for the day and due to other female therapists busy the hotel asked if I wouldn't mind being treated by this really dishy hunky half Latino guy.

He is everything you can imagine, tall, tanned, muscular, intelligent, witty and above all very sexy indeed. ;)

So you can imagine that I was more than willing for him to massage me. LOL... So my hour long session was extremely therapeutic, I couldn't have asked for anything more relaxing. We chatted as he rubbed my stress & tensions away about life in general. Through our conversation he asked me out for a friendly drink despite me telling him that I was married. As I was having a good time I suggested of him maybe bringing a friend along with him as I had my friend to take along too, which he happily agreed to.

So that evening we met up a nearby bar and being a girlie break my friend and I just let ourselves go with Carlos and his friend. Our chemistry was extremely hot and our flirting was quite obvious that we were both in for a treat.

However, being married though I knew where to draw the line and didn't let myself go too overboard unlike my friend and his friend who hit it off so well that she took him back to her hotel room.

To which gave me the Dutch courage to invite Carlos back to my room but just for some harmless flirting & touching.
Yes who was I kidding, mild flirting and touching just led to passionate kissing and getting semi undressed with him. We must have made out in my room on the couch for a good hour or so before he wanted to proceed to having sexual intercourse.
It was at this point that I couldn’t go beyond and stopped him. After an emotional outburst he realised that he wasn’t going to get lucky and decided to leave. My friend wasn’t very happy with me as it ruined her single status chances with Carlos’s friend. But we all decided that we will keep in touch.
I didn’t think much of it to be honest and just thought of it as a one off until he emailed me at work. At first completely shocked how he traced me down but that didn’t matter as I was excited that he was really interested in me. After a week of constant emailing and dirty chatting online we agreed to meet up again only this time alone.
I told my hubby it was a work overnight doo and that I was staying over at my friends afterwards. He didn’t seem to care but I wanted to cover my back. My friend was in on it too but only for that one and last time after which I never got her involved again.
It was exciting going to meet Carlos, almost like a first date situation but knowing with all the flirting that this time we probably take it to another level. So I prepared myself in a very sexy dress with glam make-up and looked a complete knock out that even hubby commented before I left the house.
We met in his home town in a nice quite bar where the flirting and drinking continued. We even started playing truth or dare with the dares getting sexier by the minute. The chemistry was all building up to point where we needed to be alone on a bed! So I challenged him that if he could get me into bed before midnight I will stay with him all night otherwise I would head off home.
You can imagine how quick he was to call for a taxi and head to the nearest decent hotel.
I don’t want to get graphic as to what happened in the room (ask at request and I may give in to details) but you can imagine we were all over each other.
We ended up having sex 3 times that night and then once more in the morning in the shower before I had to leave.
On my way back home I had the biggest smile ever but as soon as I walked through that front door I was feeling guilty and upset.
The only thing that cheered me up was when he emailed me on the Monday morning at work and our flirting started off all over again gearing up for another meet.
We started seeing each other 2 to 3 times in a week each time having the most mind-blowing sex ever.
But like all good things come to people who wait, all good things also come to an end. After about a month I realised I couldn’t continue all the sneaking around. I was taking days off work to meet up with Carlos and making up new excuses of going out in the evenings.
I had to reconcile my marriage with my hubby again because despite this very hot sex life I was having with Carlos, his track record with women wasn’t the most appealing as he had been divorced 3 times and had a bit of a reputation of a player.
In order for hubby and I to work things out in our marriage I had to temporary break off with Carlos. So I booked a two weeks holiday with hubby over the Xmas period and went away. On my return Carlos was still persistent to meet up however I realised I was pregnant (with hubby) and that was the end of me Carlos. Well for the next 3 yrs.
Three years later Carlos got in touch with me through facebook and let’s just says it still hasn’t ended but became much more adventurous and kinkier.
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i guess some habits are hard to break..

you know it never seems that the loving husband is worth a ****.It is to bad because all he is guilty of is loving YOU.

Yes indeed, imagine that ;-)

Wow nice story !!! Hope you add to see and hear more !!

my friend with benefits has asked me to go on a weekend away with him, problem is in 10 yrs of marriage i have never had a solo trip, husband and kids are always with me,<br />
I really want to find a way to get away with my hot lover but dont know how to begin?<br />
<br />
I loved your story and glad that not all women pretend to be all saintly, we also love living life to the fullest!

Are you tempted to get back for Carlos, even just for one time?

great story!!! Why give up a good thing. I had a similar experience :)

Sounds like carlos is a lucky man to be courting a lady like your self. Tell us more about the adventures that have yet to come. Maybe you can get your friend and carlos friend into a foursome.

the wild adventures we have had since has been a few **********, made videos and slept with his brother too! LOL

Dang you are a wild one. Carlos and your hubby and any other you have had sex with is luck. So did you have the ********* with carlos and his brother. Has your hubby ever seen those videos

Noooo hubby hasn't seen anything! yes with him and his brother

both still lucky men.So tell more stories of your wild days

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